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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 14 (The Escape)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!xwexITx3GaSCWdf9e4oyposted on PENANA
As they escaped through the tunnels James talked with his brother. "What happened to you that day?" James inquired. Luke took a moment to respond, he wasn't sure if he wanted to relive that day or not.
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"I fought till one of their leaders came up behind me and knocked me out cold, when I came too I was in a camp filled with other kids doing actual battles to the death, the survivor was deemed worthy to move up in rank and fought others." Luke explained as he thought on that day.
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"Okay this should bring us out at the old mall where our nightmares began." Luke said as he lifted the sewer grate. 
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"It's different from what I remember, more destroyed or something." James said as he poked his head out after Luke. "It's because no one cares for the place anymore." Felix said as he hoisted James out. 
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James stood there dumb founded, he didn't recognize the two boys before him, he felt he should know them but nothing about them was familiar.
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"It's me, Felix, yeah I guess I no longer look scrawny and helpless." The boy laughed. "I never thought you looked scrawny but I never imagined you looking like a wrestler either." James laughed. "Matty?" James assumed who the other boy was. The two were inseparable he was like another brother to James. The boys embraced in a hug. 
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"Blake?!" Miles ran to his brother who wrapped him in a bear hug. The two sobbed as they hugged.
"Okay, cry babies... Let's get moving." Luke smirked. He made sure the boys and girls stayed in the center as he took point, Blake took the back with Miles, Matty and Felix took the outer edge on each side. James walked with Matty telling all about what he learned since they parted.
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Luke stopped abruptly, Blake made his way to Luke all the while making sure everyone stayed down and quite. "Why are they out here it's to far from their leader?" Blake whispered. "They're a different group of  N.W. see that guy there, he's their leader I met him once with ours, they were discussing their entitlement, Bruce seemed tariffied of this guy." Luke explained.
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James joined them he was instantly frightened as was Raven and Mas. "That's the guy who came through the camp the first night we arived, Gabe said he couldn't see us but I know he did." Raven explained. "No he sensed your fear, he's like a blood hound but instead of scent it's emotions one in particular, fear." Luke explained all the while watching the camp. "Luke we have kids here who are terrified." Blake pointed out. No sooner he said that the N.W. became aware of their spies.
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"You can't blame me!" Blake said as Luke looked at him like he was the cause. "Let's just get out of here." James insisted. But it was to late they were surrounded. Most of the kids did get away, except James, his brother and friends Mas and Raven, Miles and Blake and Jerry and his crew.
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"What did my pets catch for me today?" The Hood figure sneered. "Well look who we have, young Lukas, a bit far from your leader and with his prisoners, are they gifts for me?" He grinned. Luke and his boys stood ready to fight in font of the boys they just rescued.
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"I was mistaken, they are not gifts and you boys are traders." The hooded figure growled his eyes started to glow and before anyone could react all was black.
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