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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 1 (Bio-War)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!qwHDgeC3dQ0jmswuCvtFposted on PENANA
The worse wasn't over, about five years later biochemical warfare started, a lot of people were infected. 
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Some died immediately after being infected, others lived with deformities, some deformities you could see and others were internal but even they were exterminated... yes you read that correctly, they were called to the med tents or visited by a med technician and given an injection that they were told was to help them but it in fact killed them slowly. Not all the med professionals agreed to this but those who did were cold and cared nothing for the families feelings that survived, others complied just so they and their families wouldn't be considered a problem and be false diagnosed and than injected.
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It terrified Claire when their bell rang. "Shannon?!... None of us are!.." 
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"Claire it's okay I just came to check on the boys and I want to make sure none of you are having laten effects and... I need a favor." Shannon coughed as tears formed. "Anything... Shannon, your..." Claire could tell Shannon was infected. "Yes don't worry it's not contagious, its actually the effects of the drug... I need you to take my son, here are his papers it states he is a Dawson, the son of Noah and Claire its all official no one will question it. Now once I give you all a clean bill of health go to the train, they are moving this area to the new city where you'll live like Kings and Queens, I put you as my heir Claire, my doctor benifits and the fact I died here in the field... well let's just say is excellent for you. Just make sure Lang becomes a doctor or something he likes as long as it keeps him in high standing." Shannon explained. 
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She went on checking everyone, everyone checked out healthy except Gabe. "This can't... He can't... I need him don't you dare inject him!" Elexis snapped and was ready to attack but Noah held her back. "Calm down your infant needs you to stay calm... Gabriel you were in the medical field before you tried to flee with your family, right. I want you to go to the bomb shelter I will join you soon, maybe we can find a cure." Shannon explained. "But you said..." "Its just a flu shot I gave myself and a few others in the other blocks, they'll think the least will eventually die, while they evacuate the healthy and wealthy or that were able to get enough together to make the list after the lottery. Those I tried to prolong will be in the shelter as well, they are going to blow this area but we in the shelter should make it. I put supplies needed for us in there." Shannon explained. 
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Elexis hugged and kissed her husband goodbye, Gabe scooped up and hugged his son for the last time along with his nephew. Noah hugged his baby brother. 
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"I can't believe I'm leaving you a second time." Noah sobbed as he hugged Gabe. "Your not, I'm leaving you this time. Now take care of my family never let them think I'm dead, because I'm going to find all of you this time." Gabe smirked at his older brother who he reconnected with only to have to let go of him again, along with his family. 
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"I won't, I'll tell them how you chose to stay behind to help find a cure and one day we'll all be together again." Noah said with one last hug. Claire also gave him a hug. "You take care of yourself and promise me we'll see each other again." She whispered in his ear. "Don't make me promise something I can't control, but if its God's Will we will see each other someday." Gabe kissed Claire on the cheek.
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It was total chaos at the station kids crying for their parents they either got separated from or just lost to the injection. They pilled everyone into the train like cattle, blocks 20 to 100. Lang screamed for his mom but none listened to his cry they were all busy morning their loved ones loss. Noah held and comforted the seven year old the best he could. 
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"Its okay she wanted you to come with us so you can stay safe and healthy." Noah told him as he stroked his back. The boy leaned back and looked up at Noah than at Claire. "I know mommy told me, your my mommy and daddy now and Justin is my brother." The boy said as tears filled his eyes once more. Noah too teared but squeezed the boy before he could see. "Yes Lang you are my son and I will always love you as my own."
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The train ride felt like days in the dark cramped car with no seats, once they arived at the city gates they were assalted by the bright sunlight, as they exited the train they were ussured into a huge chamber, women were sperated from the men and the children were also seperated from the adults. 
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"Place your clothes here, they are of no use to you anymore, you will be fitted with a new outfit for today, place personel belongings here so we can decontaminate them if possible." A male or female guard said in each area of the decontamination center. 
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"You need to remove your gold tags sir... Ladies... Boys." Each of the Dawson's were told in their designated area. 
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"Please let us keep it on, it can be washed, we don't want to lose them, its the last thing we got from my daddy, besides our parents have one too so they can identify us." Jake insisted, the young man appointed to help Justin sighed. "Its metal, it'll get clean in the shower." He said to the young gaurd as he led the boys to a group stall where he could make sure all three boys properly cleansed. 
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Neither of the Dawson's had to remove their necklace, they told their gaurd the same as the boys and because it was metal it was allowed, from that point on they didn't bother anyone unless the jewelry was made of something other than metal. 
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They were than led into stalls that had shower like heads. An announcer spoke over the loud speaker while a towel giver stood at the end handing the soaps in the order anounced. "When the water turns on, use this for your hair, than this for your face and last this for your body. Towels will be provided once your water turns off, if you feel you did not have enough time to rinse completely alert your towel giver and you can stand back for a quick rinse before the next group is brought in." Instructions were given as people stood exposed in front of the clothed towel givers. Children who were too young to clean themselves properly were helped.
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Once they were clothed they were led to a waiting area, there they waited till loved ones or children were ready... If they were a single young adult or elder they were sent to the apartments immediately, if they were orphans they were chipped placed onto another train and sent to an adjointed city where they will be tested immediately for placements within the city, if they were infants they were chipped and placed in the infant store where wealthy barrens can buy a baby, yes buy a baby to raise as a proper person. 
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Not everyone was chipped they were fitted with bracelets that contained a chip. Eventually they plan to chip everyone but they did not want to start a panick because it implied the bible saying about receiving the mark.
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They had a children's waiting area for those who were waiting on their parents, they moved through faster than the adults, because they had an aid, every child was fitted with a chipped bracelet that matched their parents as they borded the train before coming to the city so no one could try and claim another's or try and claim an orphan, sure some had the rights, they might have gotten separated durning the chaos at the station but that took weeks to months to convince the Court's, by than the child if they were of age to be tested for placement was already placed within their group and would never have contact again with anyone who claimed to be their guardian.
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The chaos of it all overwhelmed Elexis and Claire, they were concerned about their boys, they were relieved when their escort led them to the glass room where children of all ages played on big indoor playground sets. They were advised to sit on the bench within the room to wait for their husbands. It pained Elexis because Jake was it and the baby she was secretly keeping because there was a rumour births were being terminated if they were conceived before or during the bio chemical outside the city, just to insure that there was no recontamination. "Miss what of... Oh I see never mind follow me." They were escorted to a trolley that would than take them home.
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They were last to get off, the trolley, it stopped at the biggest most beautiful marble mansion, where an instructor was waiting with the access pad, he scanned each of their bracelet programing them to the house's master system. 
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"You will have access to everything within your home, you parents will find a manuel on how to child proof for the youngsters or if you have another later on. Inside you will also find a book with the new rules, in about a few years the boys will be ready for testings to see where they'll be placed within the city limits, if they pass with high scores they may be trained to be leaders, fathers or gaurds, depending on their guard rank they can still have a family, than there are those who will become breeders not the best but still okay, they are still treated as part of the community, there are farmers that's for those who are good with agriculture and farm animal, now the foundry workers they'll be placed as outcasts and they are never to be spoken of again, they will be like the dead to us, they may run earands within the city but you as family are not to have contact with them. I know that would be hard but that is the worse case and that is normally the placement for missfits or girls who are unsutable for marriage and/or breeding not so much for boys." Their arrogant instructor explained before he left.
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"Claire don't worry yourself about that the boys are only children they have years before we need to worry about that." Noah assured his wife. "Actually it states here that testing starts at age nine, Jake and Lang are both seven and the boys should have started classes at age two, they can even take them at a younger age if they are excelling pass their peers." Elexis said. "What?! That's insane..." Noah exclaimed as he took over reading the book. "Its worse, says here all of us in the high level have a spending cap and if we don't use it we actually get a mark against our kids that will effect their scores and if their girls their suiters might over look them, becoming wives seems to be the only option, than breeding, if they have a higher score than a boy in any other level they might get to achieve what they excel in but in most cases the foundry is the main option for them. 
They're barbarians, women's rites are no more, heck women are consider nothing except for making babies and keeping a man happy, heck even human rites are just as bad, if we are not proper people we get treated like dogs, says here if you don't meet your spending cap and your on the low income you could be banished like an infected, your family will be shamed, meaning the kids will most likely end up in the foundry. Who made up these ridiculous rules, we would have had a better chance staying with Gabe than living in this palace like prison!" Noah was enraged. 
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"Noah you need to calm yourself, if we stayed with them we don't know how Elexis' birth would have gone not to mention what dangers we'd be exposed to once the shelter of the tents and gaurds were no more, plus we would have taken how many others places in the bomb shelter to be safe from the explosion. No this is best, we can make do, like Shannon said we'll live like royalty, I know it could be just as difficult with these unheard of rules, but if we raise the boys to understand the correct and this now incorrect way of living we might still raise proper strong children who could one day break free or change things." Claire tried to calm Noah while Elexis read through more. 
84Please respect copyright.PENANAj9m1AYcFEa
"It gets worse, religion in all fashion is forbidden that includes articles like clothing, jewelry and books that refer to a religion will be burned in the square, on the day you arrive they will do a home inspection... Noah what if they figure out the dog tag Bibles?!" Elexis exclaimed as she clung to her's for fear of loosing it. "They will not, only those who own them know, other's will see it as name tags and that's what we will let them think, now it pains me but I don't want you to hide one thing, if they see it fit for burning allow it, I don't want to draw any attention and make them want to take the dog tags just because they want to be spiteful." Noah instructed. 
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Sure enough as the rule book said, gaurds came to search the home for anything not approved of. 
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"Do either of you keep a journal or diary?" A young gaurd barely in his teens asked. "No we never had the luxury." Claire responded. "Oh I see, some had them before going to the camps so I had to make sure. Here this is for the book pub, they have books they saw approved and notebooks, you know after today it will never matter what you write as long as it stays privet, as for the books they approved, well if you ask me they don't know what is religious or not, it's impossible to eliminate it all and keep classics." The young gaurd winked, Claire got a glimpse of his chain. He noticed and nodded assuring it was the same as her's.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAkeaHfLGrqk
Once alone Claire told her husband. "I think there are those like us here, that young boy gave me this, its for pilgrims progress, also he had a dog tag just like ours." Clair said as she handed the note to her husband. 
84Please respect copyright.PENANACqilRyKR0H
"In the morning we'll go check out this glorified... Or well... City." Noah wanted to say prison again, but Claire gave a warning look, she didn't want the boys to repeat what their father was saying.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAEth64KOiyJ
The next day they prepared to take their self guided tour of the city. "A baby store?" Elexis questioned as they stopped in front of the big window set up like a hospital nursery. "I'm going to take a look you two take the boys to the book pub." Elexis said as she entered Noah was about to protest but Claire hushed him.
"Welcome Mrs Dawson." A young female nurse no older than twelve said as she approached with her tablet in hand. She noticed the questioning look on Elexis's face. "The bracelet its synchronized with the mother system it alerts us of those who come and go in all the buildings... So if I may ask what brings you in today, its noted here you have a child your husband... Oh sorry, and you live with your brother in-law his wife and two other children, granted I think have siblings are the best for raising a healthy child and you have a good support system but they don't always approve." The girl explained.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAjSXuzcffDF
"Sweetheart i'm just here to well get a better understanding what a baby store was." Elexis explained. "I know I hate the name too it sounds like a pet shop, well just like any store you can browse if you see a child you'd like to hold you may do so just be gental which I know you already knew that being a mom and all. My name is Sally if you need any help." 
Elexis browsed around from newborn wing to toddler all color coded for boys and girls but what sickened her more was the fatal wing there toddlers to infants that were sick or not growing mentally or just seemed to be slower than most at their age were going to be well you know.
"Mam, if you want you can adopt these children also but you have to keep in mind they will always be under your care and can not go to scoop like the other children, between us there is a plus these children get a special pardon if they are luck enough to be adopted they will not be subjected to our labor law." A young male nurse no older than twenty told her. As she roamed through the over crowded room of multiple infant to toddler stages she was saddened by the thought that  most if not all were going to be terminated. "Miss don't worry they will be better off than all of us." He said as he squeezed a note in her hand.
'Their is a rescue for them'
Before Elexis left that wing she spotted a little red headed girl no more than four years old. "What's your name?" Elexis knelted down in front of the beautiful child. "Rose, Mick calks me that." The little girl had a hint of an Irish accent, her eyes were emerald green. "She us a precious one her only problem is ironically the accent." The young male nurse said as he sat next to the child. Elexis assumed he was Mick. "Mick, what do I have to do to take her home?" Elexis asked with the biggest grin the two were just as pleased. "I'll go get her file all these adoptions get approved by me and me alone." Mick ran excitedly to his office and was back in no time. "Its all here, it states that you and your family are legal guardians of Rose Dawson, and that she is pardon from all labor laws and hard legal laws, meaning if she did something not approved she would only get house arrest, and one special thing I added she can be fit to be with her peers if she so chooses or you and she can have the option to go through placement if she wants or marriage ceremony but keep in mind that's at a young age but she can wait for the eighteen year old group but no older. Oh also no mater what she will never loose connection with her family due to her so called handicap." Mick handed Elexis Rose's file and sent her the e-file that gets sent to everyone one within the city. 
"Oh just so you know there will be a celebration held for your family because of Rose's adoption from this point on this will be her birthday. The celebration will be held tomorrow night at the presidential home there you'll meet our city Council and his family." Mick explained "you'll get an e-vite later today, I can't wait to see you in your party dress Rose." Mick smiled and gave her a big hug before sending them off.
As they walked to the exit all the nurses applauded and some hugged them. "I knew you wouldn't leave empty handed Mrs. Dawson. The rest of your family are waiting for you in the family room. I think their a little concerned." Sally said as she handed Rose a big birthday bag, filled with dolls and dresses. "There's a dress you might like to wear to your party tomorrow unless your new mommy finds an even prettier dress." Sally said as she squeezed the child.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAAf5SBXqlOq
Noah and Clarie were ready to scrolled Elexis for buying a child but as soon as they saw the beautiful redheaded girl and that she was poorly dressed than the others they figured there was a good reason behind this.
84Please respect copyright.PENANA3sTkyY5ngD
Elexis explained everything to them after they got the children settled in their rooms. The next night they all had a blast at the party all the nurses where there but most importantly Mick he was almost like a big brother or father figure to Rose they had a close bond. By the time they got all her gifts settled in her room it was as if she been there with them from the start.
84Please respect copyright.PENANA6Aw345gjlU
It took about two weeks for their tutor to be assigned to help get the boys ready for their first day. "Hello Dawson's I apologize for the late start but fear not I will have your boys caught up in no time, I can also help with young Rose if you like and I can also help you adults get an understanding of our new world... um miss... Elexis have you been seen by the birthing doctor yet." The young tutor smirked. 
84Please respect copyright.PENANAZVa4NL1e6Q
"I... I just thought I put on a little weight it didn't feel the same...." "No need for excuses, I understand your concerned about the baby being affected and terminated, from what I've heard 99% are born healthy as long as both parents or at least one is healthy, it helps for them to be immuned if at least one was effected and if conceiving was after the infection and from what I see your in the clear, mothers with effected babies start becoming ill themselves within the first eight weeks. Come I'll take you and the boys can come too do you want Rose to join, maybe do a wellness check up... I hear Lang is to be in the medical field maybe the other two as well will take an interest. Trust me its the best because they will still be allowed to visit their families but most other placements sever all family ties. But don't give your hopes up that rule could change." The young toutor who looked no more than fifteen instructed, he too had a dog tag. Elexis noticed and he saw her looking at it. 
84Please respect copyright.PENANAF9jyuSwzfN
"One day I found this in my locker with a note, I don't know who gave it to me but I'm glad they did, this little bible got me through a lot, it still amaizes me how this little thing can turn into a full sized bible, I can't figure out what the metal is but it's cool I mean... Oh well, just don't let anyone I used  slang." The boy smirked. "By the way names, Markus." He finally introduced. 
84Please respect copyright.PENANAdmoJqtPGNb
The hospital was so pristine, clean, sleek, white and bright, the sounds of classical music like Mozart and all those other instrumental music played softly, every one wore white uniforms to pastal colors that showed their ranking.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAAM6KRUwS9D
"Good day Mrs. Dawson are we hear for Rose's wellness check up?" A young male doctor asked as he gave Rose a rose lollipop. "That's beautiful where did get such a candy? And yes plus I too need a check up a prenatal one." Elexis was nervous to even mention the possibility of being pregnant to a doctor who probably has orders to terminate pregnancies that started out beyond the new city. But to her surprise the doctor was beaming with joy. "I thought I'd have to wait long for a mother to come, I know its not comforting to hear your going to be my first but I assure you that you're both in good hands plus we do have stand by elders if we have any complications. Okay let's get miss Rose up to date and than the new mommy, oh the lollipop is actually a family recipe my grandmother has a shop near that baby store plus some are sold in the gift shop but since I did miss somebody's celebration I have something special in my room." The Yong doctor winked Rose was over joyed.
84Please respect copyright.PENANAJON2mhUTR9
Meanwhile Markus was giving the boys a tour of the facility. "This is the sleeping wing here is where you would go after schooling and other tasks are done this would be your new home."
84Please respect copyright.PENANAH5w5OXzEDm
In the young doctor office perfectly healthy Rose played and admired her new gifts from the Doctor's family." My parents and grandmother always wanted a girl but never happened so when they heard about Rose well they went crazy sure they were at the celebration but this was a few things they didn't think was the best, they were for me to hand out to other girls maybe boys that come but since Rose is hear first I figured she should get the lot." He chuckled as he looked over at the girl with a pile of stuffed animals consuming her. "By the way name "Smith and I have just realized that's going to be a bit difficult to get home, I'll see if I can get some boxes and have this sent to your home." 
84Please respect copyright.PENANAPe8WZZQwSZ
Sure enough by the time they arrived home there were the boxes all wrapped like gifts again and to her amazement there was definitely more than there was when the left the doctor. "Looks like somebody is popular." Noah laughed as he watched Rose tare through the rapping like a wild animal. He handed the sealed envelope to Elexis. 'My apologies Mrs. Dawson,
As soon as you left my Grandmother visited when she heard Rose was still getting the gifts she got excited and insisted on getting her more practical gifts like clothing, hair products you know all the girly stuff and its all the best, also she would like to be her adopted Grandmother if you wouldn't mind, intact my whole family has asked to be apart of her life. 
Love Dr. Smith.'
84Please respect copyright.PENANA9BNWEady35
The next day Elexis went to the Smith's home to except their request. When the door was opened they were greated with squeels of joy. "It's so nice to see you girls please come in..." Anna got the tea pot and set it on the table. 
"I recently found out Rose is a relative, she belonged to my mother's sister's children, they use to be so close I remember going to Ireland when I was small it was beautiful, their home was amazing not to mention the rose garden my aunt loved roses she said if she had a girl her name would be Rose, never did she have a girl but one day right before that horid war one of her hand kids wife had a baby girl, but they got separated, they stole infants from the hospital, when we got the memo of the celebration with her beautiful picture we knew it was her she looked just like my mom aunt and myself." Anna explained over their tea as Rose played with her little boy cousin. "Anna I am so sorry to hear that?" Elexis started to tear up not just for the story but for fear they might want to take Rose. Anna knew what Elexis might be concerned about. Anna chuckled. "Elexis don't even worry my hands are full with my lot, with this little guy, an infant up stairs not to mention the rest out at the park with their dad. No I would never think of asking you to give her to us." Anna assured with a chuckle. "All we want is to be family all of us including yours, oh speaking of yours well when it comes to spoiling my mother can go crazy and with the spend cap we have to uphold well let's just say your boys are going to get early birthday presents." Anna laughed.
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