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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 9 (New Day)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!xzH1oEWY10soxsG3FyGEposted on PENANA
Raven was the first to wake, he didn't stick around and wait for orders or instructions, he took it upon himself to explore his new world, first stop the treehouse stables, he wanted to get a good look of the demon like horses. He saw a bucket of live mice near the entrance, figuring it was for those horses he took one as a treat for the horse he figures was the one that pulled the wagon. 
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All was peaceful, the horses were just waking, at first Raven assumed they must have him in another stable, the only horses that lined the stable were your typical normal everyday healthy horses, than he spotted it the stall made of iron bars barely wide enough for a small child to get his hands through. "They're not taking any chances with you are they." Raven chuckled to himself as he aproched the stall. 
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A bullet proof glass acted as a window that broke up the center of the bars, it was at the highth of a full grown man or tall nosey teenage boy. The horse's ears perked up, he even became agitated as he smelt Raven's scent nearing his stall, he began to scrape at the ground as a warning not to come any further, the sound was not like your typical horse hoof sound kinda hollow and tap shoe like, no it was more of a solid thud almost thunderous. You would think that alone would be a deterrent but Raven continued his approach, than the horse started snorting like a bull ready to charge, again Raven was not a bit alarmed, than suddenly the horse perked up for he smelt a familiar sent, his favorite treat, mice. "So this is for you." Raven chuckled as he spoke to the horse. He knelt down by the bars all the while the horse waited intently and watched as Raven ushered the little mouse through the bars. Raven watched as the horse spun around and pawed at the mouse as it tried to escape its fate, but the horse was cunning and swift he was actually letting the rodent think it will escape. 
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"Did I forget to mention how intelligent these horses are?" Thomas said from behind Raven who jumped at the sound of the man's strong Irish accent, "I didn't mean to frighten you lad, you know Toothless is going to be you faithful friend now." Thomas chuckled. "Wait Toothless?!" Raven was surprised by the odd name for a very toothy and not to mention sharp teeth that horse has. "Ah, that's right, you probably never even seen it..." "Seen what?!" "Many years ago a cartoon came out called How to Train your Dragon, one of the Dragons in particular was call a Night Fury which is what we call these horses, anyhow everyone feared him but a boy got close earned its trust he called him Toothless on account he can retract its teeth and the boy didn't see them at first, in fact even these horses can do the same. I should tell Gabe to play that movie for you kids on movie night, granted our usual kids might groan about it. Now besides that what are you doing here risking your safety?" Thomas was sturn now. "I wanted to get a better look at him." Raven sheepishly said. "Well if any one asks I brought you in, now go to the cafeteria before you miss breakfast." Thomas shoved him out the stable doors.
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Kids were everywhere running across the rope bridges and ladders all heading to one place, the cafeteria. "Can't be any worse than school." Raven said to himself. "You best get moving or you'll be late." A young girl pulled at his arm tugging him in the same direction. Once inside he saw the fuss, it was over crowded. "You got to be kidding!" Raven yelled over the chatter of millions of kids. "Don't worry my gang always takes extra so we can skip the line, we always have more than enough." The girl said as she continued to pull him towards a table that sat on the balcony overlooking the arena below. "Guys make room for one more." The girl ordered. "Sam who's the lost puppy?" A boy who looked like the tuff guy of the group. "Jack what did I say about name calling, he's not a lost puppy..." "No he's fresh meat, I saw him sneak into the stables, he fed Toothless." A boy a bit younger than Jack but just as big said as he put Raven in a playful headlock before sitting next to him. "You fed Toothless?! By the way Jonah what were you doing at the stables?!" Sam was shocked Raven had the guts to do such a thing, she was also concerned about her friend only the stable hands and warriors had clearance to enter the stables. "Yeah, by the way I'm Raven not fresh meat or lost puppy." Raven snapped. "Okay geesh don't get your panties in a bunch, we're just raging on you. So Raven we saw you come in with the rescue squad, did you have any friends or family come in with you?" Jonah asked. "Yeah my cousins and brothers, along with school friends and school bullies." Raven answers as he filled his plate.
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Everyone became quiet once someone blew a Shofar, it was an unusual sound for Raven and those who came in with them last night. "You look like you saw a ghost." Jonah whispered at Raven. "What was that sound?!" Raven whispered back. "That was just a Shofar, they used them in biblical times, oh that's rite you probly still have no clue." Jonah remembered that Raven came from the city where all religion was abolished. "No I know, I have a bible." Raven said as he pulled out his gold dog tag. "No way he's one of us already!" Oliver was surprised that someone from the city carried the dog tag bible. "How did your family smuggle that in..." 
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"The same way I did." James said as he playfully slapped Jonah on the back. 'He seemed to already be fitting in like he's always been here.' Raven pondered to himself. 
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"Yes Raven this in fact is my home, I excelled in my spy skills so I got recruited to be a spy within the city, I was put with the street roamers, a family helped me find two adults that recently died that I could say were my parents, because I was a minor I became ward of the city and placed into training." James explained as if he could read Raven's thoughts.
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"I have an important announcement... As you all know we have some new residents and prisoners. But we have in fact lost our prisoners last night as the night travelers came through our grounds, they also took a few of our guards that were posted outside the prison, we are sending scouts to search the prison grounds, until we can assure your safety no one other than those with the proper clearances are allowed out of the trees, I know most of you are thrilled because that means training is canceled..." Gabe waited till the kids were done cheering. "Well your wrong, as you all know we were adding on a new section, well I'm pleased to inform you its finished, can anyone guess what the section is for?" Gabe smiled proudly as he watched all those happy faces turn to frowns, the only ones that stood out were the new kids because they were clueless. "A new training room, now before you complain its not nearly large enough for everyone, so only our new recruits will train there with the trainers, the rest of you will train here and in our other larger rooms, so yeah training is not canceled." Gabe laughed as he watched all the teens slump in their seats. "Now as you leave you will be given badges, these badges assign you to your room and group there you will also continue your lessons, do not think because of the unfortunate events that you have an easy chance to ditch or sneek out, we are going to be more vigilant and you will be punished as if you were a spy for the night traveler or for the city." Gabe instructed.
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As everyone filed out each exit they were given colored badges, these badges that matched the color of the flag on the assigned treehouse buildings. "Oh come on Hawk don't split up my team along with our newest member." Sam pleaded. "Look Sam I don't make the rules, you and a few of your friends are in the advance classes, but I have no choice for the newbe he has to go to the beginner classes." Hawk instructed as he kept giving out the badges. "Don't give me that, I know you have pull, your one of the trainers and you know you can't split up my team." Sam insisted. Hawk quickly took the others badges except Raven's and gave them the same as Sam. "That's the best I can do Samantha, he has to take the beginners course, here you will be done before us this will allow you to come join us after." Hawk said as he gave Raven an extra badge. "Tell you what if you come after your lessons with Miles, and you can keep up with Sam's weakest member than I will see if Gabe will allow you to advance." Hawk offered.
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