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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 10 (Training)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!khW8lvoACPQoeAh8KZ1Bposted on PENANA
Training here was much harder than at school, Raven, Mas, Tilly, Jimmy, Jared, Jerry and his boys were all exhausted but Raven wanted to check out Hawk's class hoping he could rank up and wouldn't have to train so hard anymore, he drug his brother and cousin along hoping they would be allowed to join.
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"Hold it, your badge doesn't clear you for this section at this time, either return to your training area or your quarters till dinner time." A young guard no older than James stopped them. "I have this badge too." Raven pulled out the other badge Hawk gave him. "I see... Sam must have insisted you stick with her group, but unfortunately they don't have... Tell you what the rest of you can go in as spectators since you originally came with the boy, if your lucky Hawkins will want you to join his training also." The young guard said as he let them in with a few tag alongs Raven didn't notice followed, personally he didn't mind Tilly his crush and her brother Jimmy, but Jerry and his guys he minded but chose not to say anything about it as Jerry and his boys shoved pass.
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"Thanks pal." Jerry said as he put his arm around Raven's shoulders and pulled him in a side hug. Jared pushed him off Raven, Jerry turned like he was about to react but chose better and walked over to the stacked tables and sat on them like bleachers with the rest of his boys.
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"Raven your with me, the rest of you can be paired up with the rest of my team... You boys no spectators, if you want to be here you have to train." Hawk instructed. Raven was right Hawk was an easier trainer, turns out they were all granted to leave the beginners class.
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Its been a good month and they are still on lock down and the kids were getting anxious.
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"That's it I can't take it! Who wants to go have fun?" Sam said as she paced their club House that was built far from the rest of the buildings. Jerry was also apart of the group too, still just as much as a bully but doesn't test the limits of the others who been there before them. 
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"Sam you heard Gabe we'll be treated as spies if we sneak out." The same young guard that gave them the okay even without the badge said as he entered. "Come on Sky I know you want to explore like the rest of us, besides maybe we can find something they missed. We leave after lights out, we'll meet at the stables." Sam instructed not even leaving them room for argument.
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After Jake made his rounds making sure everyone was settled and ready for bed the boys got ready to move. "I don't know if this is a good idea." Mas said as they all gathered on the balcony. "Are you kidding me, maybe you should stay here with your baby brother Dawson." Jerry sneered as he pushed him with one hand. Before an all out fight started alerting Jake, Jared stepped in front. "Don't even think about it Jerry, if you start a fight you'll get us all caught and we'll end up stuck here doing who knows what." Jared said.
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Jared took lead while Jerry was the one to make sure no one was following there small group to the stables. "Man you guys take long to get organized." Jack whispered as he ussured them in. "Where's Tilly and Jimmy?" Sam asked. "They chose to sit this one out." Jerry answered. As he saddled the horse Oliver brought to him. 
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"Raven here go get your horse we might need him if Night Walker's decide to come our way." Jonah said as he tossed Raven a set of keys. "Don't you think we would be better off not taking the horses?" Raven inquired as he toyed with the keys, he was concerned, this would be the first time he would be face to face with the horse without protection. 
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Jonah sighed. "Come on I'll help you, in fact we'll both ride Toothless... I raised him as a foal you know." Jonah said as they walked to the iron stall. "You see I found him in one of our traps, his mother was dead and he was to young to survive on his own. So I secretly raised him, one day he followed me into the grounds, they almost killed him but I convinced everyone he was safe but I was under strict orders never to go anywhere near the horse because they are not to be treated like the rest because they are quick to turn on you or so they say but toothless is a loyal horse heck he's my baby." Jonah laughed and explained as he got Toothless ready. 
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The horse was like any normal horse being reunited with it's owner the horse wouldn't stop nuzzling him like a puppy. "I don't get it. Why did they want to harm him, they have another one just like him?" Raven asked as he stroke the horses main. "They don't trust that horse either, they never try to interact with the other horse, they have its respect but it doesn't have our trust, well theirs that is, he has my trust." Jonah explained as he gave the other horse a mouse treat. "I've been trying to show him we are not all in fear of them." Jonah said as they led the horses out down to the ground. 
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Once on the trail Raven inquired more about the Night Walkers. "What are they exactly?" Raven asked. "Exactly?... We don't know, no one captured has returned to say and no one gets a close enough look at them without being captured." Jonah explained. 
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"My brother was taken by them. I was three at the time, hiding in a hallowed out tree, they never saw me." Miles said as he road up along side them. "Miles what are you doing here... Simon too?!" Jonah said shocked that one of the best warrior scouts were with them. "Hey we are just as young and annoyed with the lock down." Simon responded. "So did you see them?" Raven asked Miles. "Yeah they look like us but yet not, like I said, I was three so my witness is not the most accurate, a mind of a toddler wouldn't be able to comprehend anything that isn't normal." Miles explained. "Wait so their not quite human than?" Raven asked, his eyes were wide with fear because of just the glimpse of what he thought he saw the first night here. "I'm just saying I'm not the best to say." Miles was short and becoming uncomfortable with the questions.
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Raven, Simon and Jonah knew Miles knows more than he was saying but neither wanted to press the issue, the day Miles lost his older brother was the worst day of his life, a living nightmare in fact.
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