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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 4 (Lint train)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!RRylAXGuoQ8BaznOQRqkposted on PENANA
The train that had brought their family into the city many years ago was approaching the Lint Station... They thought their lives would be better then, safe even, they quickly found out how wrong they were and how corrupt the new laws were and those in charge were equally corrupted. 
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Jake remembered that all to well, he was always reminded of that day as he waited for the train to go into the Lint city, to make sure the Lint were properly trained in self-defense if they were invaded and to make sure the guards were doing their jobs... 
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It was three days after their tutor passed them and said they were ready, at first their parents assumed it was for classes with other children their age but on that unfortunate day they found out how wrong they were.
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Jake, Rose, Lang, and Justin were outside playing, because Jared was asleep and Elexis wanted him to stay that way, the infant never seemed to sleep through the night, he was a year old by now, plus Claire herself was resting because she too was about to have her first set of twins, as the boys played, four guards aprouched them, two were about the age Justin is now and the other two Jakes age now, the younger of the two escorted the boys and Rose to the jeep telling them they were taking them to school, while the older two spoke with their parents. 
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Jake saw other kids being pulled from their homes screaming and crying, that's when he realized they had to get out of the jeep but before either of the boys or Rose could react restraints clamped onto their wrists, they struggled and screamed for their parents. 
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"What is the meaning of this, we were told our children wouldn't be taken from us?" Noah said as he shoved one of the boys out of his way but the other boy took out an electric wand and placed it on the back of Noah's neck shocking him, as Noah laid there catching his breath the boy explained. "Of course you were not informed of it, if you were you would have hid them and forced us to kill you and your one woman who already bore her child, this one would have given birth at the breeding camp, than she too would be destroyed making all your children wards of our city. But only three of your boys are taken from you for the sake of our city and your lives today consider yourselves blessed. Now forget you ever had them, they are dead to you now." The guard coldly said as he turned and headed to the jeep. Jake, Justin and Lang were ordered by that same guard to silence, as he hit Jake in the face. With tears in their eyes they looked out the back window of the jeep watching their home and all they knew fade away. 
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nly Rose was returned home because they got documentation saying she was not under the law, the Dawson's tried to get their boys back but the council did not listen to their pleads.
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They arrived at the train station, the same one they used for the Lints now, they borded them all in like cattle, some were beaten because they tried to escape or fight back but Jake made sure his family would not, he already knew what would happen if they tried anything, they sat huddled together on the floor like when they were with their parents but this time they were not being comforted by their parents. Jake took on the roll of Noah telling the boys they were going to be fine. 
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It was a two week trip to the training camp, when the train finally came to a stop they could here marching and shooting going on, it sounded like an army base or war zone. 
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Once the train door slid open they were assaulted by the blinding light of the sun. One by one young men and boys came in draging out a boy or girl or two as they kicked and screamed, the boys were instantly separated, Jake tried his best but the one who had him had a good grip on him putting him in a choke hold even. 
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"Its no use mate, you have to let them go, forget about them and the rest of your family, they no longer exist, we are your family now boy." He could feel Jake relax and not fighting as he spoke to him letting him know he could loosen his grip, as Jake watched all the chaos, girls being shoved to another area where women and young girls dressed like soldiers waited. He no longer could pick out his brothers and their screams, tears flowed as he watch some kids get nearly beat to death for trying to escape, than the worse a few did but were shot, except one, he saw one boy get away into the woods. That gave Jake hope that one day they too could have a chance to escape. 
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"That boy is lucky, but yet not and don't you even think you and your brothers can, if you don't have the proper training you will all be dead in two days from the animals, scavengers, to the rebels." His captor explained, he was actually telling Jake that only now but one day he could do as that boy. Maybe that's why Jake was not as hard as Justin because he had hope for freedom. 
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Later Jake came to know the boy as Aussie he was Australian decent, since Australia doesn't exist anymore but some of the people still did. It was interesting hearing an accent like that no one around him had one before.
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Jake had an awful feeling in his gut when the train pulled up, he couldn't believe again he was taking his family on this dreadful train, he was sneeking a peek at Justin to see if he was having a reaction to the train, but the boy stood there as trained, emotionless. A tear slipped from Jakes eyes he covered it as a yawn but James knew better, he didn't let Jake know he saw, he kept his eyes averted to his tattered book. It was always a wander to Jake what his apprentice was reading and the fact it never seemed to end.
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When the train stopped Jake was taken by surprise, this was a different train, it actually looked inviting. Jake looked at the conductor whom he got to know over the years of going from the city to the Lints. 
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"Jake! I hear your a permanent resident of Lintville." Mack laughed as he slapped him on the back before putting his arm around Jake's broad shoulders. "Yeah. Say Mack what's with the upgrade?" Jake asked avoiding Mack's observation on his new assignment. "Well the other was blown to bits, just on the outskirts, bandits I hear, we have extra security now. I wasn't on duty, quite a few guards were taken and killed, some we believe were sold. Say Justin you were supposed to be on that run yourself, guess we both got lucky that day." Mack laughed, but the way he looked at Justin when he stated that troubled Jake, as for Mack he never misses a run, another disturbing thing it was as if Mack knew about the ambush. 
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"Any how they had the new train for the city finished, so we get their old one, now the Lints get to ride in style... ALL ABOARD!"Mack yelled practically in Jake's ear for he was still resting his arm on Jake, in a slight sideways hug but the way it was made Jake uneasy it was as if it was to prevent Jake from getting away if he were to try. "Jake!" Rose ran up to hug him with her little ones inn toe. Tears flowed from her eyes. It grieved Jake to see her so sad."its going to be okay Rose this way I'll be with them and keep them safe. You best get back with Andy, I'll see you on the train." Jake assured.
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As they boarded Jake talked with Mack some more who happened to put his arm back around him. "What of the transport, how many were killed?" Jake asked, he tried to calmly step away to see if Mack would tighten up, sure enough he did. 
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"The Lints?! Who knows, some think they were the ones who worked with the bandits. I think the lot of them should be destroyed, if their not fit to be among us than why are we risking our lives taking them to the foundry." Mack chuckled. That was Jake's last straw with Macks aditude, he used all his body streangth as he slammed Mack, pining him against the train, he even put his arm against Mack's neck trying to cut off his air supply but Mack broke free and slammed Jack catching the corner of his eye sending him to the ground dazed. Mack nodded to one of his men to get Jake into the storage car. Mack yelled at the Lint's who stopped boarding to watch the fight, Mack was taken by surprise when James slammed him into the train but he was no match for Mack who rammed him in the gut with his fist.
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When Jake came too his arms were chained to the wall, as he looked around he found James slumped and also chained across from him. Mack came in, strolled over and knelt in front of Jake. 
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"We always knew you were going to be a problem, I had hopes for you boy, did you know I wanted to bring you in but I figured you were to law abiding, boy was I right. I tell you though you two have no idea how lucky you are that Aussie likes you, I'm under strict orders not to harm you or your family, but this one." Mack said sadistically as he stept over to James kneeling down to the barely conscious James. Mack grabbed the boy by his hair snapping his head back with force, with his neck exposed Jake could see the boy swallow as he choked back tears, because before they knew it Mack had a dagger on his throat posed to slice him. 
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"Mack please, I know Aussie would be cross with you if you harm him, he is just as valuable as me." Jake pleaded. Mack seemed to think on that. "You know your lucky your teacher is right boy. Now you boys promise to not cause trouble, I'll allow you to join the rest. Don't try and stir up trouble by trying to warn them about me, it will do you no good all the gaurds here already know, well except your cousin Justin." Mack smiled as he unchained James and stood him up. "Escort young James to his seat... Now Jake can I allow you to join the others?" Mack asked as he put the tip of his dagger on Jakes throat. "Yes, I swear I'll keep quiet, just let me sit with my family." Jake responded, his voice cracked with fear. Mack smirked it pleased him that he had the best guard and trainer terrified. 
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Raven and Mason sat with Cole in the middle, the boy was still in tears, Jake sat across from them with James and Jared. Cole got up moved over to sit with them instead, he sat on Jake's lap, exhausted from crying he rested his head back against Jake's chest and dozed off as he watched the scenery pass by. Jake heard commotion going on it the car ahead it was Rose arguing with a guard to allow her and her family to sit with her brothers and cousins. "Just let the little lady have her last moment with her family." Mack said as he went to see what was all the fuss.
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"Jake what's going on, we know we're not headed to the Lint foundry, Mrs. Owen took us on a field trip just to scare us once. This is not the direction we took than. After that field trip I found an old book that had maps of these tracks, I saw there were other tracks that led further away from well... everything." Raven explained. 
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hat startled Rose and Andrew who now grew concerned for their little ones.
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Jake just looked at him in silence, they all waited intently for a response. Jake heaved a heavy sigh and wrapped is arms around the sleeping Cole, he glanced over at James with his nose buried in that little tattered book, he looked at Jared who sat next to him waiting for his big brother to respond, 'I wander if he even knows I'm his brother.' Jake thought to himself. Than at Rose and her beautiful family.
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"Okay but keep it quiet..." James snapped his book shut startling Jake and his family. "Are you nuts did he not tell us to keep our mouths shut!" James whispered harshly. Jake ignored him and went on telling them. "Your right Raven we are not going there. As for where we are going and the actual purpose I do not know but what I do know none of us are going to get separated." Jake said as he snuggled the sleeping boy on his lap. 
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The boys were horrified the very thing they were warned all their lives, being sold into slavery or taken by the bandits was happening. A tear escaped Rose's eyes as she hugged her now frightened boys, Andrew did his best to be the strong one all the while wishing his big brother was with them.
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Ishmael was on the train that was attacked they don't know if he survived or was killed his body or belongings was not found among the wreckage or dead that was left behind in the wake of that attack.
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Raven along with Jared were getting a rush from the thought of an adventure outside the laws but the dangers they were always warned about stiffeled their excitement as well.
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