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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 6 (Capture/Rescue)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!FqpMCNUTiVcVpzra2MT9posted on PENANA
They loaded all those blindfolded into a wagon like cage pulled by two jet black Clydesdale horses. "Um Aussie I know the wagon is almost like a tank but wouldn't regular horses do fine, aren't they a little overkill?" Jake asked as Cole ran over to see the horses up close while they were being hitched up to the wagon. One of the guys overseeing the hook up scooped Cole up before he got to close. "Woe there Lad these horses are not your friendly sort, they are a product of the effects of the bio toxins." The strong young Irishman said as he walked in front of the horses with Cole in his arms so he could see.
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The horses looked normal but when they bore their teeth well that was something abnormal, almost demonic like. "What in all that is holy is wrong with them?!" Jake freaked and practically pulled the guy holding Cole away from them. "Somehow they became meat eaters, we don't know why.  
They are excellent war horses and protectors against the wild animals and creatures that are now amongst our planet." The same man responded.
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"Once they know your scent and once we get a chance to introduce you they won't be a danger but you still can't treat them like a normal horse... By the way names, Thomas." He introduced as he handed Cole over to Jake, as Oliver road over on his horse. "Hey kid if you want you can ride Rain with me." Oliver offered, Jake handed him over to the boy who looked no older than Jared.
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"Alright everyone one mount up, those we just saved you can ride on top of the wagon or inside your choice." Aussie ordered as all his men got on there horses and got into their positions. "Just so you know its a long ride so best choice would be inside or with a rider, also whatever happens do not leave your choice during the ride, ma'dam it would be best for you and your youngsters to ride inside." Aussie instructed. 
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"I'll take this boy if he would like to ride with me." Gabe pointed at Jared. Aussie knew this had to be his son. "Jake I have a horse for you, his name is Spirit." Gabe tossed the rains to Jake. Raven stood there arms folded and looked a bit disappointed. "Raven get over here you'll ride with me." Jake laugh as he hoisted the boy on the horse. 
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"You three, there is room up front with me." The young driver offered to Jimmy, Mas and Tilly, as for the other five that got them into trouble go sit on top of the cage wagon.
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"Than you boys can be look outs, Simon will explain to you what to kill and what not to kill." Aussie said as he tossed them each riffles. "Wait Aussie I don't think its best to give those boys fire power." Jake was concerned, these boys always started trouble, always fighting and now they have guns, not to mention this is the first time they ever saw guns as far as Jake knew. "Don't worry teach we know how to shoot." Jerry assured as he took aim on a rock and shot it. "Wow that was like four hundred yards away! Aussie I think we found another sniper." Simon who watched with his binoculars. 
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Aussie's eyes narrowed. "Never do that again, you don't think I already knew you could shoot!? For all you knew you could have spooked the horses and now also gave the other beasts our location!" Aussie hollared as he yanked the boy off the wagon and slamming him to the ground. "Smith give this boy a horse he's taking point. Anything coming will get the show off first, Smith keep an eye on this punk... Jake don't comment I'm in charge now you follow my orders got it." Aussie snapped before Jake could say something about practically making Jerry bait.
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The group moved out heading to a vacant paved highway maybe even a bridge Jake wasn't sure what to make of it, they traveled the lower level, it was dim as the sun filtered through the sides and holes on the upper level. "What is this, a bridge I never saw one like it before?" James asked Aussie as he brought his horse to a trot next to Aussie. "The sign at our entrance says the George Washington bridge, must have been used before the war by vehicles, it was covered with them took us months to remove bodies and put them in the mass grave at each end and than little by little we used parts of vehicles to make wagons and alter weapons and armor." Aussie explained. "Wait your talking like you've been here since the beginning but you were at the camp when I was a kid?!" Jake pointed out. "About that, I was sent to infiltrate that camp get info and bring it back so we could train our warriors properly." Aussie explained.
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As they neared the exit another group was coming through on the otherside. "Aussie can you give a few of your guys to help with the hunt?" Neil asked. "Sorry Neil we got a big haul, I need everyone, to help get them detagged, cleaned, briefed and settled." Aussie explained.
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