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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 2 (Biggest Mistake)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!orDhsxro7BwAH2ylWdKBposted on PENANA
It's been quite a few years since the Dawson's moved into their high society like prison, they are now one of the high class snobs, no one in the lower class likes their type... Well their not exactly snobs but play the part well so not to get marks against their boys. You see if they don't host or attend high standing parties or events they would be judge and if found that they were really just trying to be modest, they would still get a mark that would effect their children's placements in society. They have hosted many grand event and parties themselves, not to mention the best wedding ever to be hosted Rose was lucky to be picked by one of the wealthiest sons his family were almost considered royalty. 
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76Please respect copyright.PENANAZpHDHaa8yh
'She caught his eye the first day she decided to attend classes at age fifteen she just wanted to be apart of the grand ball instead of being a spectator as soon as she found out only those who attend school get to be apart of the ball she argued with her mom aunts uncle and grandmother who were not at all pleased with the idea of her being wed as age fifteen, somehow she made them think it was impossible because she was still technically an outsider. But the day she entered the class that Andrew was in well she wasn't an outsider for long. He made it his mission to be near her help her get use to her new surrounding even after all his peers told him she was just a lucky orphan on death row he still pursued her. Even when he brought her home to meet his family they fell in love with her, they even recalled attending her ceremony and that the two were inseparable that day. Mrs. Hawkins got out her tablet and shared the photos and videos they captured that day. "This was always Andrew's favorite thing looking at the pictures of you two he couldn't wait to go to school to see you again, he would proclaim he would marry you." Mrs. Hawkins giggled as she embarrassed her son. "Mom! Sorry for her she likes to embellish the memories..." "Who are you kidding baby brother, you know its true." An older boy teased and tossled Andrew's hair. "Where are my manners I'm Ishmael and you princess must be Rose, my brother's soul mate." Ishmael teased some more
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On the day of the ball the boys and girls were separated for some time so they could have a last fun gathering almost like a bachelor and bacheloret party. Usually it' to have fun and for friends to have one last gathering but for Rose her only friend she couldn't be with till the ceremony ball begins, her stomach was in nots she was both excited and nervous even her whole family felt the same because they knew Andrew would choose her but was she actually ready. Noah attended the ball with Elexis and the Grandmother to be the supporting gaurdians.
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The trumpets sounded making the girls giggle with glee, only Rose kept silent searching the crowed for her blond prince. He stood out from the other boys he was like an angel taller than his age group and the most handsome he was like a model if they still had them. As soon as he spotted Rose his smile grew wide, he didn't walk he glided over to her, it was as if they were the only two in the room. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins stood with the Dawson's as they watched their children dance, talk, laugh and love being in each others presence. 
At the end of the day before it was time to leave the council held a meeting with the boys and their fathers to get documents signed saying who they chose for their wife. When it came to Andrew there were gasps and snickers because he chose so lowly but the council put an end to their antics. "Mr. Hawkins has the right to choose any girl attending the ball no matter her past, I know most of you are picking by looks and the fact they have zero marks as we usually advise but you also can choose with your heart as he obviously did. Now from this moment forward I don't want to hear any rumors or talk about Hawkins choice nor of his wife." The elder of the council scolded.
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When the boys returned screams of excitement and of sorrow could be heard all over because some were chosen and some were rejected causing a mark against them. But Rose kept her composure as Andrew came up to her, scooping her up in a hug, kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "I always knew I'd marry you." He looked at his new family who were as pleased as he was.'
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76Please respect copyright.PENANAuT99IkWmES
The Dawson's and Hawkins tought their children to be humble and not to judge those in low standing, in fact it was them who got the councils to agree to having events to give charity to those in need, in anyway the giver saw fit even if it was out side the law. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANA2eN7wmSY5N
You see they never minded if the rich wanted to give clothes or items to those in need but financially, now that they would not allow, but Elexis made a valuable point at a council meeting one day, that no matter how much clothes or items they give the families that it would not put food on their tables or aid their medical expenses. The councils agreed. They can now help those financially only if the needy register for that need, an amount would still have to be approved by the councils, now if it was an emergency they would get a note that says they can be provided care but even than it was not full proof if the council chooses to deny after care was provided they would become slaves to the government those who think Lint's have it worse are mistaken. But those who are running the aid are doing their best to make sure that never happens.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAZ6s30Aelwt
Eventually Noah got some constructors together and got the okay to build a housing community as well. Now that took a lot of persuading but eventually he got the okay to build mansion like apartments, from the outside one would think it was another mansion but once inside you would see differently, but granted it was still beautiful on the inside too, Noah and his workers took pride in their construction and wanted to give the families a taste of luxury. 
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Jake has been away from his family way before any of that, he's working now as a teacher for the warriors, which consist of only swords, bow and arrows and hand to hand combat since guns have been abolished, as for bow and arrows they are mainly for helping with aim and hitting a target but that training is solely for farmers and hunters. 
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Jake hasn't seen his family since he was eight, he's now twenty five, has a brother who's now twelve and two twin cousins who are now ten, none he's met since he was recruited and with all the training and brainwashing, he doesn't remember much about his family and none of it maters except his training. He did attend the ball Rose was at but it was as a guard, he did smile at his sister their bond could never be severed.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAiclLglluGS
Rules have been altered since that day they ripped Jake and Justin from their home, in hopes to prevent parents from rioting again, a few parents and younger children lost their lives that day. Now the girls and boys go to classes at a normal age, gym consists of Jake's training, they are being trained to become warriors and survivors in this now unforgiving world and little did Jake know his brother and cousins were going to be his new pupils.
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"Good morning boys and girls my name is Jake Reptilian, you will call me Jake or sir, this is my apprentice James, who seems more intrigued with his little tattered old book than my introduction and class." Jake said as he slapped the back of James' head as he passed behind him on the open balcony that rose five feet off the ground, from this point he had an excellent view of the arena like gym and his pupils and could easily jump down if needed to correct someone's battle position or to stop a fight that might have turned into an actual braw. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAL9ntVZI5uV
James snapped his tattered book shut and put it in his pouch. "Sorry sir." James stood at attention, sulted and chuckled. Jake heard the kids snickering too. 
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"Okay now that we got that out of our system, first thing you'll learn today is why you are being trained... It is still dangerous out there and if you don't know how to defend yourself you'll be dead or ensalved, there are scavengers out there that won't think twice about killing you just because they can so you need to know how to kill first." Jake explained. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANALSIEdcIDvS
A young girl who was there to only get a few survival courses raised her hand. "Yes Tilly." Jake acknowledged. "What dose a scavenger look like? Have you ever seen one?" Tilly's timid voice echoed off the walls. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAwh1TKXTs2n
This question was on every kids mind but they never had the courage to ask they were told its forbidden to speak of scavengers. Jake tried to think of away out of that question and not think of the day he was sent to save a family attacked by scavengers, the smell of rotting flesh is the first warning scavengers were near because that's what they reek of and if you get a glimps of their flesh you would see why.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAom9x1HW1AQ
Jake had that unfortunate pleasure, he was fighting hand to hand and tore back the hood of the scavener's cloak he looked like a corps, granted that's how Jake remembers it in his nightmares every night. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAJlJr0WEIza
"Sorry Tilly I cannot discuss that topic with any of you at this time I am only here to teach you how to defend yourselves. Now partner up."
76Please respect copyright.PENANAA5rCZczSFB
It wasn't a lie their missions were top secret and they don't want to have people going around spreading rumors that they saw one just because someone told them a story about it and their imagination got the best of them. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAf4XpBZ6y0G
Of course Raven and Mason partnered together they do everything together. "You know, he should tell us somethingl, how are we to know if we're up against one?" Raven pondered as he swung at Mas who was able to move before he made contact. "I don't know but you know the rules we are not to talk about anything that is outside the walls." Mas said as he pinned Raven, it annoyed Raven that Mas could always outsmart him, Raven is stronger and faster but Mas always got the upper hand. "Boys stop talking about Tilly's question and just be glad you don't know what they are." James said as he passed by.
76Please respect copyright.PENANApK28b24QLE
"Trust me runts you'd know a scavenger, my dad told me about them, he even drew pictures." Drake scoffed, he was the son of a high ranking warrior who would kill first ask questions later type, Drake was the same but he was also a great story teller too because his dad hasn't been home since be was born some think he was killed, others fear a traitor because he knows every inch of their city and they had some minor attacks.
76Please respect copyright.PENANA0mKsYJEyCj
Raven always fought with Drake but Mas kept him from getting into it because they would be in so much trouble because its law that you are not to fight on school grounds.
76Please respect copyright.PENANA9Sn7hZ6ny7
A lot of the kids kept progressing, threw out their classes over the course of the school year except for a few. It was near the end of the beginners lesson for the year. Jake called out those who were not succeeding and the only girl who only needed to pass a few more survival combats before she graduated his class. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANA4XR6639bUU
"Kel, Tilly and Dobs report to the office your training with me is done... Tilly you did very well, the first girl to advance in my class, most would be done with their first combat lesson but you are even better than most boys your age, if you don't get a suitor at the ball, you'll be married off to a farmer for sure. I don't see the foundry in your future but if they even mention it come see me I might be able to get you into sniper classes, even wild game hunt." Jake said, Tilly was only ten but she was well beyond her years, as is most girls since they are married off at fifteen to a boy of eighteen, their main lessons consist on how to be a proper wife and mother to her family, they usually only get a few survival lessons just in case they were attacked on a trip or if they are a farmers wife because they are outside the protection of the city, granted they do have a wall and a few gaurds but that is still not enough at time. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAPVgAnfk2NW
"As for you boys I'm disappointed in you, for your sakes I hope you'll excel in your other classes but you can rule out breeding you're too weak and they will assume your seed will also be as weak and as suitors you wouldn't be able to be your families protector, you'll probably be farmers or Lint guards even that is doubt full, you can't even protect yourself how are you going to protect your farm or all those lints who are vulnerable to all that lurks beyond our city limits." Jake pointed out. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAmXPK56Jcuh
James was disappointed because Jake was burning these boys futures but he was rite they were weak in most of the survival courses. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAkzfcGlfQwa
"Jake don't you think that was a bit harsh?" James inquired as they went to return to the rest of the class after dismissing the three to the rest of their classes. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAKm51Wshhv4
"Harsh! If I wasn't harsh on you and a lot of them how many do you think would be Lint's and considered dead to us today." Jake snapped. "True, but there is still medical field and plenty other opportunities that don't actually need our courses, its just don't you think if they had some faith, they'll succeed better, instead of doubts and sorrows." James inquired some more. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAdR22B79ljE
"Maybe but I'm not gonna chance it, even those take our courses into consideration, you never know when a med unit might be sent out to the foundry or outskirts, than they would have needed our course. I've been out there to the foundry and outskirts on a recovery mission because someone murdered a guard and a lint, they think the guard was trying to save the girls from who or what we never found out and once a family traveling to the city was attacked we were still battling whatever it was just to rescue the children, if those med units were placed without a course like ours we would have died out there that day and we wouldn't be having this conversation and who knows where you'd be today without me." Jake explained. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANADEdSQUd6KK
"I understand, you make a good point... Wait, the Lint's are all girls?!" James thought it was the same for both boys and girls. "Yes. James we gotta..." Jake was cut short by arguing in the arena. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAgv7lw3OOkk
They rushed in to see Raven, Mas and Jared, brawling with five other boys. Unfortunately the commotion got the attention of the authorities. Who broke them up, cuffing them all and led them out of the school to the court house for immediate sentencing. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANASybVBN2L8m
"You boys are tried for fighting on school grounds, now I know it was in the arena where you train, I assumed it could have been a miss understanding and I was ready to dismiss this sentencing but I was assured that it had nothing to do with training, that in fact your trainers were busy dismissing the weak links in your class before proceeding with your next leassons, now you boys know the punishment is to be sent to the Foundry to be Lints, now not many boys are but unfortunately that is your fate, you will receive your tracker chip and go home, you can take one personal item and say your goodbyes and enjoy your mothers last meal, not many get this privilege but you are all upperclassmen, its ashame you could not act like the gentlemen you were privileged to be. A guard will come for you and escort you to the med check in the morning, than you will be placed..." 
76Please respect copyright.PENANApL0DDRxRXh
A young girl burst through the doors. "Tilly go home!" Her older brother snapped. "No Jimmy, sir you can't take him, you already took one of my brothers to go to war and he died! I can't live with the death of another, it would kill my parents." The girl pleaded. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANACdMJzjNo78
"Out spoken girl who do you think you are speaking to me like this?! For your age I will give you a chance, silence yourself or become the youngest Lint in history... Boy talk some sence into your sister." The judge ordered. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAI0GTViGY4P
Jimmy was separated by an iron cage that he along with the other boys were placed in, its so criminals can't try and run it also makes it impossible for rogues to try and free the accused. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAltAm7edF5a
"Tilly go home you heard what Jake said you have a future, now go comfort mom and dad let them know I am still well and will always love them." He reached through the bars to pull his sister into a hugg and kissed his sister on the head. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAXHoKrX3elb
"No! If he goes I go!" She said boldly as she gripped her brothers hand so tight that both their knuckles turned white. The judge was shocked yet also saddened that such a young girl with potential was now sealing her fate. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAm3c3X8lE7p
"Tilly your fate is as your brother's, Jimmy you explain what I said before her interruption, I will make sure you will stay together, its the least I can do... Jimmy you know boy Lint's can work up in rank, you do good she will get your privileges but she is your responsibility, she messes up, you mess up, got it." The judge explained before he dismissed them. The judge himself was young, not much older than Jake.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAtsT3O1h2Gn
They were led down a hall with flickering lights, there were others beyond the doors that lined the hall. They could hear their cries and screams it sounded like something out of a horror movie, the smells alone coming from beyond the doors would make you not linger long. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAcD5AnwyrKT
"They did not get your privilege, they were beatened and tortured than chipped, they will be sent the same day as you but the last time they saw their families was when they sent them off before they committed the crimes that put them in there. I believe a few took the place for another, its a shame but also hopeful for our humanity." Their young so called tour guide explained. "You know I was a Lint but I worked my way up to be here." He smirked.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAD6XP9VYvz5
He stopped at an opened door, inside were chairs that lined the room with restraints. "Please take a seat." The boy said, he than proceeded to put the restrains on one by one. 
76Please respect copyright.PENANAV3xP7mQpow
"What's with the restraints?" Jared asked. "This one year a chipper was killed and they took his young apprentice hostage during their chipping, lucky for them they escaped with the boy, no one knows if the boy survived but after that they sealed up the window and installed these chairs." The boy explained with tears in his eyes as if somehow he was tied to that day.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAMBaScxoKZ8
The chipping process was not easy it was painful, the worse you would ever and never want to feel, the medical nurse came in and wrapped their wrist even around the hand to prevent motion so not to worsen the effected area. Not one of them had dry eyes they all cried in pain, they gave them an injection of morphine to ease the pain, they were instructed to take something for the pain before bed but not to do anything in the morning because the Doctor will take care of that at their med check.
76Please respect copyright.PENANAECfCspxqV7
When the boys entered their home both mother's and Rose were sobbing in the living room, Noah was comforting them. "I can't believe you guys are seriously wearing black, you know we're not really dead..." "Raven can't you for once not be a smart mouth!" His Mother snapped as she slapped his cheek, when she realized what she did she grabbed him and pulled him close, they never spanked the boys, as for black well that was all part of the rules when someone dies or is sent to the foundry, every citizen has to wear black. "It's okay I know you didn't mean it mom." Raven sobbed and hugged back."
76Please respect copyright.PENANAwQb4FiqwHP
What happened?" Noah asked. "Some boys started picking on Jimmy about his sister who was better than him in gym, one thing led to another and the authorities heard and broke it up, Jimmy's sister burst into the court and is also going with us." Jared explained. "Why didn't Jake step in he could have said it was apart of the training why would he let his baby bro..." "Elexis enough, lets enjoy this last night with our boys. Think of Cole we need to keep him calm and not traumatize him the last night with his brothers." Noah interrupted.
76Please respect copyright.PENANA2urdmDLKoK

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