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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 5 (Bandits)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!xYBu8GAU4QY6D4mEUqCkposted on PENANA
They were in for a bigger surprise than they bargained for, you see even Mack was not informed on all of Aussie's plans, Aussie didn't like the guy in fact everything about the man sickened Aussie, he was just an inside man he could manipulate with the rite amount of fortune but this time Aussie had different plans for Mack it was time to cut him off.
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Up on the hill sat two bandits arguing on how to take the train this time. "Gabe if we blow the tracks there the automatic brakes should trigger before they get anywhere near the blast but we have to blow it now to give the train ample time to slow and not tip any of the cars." The young boy explained to his mentor. 
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"Simon I know your a genius and your suggestions are all relevant but we need it to look like its a hiest, besides if we blow when the engine is over and crash the train we could eliminate most of our hostile opponents..." "And also eliminate the innocent, you know the ones we want to save..." Simon stern yet sarcastically reminded. "A few inocent lives lost but think of the many we..." "Gabe, Simon!... I just got news your boys and nephews are on that train along with your adopted daughter and her family!" Another young boy hollered as he road his horse near them. Gabe was filled with both joy and concern, if they do this right they could free his family but one thing goes wrong and they could die or worse.
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"Blow the tracks now... Oliver alert the others, this is a rescue mission, we are going to take them out by force but try not to kill any of the young gaurds, last I heard Justin is a guard and Jake is also but in higher ranks." Gabe instructed, the boy saluted from apon his horse who just reared up from the blast but he easily steady the horse and took off to the attacking ranks general who happened to be Aussie. 
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"Oliver go hide your horse, your coming aboard with me you know Jake and we both know Mack and his boys are going to be a threat once he realizes plans changed Ishmael your going to want to join as well rumor is your brother and his family are also aboard the train." Aussie ordered. "Okay get ready and remember they all stay alive and keep your faces covered!" Aussie hollered from his attack point.
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As the train suddenly slowed Mack came from the back of the train hollering. "What his going on, did one of you specks pull the emergency breaks?!" Mack grabbed Jimmy by his shirt collar because he assumed he was the culprit. Till one of the men came from the engine. 
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"Sir it seems the tracks have been damaged." The boy saluted to Mack. "Damaged how?!" Mack hollered as he practically slammed Jimmy back into his seat. Tilly instantly wrapped her arms around her big brother. "Come..." Before the boy could say more they were surrounded. 
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"G'day all, I will be taking over, Mack here has just been fired." A masked Australian man spoke. Mack's eyes narrowed at his captor aimed an antique musket pistol that was altered to be more of a modern ammo pistol but still had the antique charm kinda looked like a steam punk item in fact the bandits all have that look except the girls in this group were modest and at the moment dressed like one of the guys.
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"Aussie what is the meaning of this?!" Mack struggled to get free from his bonds which was pointless. Aussie didn't explain, he just gagged and put a sack over Mack's head, handed him off to a boy who was way too fit for a boy his age.
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Aussie strolled over to Justin. "Soldier..." Aussie nodded in respect. Knowing this bandit must be in charge so he addressed him as he would any of his superiors. "Sir..." Justin stood at attention and saluted. "At ease boy... A show of hands who here wants freedom from those laws made by those who want to suppress all of mankind and rule us like slave, like we are worthless?" Aussie asked in a spokesman tone, as he put Justin in a side hug, making him feel uneasy, for all he knows this guy plans to kill all guards and save the Lints.
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All the kids cheered as did most guards, they were like a modern day peter pan like tale. Aussie stood in front of Justin with both hands firmly on his shoulders. "And what of you boy, are you ready to rid yourself of that burden of that fake Celestial kingdom?" Aussie asked as he locked eyes with Justin.
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Jake was becoming uneasy, what if Aussie plans to kill Justin if he keeps up his loyal guard duties.
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"Sir... I ahh... I don't know, that life is all I knew..." "I'll make this simple for you boy... That life, did you enjoy it or just did as told?" Aussie inquired "I did as told because that's all I knew." Justin explained. "Okay I can tell your still undecided, so for the safety of everyone gag and bag him." Aussie said snapping his fingers for Oliver to tie Justin's wrists, gag and put a sack over his head. Aussie figured best to do that to all guards with the exception of Jake and James. 
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