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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 16 (Luke's past continues)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!gFlgeBFmwYIzrah5zW09posted on PENANA
It did not take Luke and his friends long to be come great worriors for the Night Walkers, it was as if the Lord gave them extra strength and wisdom to achieve every task set before them. 
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As for the young girl, Luke made it his mission to see her safe he found a camp that trusts and believes souly on God and his Son, they even claim to battle in the spiritual realm all the time to help protect those who are yet unaware of the spiritual realm. Before he went back to his horrid camp they taught him and his friends a few things about the spiritual realm and to have eyes to see into it.
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Luke was appointed to be Bruce's apprentice, Bruce is one of those creatures but not a very great one, there are others stronger and more fierce than him even he quakes in the presence of the others.
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At first Luke assumed his leader was going to be a harsh one, making him carry out, outrageous orders of slaughter and torture but he was wrong, their missions consisted in capturing their victims alive to train them as their worriors, in fact sometimes it was up to Luke to train a new group because Bruce saw how the youngsters were calmer around Luke and that he had more patients than his other trainers.
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"You must be an older bother... Tell me Lukas what are your siblings like, do you miss them?" Bruce inquire as they sat on their over look, above their mountain camp. Considering the evil of these people the camp itself had some charm, when there was no training you could hear giggles of the younger children play practicing, any passerby would assume it was a normal camp.
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Luke heeved a heavy sigh. "I have one brother, I raised him since birth, our mother died right after he was born, leaving me to be his parent, he was a stubborn one, when he was still to young to learn I tried to teach him to... well... fool your kind if he was ever captured..." Bruce's laugh startled Luke. He slapped Luke on the back. "So how did that turn out?" Bruce was still chuckling. "Sorry to report I failed, he cried I took pitty and called it a day, we never bothered with that training again till he was old enough to be trained. He turned out to be a good fighter, stubborn but my best pupil I have ever trained." Luke solomly said. 
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"My boy you can not let yourself dwell to much there, it will be the death of you, what if you are faced with fighting one of those young warriors from the other camps, how will you be able to succeed if you saw a boy your brothers age, he will most likely strike you before you could blink.
I understand he is like a son to you, just like all of you are to me but if I let my heart lead me I would not be as strong as I am. Lukas you need to burry your past before its to late." Bruce instructed, there was a sound in his voice that concerned Luke.
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Latter that day Bruce had him do something that made Luke wish he could have stayed in that garden and never return to this Hell on earth. 
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"Today is your graduation Luke, you will be my commander but you must first kill that scout." Bruce said as he led him through the woods. 
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Luke looked at him with horror. "Sir please don't make me do this, I have done everything you asked of me but this I'm not ready for, not to mention look at him he can't be no more than thirteen, wouldn't he be better a worrior for us instead?" Luke pleaded. 
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Bruce grew angry he took hold of Luke and slammed him into a tree and held his crood dagger against his throte. "Either you kill that boy or I will, than I will throw you into the dungeon search for your brother, his friends and bring them here and slaughter them all in front of you and keep you alive just to torment you till you die." Bruce growled.
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Luke could feel hot tears welling up there was nothing he could do to stop them from flowing. "What will it be boy?" Bruce hissed. Luke looked over to the boy who was unaware of there presence. "I will do it but you never mention my brother again or threaten his life ever again." Luke snapped. "Fine, your brother dosen't exist to me." Bruce sneered as he shoved Lukas in the scouts direction.
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The boy never heard Luke come up behind him and cover his mouth to keep him from crying out. Lukas sobbed."Forgive me." Before he gave the boy a fatal kill he remembered a trick his dad taught him its way cooler than a sleeper hold  it would make anyone who'd check the body think it was dead but it wares off after you hit the pressure point again. 
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"Don't struggle I promise you will live." Luke whispered in the boy's ear.
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"Well I didn't think you could do it and so hands on no weapons very barbaric... I like it." Bruce sneered. "What you want to do with his body?" Luke inquired. "Leave it for the wolves, its almost feeding time." Bruce said as he walked away. Luke made it look as if he was looking for valuables but he was in fact waking the boy up.
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The boy gasped and almost cried out but Luke covered his mouth. He looked to see if Bruce noticed but he kept walking away towards camp. "Be quiet boy, now stay laying here till I am gone, than get back to your camp. Consider yourself lucky this time. Don't ever let me catch you sneaking out of your camp again." Lukas knew the boy was no scout he was to young plus scouts go in groups. "I don't have a camp." The boy whispered. "You got to be kidding me... See that tree over there?" Luke pointed in the distance. "Yeah that's where I have been sleeping." The boy answered. Luke's eyes grew wide. "Okay well I'll meet you there tonight. I know a camp that will take you in." Luke said before he left.
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Luke ate his meal sitting next to Bruce at their usual table. "Sir permission to go to to my camping space?" Luke inquired. Bruce looked at him. "Still uneasy with your first kill I assume." Bruce smirked. The thought that if he didn't remember that trick and had to actually kill the boy sickened him. "Yes sir. I tried to not let it bother me but..." "Say no more I understand, first time is hard for anyone. I am still trying to figure out how you boys got around killing to advance as far as you in the first place. Go stay out for as long as you need. When you come back I want my best trainer and worrior at my side again." Bruce said as he slapped Luke playfully on his back.
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Luke packed some food and belonging that were for the boy not him. As he approached the tree he wandered if the boy even listened or could he actually be a young spy trying to set a trap for N.W.s it made Luke slow his pace and ponder giving up on the idea of helping some boy he doesn't even know. 'But what if it was James, I would want someone to help him.' That very thought pushed out all the negative thoughts he had.
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"You came back!" The boy ran up and gave him a hug. Luke had to practicality pry the the boy. "Here I have some cloths and food for you, quickly change so we can get moving." Luke said as he shoved the pack into the boys arms. "What's your name boy?" Luke inquired. The boy giggled it sounded girlish to him but luke figured he was still young his vocals probably didn't change yet. "My name is Octavia." She boldly declared as she took a few bobby pins out and let down her beautiful black hair, she looked like Snow White but even more beautiful after she cleaned off her face whit her old clothes.
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"Your a girl?!" Luke said in surprise. "Yep, its easier for boys to get around but for me its not I have been nearly well you know to also what you did to me. Say what was that by the way you gotta teach me that, what's your name by the way?" Octavia said as she gathered what ever belonging she had. 'Geesh she likes to talk fast.' Luke smiled. There was something about the girl that bright him joy and peace like when he was in Jesus' garden. "I'm Luke, as for my trick well that your gonna have to wait for. We gotta move." He grabbed her arm and led her out of there.
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It didn't take long for them to arrive at the camp he took the other little girl, he was hoping to see how she was doing. That when a little brown haired girl ran up calling out his name and jumped into his arms. "Looks like you have a passion for saving girls." Octavia winked. "Yeah well I can't help that you two have passion for getting in trouble." Luke said as he tickled the little girl in his arms. "Octavia this is Sarah, Sarah ,Octavia you two I hope will get along and that I'll get to see you both again soon." Both girls hugged Luke before he left.
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He went back to his camp the next morning, he was never going to share one personal information with Bruce or anyone ever again he was determined to become just as ruthless as any worrior there, at least make them think he was. From that day forward he became feared by those who did not know who he truly was. And loved by those he was able to get to the camp he took the two girls. Little did he know the plan for him to be there for his brother wasn't the only plan set in place. You see that camp now known as the Holy camp kept growing with warriors and Spiritual all thanks to Lukas who ironically saved children who's faith is strong all in their own unique way.
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Fear struck those at the Holy camp when they heard a boy that was a Night Walker minion was captured by a camp intent on killing any of them without trial. The boy fit the description of Lukas. The elders from the Holy camp set out to see if they could persuade them to hand over the boy. 
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"Your kind is mad, their souls are cursed what in your right minds think one of their fowl kind can be saved. The best thing for us all is to eradicate them all." The head council of the camp said as they led the elder and Octavia to the cells. As soon as Octavia saw the boy she ran to his cage. Thankfully it was not him. But the condition the boy was in didn't matter if it was him, this boy needed help and fast. "By order of the Holy camp I demand you release the boy into our care." Octavia demanded the elder was taken by surprise of her warriors boldness. "Lady Octavia, who gave you the right to speak so boldly?" The elder corrected. "Now as my worrior so bodly demanded, I too must insist you comply. He is under our protection if you choose to disrespect our orders I will have no choice to remove our protection from your camp." The Elder demanded.
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Without hesitation the leader of the camp nodded to a guard to free the boy. "This is abuse of your power one day you will lose all you have." The leader snapped. The Elder laughed. "Child when the Lord himself says its okay to kill without trial or to kill people that we all know have been forced and brainwashed to be what they are, as for that boy all I see is a hurt child who needs our help and just might be freed from his bondage over his soul." The Elder said as Octavia led the boy out of there all the while supporting his weight.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAqNrBSxDL9h
"Do you know Luke." She asked him. He looked over at her as they walked. "I do he taught me everything I know, I'm actually his apprentice. We were attacked after we left a child we rescued from our camp. I guess they thought we were going to kill or steal the child. "Are you talking about the boy we found in our cafeteria eating just about everything." Octavia giggled. The boy smiled. "Your giggle is adorable... Yes his name is Dove.." The boy smiled and winked at Octavia.
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As she helped him onto the wagon she asked where Lukas was last with in him. "Look it doesn't matter that place isn't safe let alone there's no way he survived the attack." The boy said harshly. Octavia grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him close they were nose to nose, the boy had no problem with that, her scent was intoxicating. "He is alive and I am going to bring him back if its the last thing I do!" She scolded. The boy had a goofy grin plastered on his face which annoyed Octavia because the boy was a handsome specimen, plus he was interested in her the boys back at camp all they think about was fighting for our Savior plus they were interested in the other girls they known growing up.
'Foolish girl he's a minion for the Night Walkers no matter how handsome he is they are never going to be anything but enemies.' She told herself.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAlqc822r80V
"Your beautiful." The boy smiled. That was the last straw his flattery was not helping her get any closer to saving Luke, so she punched him knocking him out at the exact moment the Elder showed up. "Octavia!?" 
100Please respect copyright.PENANArrJS2BqGmz
"He... I... Sorry I was trying to get info on where Luke is and all he keeps doing is flirting." Octavia snapped. The elder couldn't help giggling. "Octavia you need to learn to control that temper of your... Young man... Boy!" The Elder tried waking him. "Can you tell us where young Lukas is?" The Elder asked. "I could but it would do you no good... The land is filled with those creatures that our leaders fear." The boy said. 
100Please respect copyright.PENANAYtvPZkpxSU
Instantly Octavia knew she jumped on her horse and took off as both the boy and Elder yelled after her. There was no way he was going to let her go off alone he jumped on someone's horse and took off leaving the Elder to deal with the fact he just stole someone's horse.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAAdlNloQNxR
"What are you doing your too wounded to help and there is no way your talking me into going back and leaving him out there!" Octavia snapped. "I can hold my ground, it takes alot to knock me flat... You are either the most bravest girl I ever met or stupid." He smirked. 'Are you kidding me, this boy is begging me to put him into the ground.' "How about you shut up and lead me to him or go back and get off my back before I put you in an early grave." Octavia snapped at him. The boy laghed. "If Luke was here he'd tell you there is no way to shut me up or ground me... By the way names Jasper." He smiled and gave her flirty eyes. Octavia just rolled her eyes and tried not to say anything more.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAJYisQl4g1r
As they were about to go into the bad lands where bandits, scavengers and all kinds of unknown horrid evil man eating creatures lived, Jasper stopped his horse right on the border. "We still have time to turn back." He ordered nay he pleaded. As she scowled at the boy, she now had a name but refused to use, she noticed something, he was terrified, as if just taking one step across the line would be the very death of them.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAQ0VmPUGfsz
"Look I can't just leave him knowing its a possibility he could be alive." Octavia said. For once... well a second time with compassion towards Jasper. He took a sigh than started fidgeting with his gear. "What are you doing?" Octavia inquired as she tried to crane her neck to see. "Well if you insist on this suiside mission you best be better equipped." Jasper said as he pulled out a pack filled with all sorts of dagger like weapons and a cloak. "I am not putting on any Night Walker gear!" She snapped. Jasper got off his horse nonchalantly walked over to Octavia and set the gear down, without warning he pulled her off her horse and pinned her to the ground. "If I was a scavenger you're be dead or worse because one your a girl and two you dress like a chosen one. Now if you wore the cloak no one would notice plus they would assume your a Night Walker." Jasper let Octavia up she sat there with her bruised ego contemplating on whether to kill him or not. 'He dose make a valuable point but than yet they were attacked.' Octavia pondered as she brushed herself off
100Please respect copyright.PENANAa3NvQ9TGXq
"If that cloak warns others that your a Night Walker, than why did you two get attacked?" She scolded and shoved Jasper out of her way. "Well we didn't put them on." Jasper sheepishly said ad he looked at a rock he was kicking around. "Fine but if I turn into one of those things its all your fault." Octavia snapped as she snatched the cloak and put the dagger belt on. Jasper giggled Octavia glared at him again. "First of its not like a plague you don't become them your born them and second its best to keep the daggers hidden you want the elimant of surprise." Jasper said as he demonstrated on putting the belt under the cloak.
100Please respect copyright.PENANAxGpQ9fbdwc
As Octavia ready to mount back up on her horse Jasper sighed. "What know you telling me I have ride a certain way now too?!" Octavia snapped. "No... Well its more of a lack of riding, we have to walk from here best get the horses settled over there and remove there tack so than can run if the choose." Jasper said as he started to lead his horse over to an over growned grassy field. Now this is going to be hard for Octavia she raised her black stallion from a colt they had a special bond they were both orphans that were welcomed in by a group of do gooders at least that's what she thought of them, granted she dose respect them and what they stand for but she thinks the could be more active or more warrior like. 
100Please respect copyright.PENANAFncAK2vqhX
"Okay Beauty I trust you will wait for me and stay away from danger, maybe come for me if you her my scream." She said as she nuzzled the beautiful jet black stallion. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Jasper watched silently, then decided. "You know what we might need him to carry Luke out, just remove the saddle. Put this on if there is trouble you can take it off fast and the horse can be free." Jasper said as he put on a rope like lead. "Actually he doesn't need anything he'll follow me where ever I go." Octavia said as she put her hand on Jaspers wrist to stop him.
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