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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 3 (To The Factory)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!6v4RB30JMLmYEHgc24CIposted on PENANA
Just as the judge said he sent a guard to retrieve the boys. Now he didn't send just any guard no, he sent Justin who like Jake hasn't been home since he was six, he is now twenty two. 
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When he walked up the steps of his home to the front door, no excitement of seeing his family stirred within his emotions, he didn't recite how he would aprouch his family, no he was on the job and he has no family. This was the crule joke of their leaders, distance the children, bring them up strong, hard men who could better lead their new world.
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"Justin!" Claire ran to him and hugged him, he just stood there ridgid with his arms at his side. "Cole come meet your oldest brother." Claire called to her youngest as she held onto Justin's shoulders examining how much he's grown. "Claire, let go of the boy." Noah solemnly said. "He's my son, not boy..." "Mrs. Dawson listen to your husband, considering the circumstances I will not report this behavior." Justin said as he gently removed her hands. 
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Cole ran in with excitement, Andrew scooped him up before he could do anything to get a mark on his record. "At least acknowledge the fact that this is you little brother, he asks about you all the time and couldn't wait to see you and now here you are." Claire pleeded as tears formed. 
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"I have no family except for my brothers in arm." Justin said boldly as the door bell rang. Cole squirmed out of Andrew's arms to answers it. "Its Jake and James." Cole squealed with joy. 
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Jake and James have been visiting alot because Cole was soon to be their student and they have been helping him get ready. 
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James scooped up the boy and carried him back to the tensioned filled room. Jake knew they never chose to give him up, he didn't want to admit it but he has been suppressing his emotions everytime he visited and seeing Justin and the sorrow on the boy's mother's face took a final toll. 
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"Claire can I talk to you." Jake took her with Elexis in toe to the living room. "I apologize for Justin, you have to understand we were conditioned that we have no one except those within our sect, in fact they told us you gave us up for the good of the cause. I of course knew that it was not true but Justin on the other hand was younger and it was easier for them to get him to believe the lie. Trust me if the boys would have passed their lessons they too would have been brainwashed, unless they were to become suitors. I know this is the worse thing they could do, having Justin come for them but you need to let him just do his job, its best for your family. Now I will be going into the foundries to reevaluate and make sure they can at least protect themselves if needed and look over the selling of stock... err... I mean... Well I don't know any other way to put it, yes there is a slight chance but I'll do my best to make sure it doesn't happen to them." Jake tried to explain. 
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Elexis was pleased to see her son standing there talking with great respect for his family it was as if her son came home, all she wanted to do was hug him but she refrained from doing so. Rose on the other hand could not refrain. "Big brother its good to see you, I wish I have been here when you been training Cole but other duties and tasks kept me from coming. This is Daniel and Andrew Jr we call him Hawkins." Rose giggled "I suggested Andy but after a few flight attempts from this little rascal Hawkins suited better for a sort of nickname." Andrew cut in. "I see your taking good care of my little sister, now let's see if I got this Hawkins is six now and Danny is five?" Jake said as he scooped up the giggling boys.
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"Mother..." He paused and smiled at her. "I still love you all and I will do my best to visit more not just for Cole's training, now that I have the right to do as I will within the laws, you see they say when we are of age we are alowed to reconnect with our family but most don't because they tell us how awful our family was and didn't want us and like Justin most don't recognize that it was a lie so they stick with being as orphans and create their own new life." Jake explained, he put a gentle hand on his mom's shoulder as he walked passed her and headed back out to the foyer, where Cole was talking like crazy with Justin. 
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"Are you like a Ninja? My friend at pre said all guards are ninjas?" Cole inquired as he looked at the cuffs Justin let him hold. "Not exactly but we are trained by ninjas when we excel to our next level of training." Justin said with a smile as he took back the cuffs. "I'm gonna be a ninja one day." Cole said with glee. 
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Before anyone could correct him Justin did. "You seem to have a nice family, if you become a ninja you'll never know or see them again, no I think you'll make a great suitor and dad with maybe some ninja training." Justin winked as he ruffled the Boy's hair.
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Justin reached for the boys' book bags but Jake assured he checked them already. Usually they need to make sure they didn't have any weapons or supplies for running away and trying to make it outside the wall, Jake was hoping they were smart enough to do so even if they didn't he'd figure out away to get them supplies if needed.
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"Wait no jewelry, you'll need to hand that over." Justin got a glimpse of the gold chains around each boys neck he put out his hand causing Raven to walk into the palm of his hand. "I forbid you to remove their dog tags, you yourself still have yours, can't you over look theirs." Noah pleaded yet scolded. 
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Justin narrowed his eyes, he wanted to scold the old man for being so forth coming with him. But Jake stepped in between breaking the death stare Justin was giving his dad. 
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"It's perfectly fine, I'll let the guard in charge at the foundry know it's so I can pick out my best pupils for training." Jake said as he put his hand on young Justin's shoulder. Justin let his anger fade and let his shoulders sag. 
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"Wait...!" Noah said as he grabbed hold of Raven and wrapped him for one last hug. Justin wanted to break up the love fest but Jake insisted to alow them one last alone good bye, he practically pushed Justin out the front door.
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"Raven, Mason and Jared, when you boys can, I want you to escape, get outside the wall, they have no jurisdiction out there, I know there are rebels and all sorts of those who won't think twice to kill you or sell you to another city but there are rumors of a group that aids in saving our Lints from the fate our city has for them. I want you boys to find that group, their leader's name is Gabriel, my heart is telling me its your father Jared, my brother, your uncle. If you get captured by his men show your dog tags and tell them who you are, only if its his men..." "How are we going to know and how do you know about this?" Raven cut in. Jake tapped on the door to alert them to wrap up their good bye. "You'll know by the dog tags, as for how I know doesn't matter.... Raven I'm going to get Cole sent with you..." Claire gasped and squeeze her baby boy close, before she could protest Noah explained quickly. "Because of this you know he is destined to be in very low rank, he'll be a breeder, a slave or worse sold, the only hope we have is if our boys are together out there." Noah assured. Just than James opened the door. "Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Dawson but the young officer is getting antsy and concerned about his safety if his leader finds out about the lengthy good byes he's allowing." James explained with pity in his eyes. Noah gave them each one last hug.
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It felt like hours till they reached the hospital for their final med check. It was Lang who was assigned to be their physician, another cruel joke from the courts, it was no mistake Justin was assigned to be their escort or Lang to be their physician. Tears filled Lang's eyes, as he did his usual checks for soon to be Lints. 
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"It's all over the news, your family has a huge mark against them now, rumor is Cole will be effected by it. I..." Lang was cut short by the screams of a small child pleading for his parents. "That's Cole!" Raven shoved passed his guards. Jake tried to stop him but the boy was too fast. 
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As soon as Cole saw him he broke free and ran into his brother's arms, the one who had Cole, rushed at them with the intent to hurt one of them if not both but James and Jake got in between them. 
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"What is the meaning of this what are you doing with this boy?" Jake ordered. "Look teacher this is of no concern of yours, now hand the boy over." The young officer ordered. "It is my concern, I rank over you boy, if you don't tell me your orders I'll have you locked up for not listening to your general." Jake insisted. "Sir... My orders are to send the boy to the industry, he is to become a Lint like his brothers, the court says this family blood is tainted, also this is for Justin, he has done enough to get himself to be put as a guard for the Lints, he no longer is allowed to step foot within the city walls, a house has been set up for him." The young officer explained as he gave Jake his papers. "Also sir, you are going to be his comanding officer along with your apprentice, there is a home for you, also all your belongings have been moved there for you three already." The young officer couldn't look him in the eyes.
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Jake, James and Justin were both taken by surprise as was Lang. "If I may ask what of the parents? And my sister." Lang asked. "They are protected by the inheritance your mother left them and you, the unfortunate thing, it doesn't protect the rest of you, as for your sister due to her past she has always been protected from the law but there is rumor her husband is taking his family on travel with you, he has family on the outskirts he is planing to visit." He said as he went to join the rest of the young guards that were awaiting for their Lints. That's when Raven saw her, the brown haired girl he loved since he was in kindergarten. It saddened him that she too is going to be a Lint all because she tried to stand up for her brother.
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