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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 12 (Fear)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!AS60wj0dcNZkWohQaRLIposted on PENANA
Cole ran into Raven's room ready to jump on him but he stopped suddenly. "Jake, Rose!" The boy screamed both Jake, Rose, Andrew and Justin rushed in. "What is it?" Jake was assuming the boys must have gotten up early to eat but than Gabe who was going to wake Jared saw that all of them were missing. That's when Hawken's came in. "Sir I'm afraid to report Sam's group is missing, along with two of our best scouts. Also Neil went pass the abandoned treehouse because he heard about the prisoners and guards taken, he found Toothless and signs of struggle." Hawk explained.
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Gabe ordered an emergency meeting with the elder scouts most of whom were the kids parents. Jake went to get James who was also gone. "You got to be kidding me..." "Jake picked up the watch." A hushed voice said coming from a digital watch on the night stand. "James?" Jake asked at the watch, he seen digital intercom watches but this one was different. "Yeah, you never pay attention I explained how it works, but in short I have the ear piece so I can hear everything at all times without blowing my cover. I infiltrated the enemy and they have our kids." James informed him. "Great when those boys get back here I'll ground them for life. James will I be able to hear everything like you or is it I can only hear you?" Jake inquired as he headed to the meeting. "Hit the left button it will open it up, inside you'll find the other ear piece give your dad the watch so we can get him in the loop too." James quickly explained before a lead guard came to inspect his troops.
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"Your new, where did you come from boy?!" He stood inches from James' nose, he could smell his fowl breath his stomach churned he wanted to cringe but he stayed emotionless. "Bill I wouldn't do that, these boys came straight from the N.W. camp they could kill with a look." Another guard said. Bill just looked at James. "Nah the boy is harmless look at that baby face." Bill laughed. 
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Meanwhile on the other end of all this Jake and Gabe and all the others in the meeting listened intently, they knew his cover had to be blown for sure. 
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Once James was alone he cleared things up for those listening. "I was trained by a boy who escaped the N.W camp it was one of my final missions before being placed in the city. Its not really a look but the lack of emotions when being intimidated by well anyone, as long as you look and act like a drone they think your a N.W scout but one little flaw, they can kill without breaking a sweat and well as you know I can't." James explained as he did his rounds making sure prisoners were secured.
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"James?" Raven whispered as he made his way to the bars. James just put his finger to his lip to signal him to be quiet. He reached in and examined the boy's bruised face. "Here put this in your ear its small enough and clear that no one will be able to see it." James explained, as he surched Raven's face for a sign he was okay but all he saw was fear, it pained him that he couldn't get them out but at least he was there and can keep an eye on the boys he grew to love as his own brothers or cousin. "Mason come over here, Jared you..." Jered was in worse shape, Mason had to help him walk. Tears started streaming down James cheek as he watched him struggle. "What did those animals do to you?!" James blurted out. "I tried to free us I fought back so did Sky, Jonah and Miles but they won as you can see." Jared's voice was strained from the pain he even winced a few times. "Hang on I'll be right back." James ran off back to where the guard with key was who happened to be that Bill character. 
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"I need your key." James ordered not asked. "Who the... Do you think your boy, ordering me around, I oughta throw your in with those kids!" Bill went to take a swing at him but the one who warned him before stopped him. "Bill your free to go I will take your shift and deal with him." The Yong man said never once looking at James, something about this hooded figure was familiar. Once Bill was gone he turned and faced him taking off his hood a scar came across his right eye down his cheek to his ear it didn't take away his handsome chiseled look but it was enough for him to want to hide it. "James." He scowled. James took a step back. "Lukas?! I thought..." Luke grabbed James by the throat slamming him against the wall. "You thought wrong... Looks like all my training was a waste on you, look at you full of fear." Luke coldly smirked. "Look if I knew, I wouldn't have left you." James pleaded as a tear escaped. Luke slammed him again. "Your not allowed to cry little brother." Luke snapped, yes you read that correctly Luke is James older brother also the one who trained him on how to be emotionless. 
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"If you disobeyed my order again that day I would have killed you." Luke snapped. He was trying not to show emotion but he was just pleased to see his brother made it. James could see it in his eyes. "Luke I thought you wouldn't still be..." James was trying to find the right word. "Human?... I know I didn't either but they never remembered me they thought I was just some new prisoner. James when I was in the camp I heard them say they captured and killed a boy trying to reach the safe camp?" Luke looked at his brother with questioning eyes. 
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"It was Mitch, he also got out I heard running behind me I thought I was being chased I found a turn that he didn't see, I saw him run right into a trap, they slautered him, it was horrible if I would have kept going it would have been me." James cried. This time Luke embraced him.
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"I couldn't move from the spot, nor could I stop looking at Mitch just torn apart, I didn't know any one could do that to a person. It was a scout from the camp that found me. I was in shock Luke I thought you could be just like Mitch, I kept thinking every shadow was them they had to tie me to a bed at one point for my own safety." James explained.
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"Than one day I just stopped reacting, one of the older boys read your book to me, Pilgrims Progress, the way he read it was as if I was him I was on that same journey it was at the end when he laid the burden at the cross that I to snapped out of it." James told his brother as they got to the boys, James wanted to get out of there.
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James forgot about his communication devices and that all those who had it heard his story. It wasn't till he saw Raven's expression of fear that he realized. 
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