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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 13 (James' past)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!d4ycUq9nMyMANNstZViKposted on PENANA
"No laughing! James this is serious! Ugh, if the Night Walkers catch you and you pull this stunt they'll kill you." Luke slapped his little brother in the back of the head. "Ouch! I'm telling!" James pouted. "No your not! Now quit fulling around and do as I say." Luke snapped. James just stood there with his little arms folded across his chest. "Fine but tomorrow could you at least act like your trying to learn." Luke said as he hugged the boy, James felt safe wrapped in his brother's muscular arms.
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James was a surprised birth their mother didn't even know she assumed Luke was going to be her only child after her husband was killed in the war against the Night Walkers, Luke was in fact enslaved in their camp but escaped a week before James was born and their mother passed, leaving Luke to raise the boy, Luke was only eighteen at the time and not ready to care for an infant but he took on the challenge and others within their camp helped.
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When James turned thirteen he was placed in the scouting party with his brother who was against the idea but had no say in the matter, so instead of protesting he made sure the boy he raised stayed close but James was a hard headed boy and was tired of his brother watching over him like a hawk so he and some other boys decided to sneak away from the group to explore some old ruins which was a mall but to them it was a ruin.
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As the boys explored and goofed around a Night Walker observed them he was planning his attack. 
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"Look at this, must have been one of those arcades my dad told me about!" One if the boys exclaimed as he picked up the toy gun and aimed at the black screen he made fake shooting sounds. "Guys over here!" James called to them, the boys rushed over. "This must be more of a play place like an indoor playground." James said as he tested the sturdiness of one of the climbing parts. "Let's try it out!" One of the boys rushed pass and started for the tube. "Wait! It could be weak or damaged!" James yelled but no sooner he said it the boy came down a slide giggling. "Seems strong to me, in fact I swear we aren't the only ones to come here the insides are clean and shiny." That statement made James uncomfortable.
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'James never go playing on those inside playgrounds they are Night Walker traps.' James remembered his brother telling him when he was younger. 
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"Mitch, Felix, Matty! We gotta get out of here its a trap!" But it was to late. They were surrounded the only way was through the play set. The boys went as high as the set went, James was able to get out and on top of the one tunnel and into the ceiling he could hear the other boys scream as he hid in a dressing room above that arcade. Tears streamed down his face as he cupped his ears to drown out their screams. 
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"James!" Luke rushed in and grabbed him. James almost cried out not knowing it was his brother. "We'll discuss this later but for now let's get out of here. 
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They tried to sneak out but the place was crawling with Night Walkers and their troops. "They know one is missing and they won't leave till they find you." Luke explained. James just looked to his brother with tears in his eyes. "I want you to go through there it will lead to the other camp, they will take you in, you will be trained to infiltrate the city. Hear take this it was dad's he gave it to me before he died and now its yours... James the next time we meet I will not be your brother but your enemy do not expect pity from me do you understand?" Luke was certain they would do something to make sure he became one of theirs this time. 
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Luke gave James one last big hug and shoved him in the direction of the other camp.
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As he ran further away he could hear his brother getting the attention and fighting the N.W. James never turned around but his heart sunk and he stumbled when all became silent he knew his brother lost he was either dead or captured.
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He was finally outside but he heard someone running towards him afraid it was a Night Walker he ran faster he could see a sharp turn ahead he took it and his there he watched as the figure ran pass he soon realized it was Mitch he was about to cal to him when a barbed spiked log swung down and hit Mitch in the chest. James sat there shocked he didn't know if he should go see if he was okay or if it was another trap. His curiosity was cut short when Night Walkers came from no where even near his hidding spot, they went over to Mitch who screamed in pain as they tore him off... The next is to much even for James. He told you pretty much what happened last chapter so we'll leave it at that.
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James would not could not move from his hidden spot, it wasn't till a few days latter a scouting party came across the body and than James. "Its okay your safe now." The women cooed. But James never averted his eyes towards her. "He's in shock we need to get him back to the camp." Another women said. Yes I'm sure you figured it out the scouts were all women.
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Once at the camp things did not seem to get better but in fact worse. Than one day a boy a bit older than him came in and sat next to James he introduced himself. "Names Dixon, I'm going to read to you, I was going to do one of our books in our library but than I saw you had the best one, my mom use to read this to me all the time. Pilgrims Progress...
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He continued reading James laid there staring up at the ceiling, he looked as if he was not listening but he was in fact holding on to every word like a life line.
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Dixon came every day reading and acting out each chapter.
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"This kinda sounds like what happened to our world except we know it didn't come from heaven but from the war of people. Kinda freaky this guy kinda talked about us if you think about it." Dixon said as he thought back before the war when he was to young to realize the impending doom on their world. 
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Little by little those appointed as nurses saw fit to untie James he was calm and no longer trying to thrash around or bite at those trying to feed him, at times he sat up and ate while Dixon read to him, at one point Dixon chose to spend every day and night with James, he talked to James about his past before the war and what new things he saw that day before coming to him. James never looked at Dixon but seemed to listen when he said something funny he saw James smile.
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Dixon finally came to the end of the book which took nearly a month to read. James finally looked over at Dixon and spoke. "That was my dad's, he gave it to my brother Luke, he gave it to me before sending me off while he distracted the Night Walkers." A stray tear trickled down his cheek. "I know how it is to loose someone to those creatures and the things they do to us for sport but I bet anything you'll see him again they need recruits so they can't spare killing everyone they get. Granted he might not be the same but if this was his and he did have faith well maybe he will never be effected." Dixon assured
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