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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 15 (Luke's Past)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!PFo5bugQVRJ6nucqBhJEposted on PENANA
Luke fought everyone of those Night Walker's minions, they were mere boys and girls, some may have been stronger than him but he had enough training from his first capture to win this fight, that is if he was not attacked from behind by a N.W. (the creature that is not consider human or beast.) Luke fell hard to the ground, barely conscious, he could feel the attacks from those kids, he heard the creature yell something in a strange tounge and the thrashing ceased. He was dragged by his feet to a wagon where Felix and Matty were chained. The boys were closer to Luke's age but James hung out with them more because they were too juvenile for Luke or that was his thought on it.
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Luke awoke in a top bunk bed alone, everyone was outside training or being killed, it was all apart of the training but Luke was not aware of that yet, the camp he was in when he was younger didn't use that method.
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"Get up boy!" Some boy twice his size ordered as he flipped him off the mattress. Luke stood fast at attention but was quickly dizzy and almost fell over. The boy supported him in time. "Your not even fit to stand. Come you need to get some nourishment." The Boy led him to a cafeteria like setting where a few kids like him were eating. 
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"Blake, you on babysitting duty too?" A boy ragged as he carried a tray to a young girl no more than eight years old, it made Luke sad to see such a small frail girl that will soon be trained and possibly die. "Don't worry about her, we are getting her out of here tonight. Don't get any ideas, we only get those too small and helpless out. But you boy, I know can handle yourself I saw the damages you done before Jones put you down." Blake said with a smirk on how those who attacked Lukas looked like. 
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"Those creatures have names?!" Luke asked. Blake looked surprised to the idea of calling them creatures but it was not to long ago he thought the same. "Yeah, see their not exactly creatures as you think, they are like actual half human fallen angels, they surfaced after the last bomb, some think its the result of the bio chemical but I majored in chemistry and they are most certainly not a chemically made being." Just talking about it gave Blake chills. "So in other words their demons?" It was almost impossible for Luke to wrapped his mind around the thought, it was like a dream or imagination it just didn't make sense. When Blake nodded to confirmed it, Luke could feel what little food lay in his gut wanting to escape, he swallowed hard to keep it down, his skin became a sickly shade of gray he couldn't catch his breath his body was going into shock. "Luke! You gotta calm down!" Blake tried to shake him out of it but before he knew it Luke was on the ground shaking and in the fetal position.
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It was a weird feeling, like when your falling in a dream in pitch blackness, when it felt as if he hit something hard he woke or so he thought, he was sitting in a tall grassy field he could hear a peaceful stream flowing in the distance. 
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"Where am I?" He pondered out loud. "My garden do you smell the sweet grass, have a taste you look famished." A calm voice not to far off spoke. Luke didn't hesitate he plucked a blade and tasted, he was instantly in love with it, the best thing he ever tasted. He could hear a chuckle than the figure was sitting next to him with a crystal goblet filled with water. "Something to wash it down." The kind man said as he handed Luke the goblet. "Thank you." Luke said with his mouth full. "Even the water taste amazing where...." It finally dawned on him. His eyes grew wide. "Am I?" He couldn't bring himself to say it. The kind man put a gental hand on his shoulder. "No, you just went into shock. I brought you here so I can explain your mission. I am sure you have already figured who I am." The man smiled. 
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"Yes, Lord I do." Luke smiled wide. "Now as you already figured who and what the Night Walkers are, you are correct, I am going to create an army of warriors whom I will give angel like abilities too, which would also include wings but these abilities can only be accessed in the spiritual realm it will take a lot if training but in time it will all be as easy as breathing, now you will know those by the bible dog chain necklace like yours and your brother's, I gave them to your parents as I did for many others before all that has happened began. It was an unfortunate thing for your parents to have to come home but it was to protect you boys. Now when you wake your strength will return, also make sure the child gets out she is very valuable and they are very close to realize she could be their undoing." The Lord explained. 
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"Lord, is my brother still alive, I heard a boy was killed the night they captured me?" Luke inquired. "Your brother is strong and will make a fine warrior. Now Luke do everything they say and tell you to do, I know that will include you take many lives but I want them to think and trust your one of them because you need to be with them to save your brother." The Lord explained.
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