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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 7 (The Village)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
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As they entered into the village there were hords of children playing or doing chores, some were even being trained. Raven was in awe of the buildings, the only time he saw anything like it was in a book but even that didn't do justice of what his eyes beheld. "Jake is this the most amazing thing you have ever seen?" Raven gasped as he dismounted. "Yes it is." Jake looked back at Aussie with a questioning look. "Its safer being up high than on the ground, because of the creatures that lurke these days." Aussie explained as he took the gear off the horse and tossed it in a bin that vacuumed sucked it to where no one but the residents knew.
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"Aussie what are these creatures you keep mentioning?" Raven asked as he investigated the bin cautiously. "Please back up boys the bin is not human tested... As for the creatures well that's for your teacher to tell you and I am not referring to young Jake here... As for you boy if I remove your restraints promise to behave?" Aussie smirked at the still gaged and bound Justin who looked like a terrified child. Justin gave a nod as soon as he was free he stood behind Jake and James for protection. Aussie chuckled but Jake couldn't find the humor, he was just pleased Justin still trusted him for protection.
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"Justin look where we are going to live. We are going to be like owls." Cole excitedly said as he tugged on him. He picked the child up as to protect him. Cole leaned back slightly to look at his face. The child smiled. "I've missed you big brother." He whispered than wrapped his arms around Justin's neck and hugged him. A stray tear escaped from Justin's eyes as he squeezed and snuggled the boy. Jake knew all Justin has known was now shattered but it was for the best.
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"I hate to break up this reunion but we only have a small window of opportunity to remove those trackers before they have our location." Simon explained. "Okay let's do this, I can remove mine and theirs you work on the others, Jake I know you and James also know how to remove them. Where is your med tent set up?" Justin inquired. "This way follow me." A young firey red head said in a cooing voice.
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"Is it going to hurt?" Cole pouted. Justin sighed. "I'm going to remove his first if I don't well you know. Raven, Mason, please keep him still." Justin instructed. "The gaurd can be polite after all Raven sarcastically said. Mason the rational one ignored and sat with Cole on the chair holding him as tight as he could and looked to Raven to help hold his arm out so Justin could remove the chip. The boy screamed and cryed as Justin cut into his arm. 
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Once everyone was dechiped Aussie led them to the wash station, Cole was still pouting. "I don't want a bath a want mommy!" He yelled and cried and squrimed out of Raven's hold. It was Thomas who scooped the boy up again. 
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"Hey there lad, we gotta stop meeting this way." Thomas said as he picked him up. "It hurts I don't want to take a bath do i have to?" Cole pouted and pointed at his already sealed up wound. "I know your hurting lad but the bath will help clean your wound and make you feel better so you can sleep without being smelly and itchy." Thomas said as he pretended to sniff and smell something awful and tickled ever so lightly on is back making Cole giggled. He handed Cole back over to Raven.
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