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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Aug 2, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!p4GfZhQBPp7xoands78Jposted on PENANA
Twenty years ago, war covered the entire earth from land to sea. There was no place safe from the war. 
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As if war wasn't enough, looters attacked store owners and residence, crime was ramped and there was no police to enforce the law or to protect the innocent. The world was at the end of times, at least that's what most thought...
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Meanwhile, at a local yet secluded hospital mothers were giving birth to healthy beautiful babies. What should have been a joyous moment was infact a gravely sad time. 
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News played in every room, on every TV or radio, there were rumors that a rouge army like group was headed and seen in the area near the hospital. 
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While Noah's wife rested he took that time to ready his pickup with whatever supplies needed to go live at his family's cabin. 
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"Claire it's time." Noah gently woke his young bride. "Noah it's still dark out." Claire said as she strolled over to the window to peer out. Just than a young doctor rushed at her. "Miss you need to get away from the window, those on the upper level saw lights and movements in the forest... I need to give you one last checkup. I already gave your son his booster shot, it's a special kind, he will not need any more from this point. I also made this care package and your husband's truck has been supplied with all you'll need to take care of your baby and yourselves." The young doctor with an Australian accent instructed as he performed the needed test to be certain she was ready to be released. 
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'He's so young looking, he must be a doctor's apprentice.' Noah thought to himself.
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"How are you able to give us all those supplies. What of the other families?" Noah inquired as he peeked out the side window where his truck was parked and being loaded. He noticed the lot was still full, yet some vehicles were missing. 
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The young doctor finished up with Claire and took Noah into the hall while Claire dressed. 
"Some fled last night, while your wife was in labor, others... well they...." "What is it!?" Noah took hold of his shoulders and practically shook him. Tears rolled down the young doctors cheeks. "We've been understaffed... we couldn't watch everyone... I don't now how but they killed themselves and their children... They're all missing." The doctor sobbed. 
He took Noah to the room where the bodies were locked in. Noah peered into the window. Once he saw the bodies, Noah jumped back and grabbed the young doctor's arm. 
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"Those are not suicides! Those are chemical bruns! Were they in there before they died!?" Noah inquired loudly. He was growing concern. He even began to ponder if he saw this young doctor at any point last night.
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"Look you need to stop asking questions and get your family out of here." The Doctor urged. Just than Noah noticed the blood stain on the young man's white coat. "Consider this your moment of freedom. Now please go before its to late."
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Noah told none of this to Claire, he just rushed her out of the building. "Wait there's no car seat." Claire pointed out. "I had no time, he'll be fine in the bassinet." Claire glared at him but didn't protest she could tell something was wrong and they need to get moving. 
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As they rounded the bend heading down the hill towards another road they heard an explosion. Neither of them looked back nor said but they knew what had just blown up. Just silent tears streaked down their cheeks.
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Noah wondered if he would ever see that young man again. He half wished he'd insist on him joining them but than yet all those innocent people. 'Did he kill them? And what of the missing children?'
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"Noah are you certain we'll be safe at your grandfather's hunting lodge?" Claire inquired as she clung to her new born son. "Yes, my dear. No one else knows about it. My grandpa always kept it a family secret, he knew one day the world would be in chaos and that we would need a safe haven. He also had it stocked with supplies that could out last a nuclear war." Noah chuckled to himself at the past jokes about how paranoid his grandfather was. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAY5cYoitw7l
They were half way there when they hit a road block. Noah slammed on the breaks and placed his arm acrossed his young wife and baby to protect them from the impact of hitting the car in front. Luckily they stopped inches from the cars bumper.
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"That was a close one! Are you two, oh, and infant okay?" The young gentleman from the almost hit car inquired. "Yeah we're fine, what's going on?" Noah asked as he stepped out of the truck to talk. "They have a camp set up here for those trying to seek refuge from the hostilities in the cities and towns by looters who formed their own military like group." The young man answered. 

"How is this safe. Won't they eventually attack here too?" Noah asked. "No it's part of some treaty agreement. This area is off limits, plus they seem ready to attack if needed. But I to am concerned.118Please respect copyright.PENANAnDTnljtCWL
copyright protection114PENANAz2b0InLTA6

I was on my way to my grandpa's cabin but now it's no use. They won't let us venture around, if you try you'll be shot on sight. See that car off the road and that mother clinging to her children, well her husband tried to go around the barricade. They snipper shot him, luckily the rest of his family walked away without a scratch but unfortunately the emotional scarring they'll have. Plus now they are blocking us in here, look." The young man pointed to the humvies towards the back of the line blocking them in. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAXUQaSfslLz
"By the way names Gabriel but you can call me Gabe." Gabe introduced. "Wait your not little Gabby Tabby?!" Noah giggled. Gabe sighed "No ones called me that since I was six. Do I know you?" Gabe asked with a questioning look. 
"I left home when I was sixteen. Mom and dad never showed you the family photos?" Noah asked solemnly. "Nah. They said the photos were destroyed in some fire that I don't remember ever happening. So why did you leave?" Gabe inquired as they sat on the hill next to the road. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAHnH4Cq32WJ
"They tried to control what I could believe in. I wanted to believe in a Savior but they said we were not the religious type, even after many attempts to explain its not religion but they kept their minds shut to the idea. It was after I was teaching you some things I learned, that they became angry and insisted I stop. Dad even beated me up for arguing back. I was still a minor of sixteen so they sent me away to a boarding school so couldn't influence you anymore. I tried to write you but I guess you never got the letters. When I turned eighteen I tried to come see you but they moved without telling me." Noah said. Tears formed in his eys, while thinking of his past. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANARjmLHH4bk1
Gabe started laughing. Noah was taken by surprise of the laughter, before he could comment Gabe explained. "Your not the only one. One day my wife, girlfriend at the time dragged me to her church, I was saved that night but I never told mom and dad. I could never figure why I never talked to them about it, maybe subconsciously I remember the fight you and dad had and didn't want the same happening to me. It wasn't till Elexis and I were married and out of the house that I told them. We were at a restaurant so they couldn't make a scene, plus we'd have witnesses (Gabe chuckled). They stood up and said, 'we have no son' and walked away. Never talked to them since... You know how they talk about planting seeds, well your seed grew." Gabe said as he hugged Noah. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAWhWNrO2UaO
Elexis and Jake, Gabe's two year old son along with Claire and her new born joined them on the hill. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAtRbbWNCZQy
"Noah. I want you to meet Jake your nephew. Elexis and I were lucky our first night." Gabe said as he picked up his giggling boy. "He's a handsome young man. Gabe this is Claire and your nephew Justin." Noah said as he took the squirming infant. "Oh Claire he's perfect." Elexis said as she looked at the babe.
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"I need you to return to your vehicles now. We're about to open the gate. You can inform them your relationship so your placed together within the camp." A young soldier said as he approached.
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"Noah, if you don't have anything important why don't you come with us so we don't get separated?" Gabe offered. "Sir. I can move the truck for you. I might even be able to get what you have in it to you, once your settled. Just go with your brother because I know you will get seperated." The soldier said. Noah handed him his keys and thanked him.
118Please respect copyright.PENANAlenwqjk2ja
They all piled into Gabe's car. It felt forever til they arrived at the gate. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAA2St7m2UUM
"ID's, passports, SScards, birth certificates, one or all please hand them over. After med check you'll get them back." A geeky looking young soldier with a clip board and basket said. "Excuse me but we didn't get a bith certificate. The hospital we were in was attacked." Claire said. Another Soldier came over. "Mam please come with me. Which one of you is responsible for her?" The new soldier said as he opened her door. "I am but I want our family to stay together." Noah said as he stepped out. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANA1utq0Xhlu2
"I'll tell you what, take what you can carry and you can all come with me. Did you give any of your Info papers to Guss?" The soldier asked. "Not yet." Gabe answered. "Good you can show it to your med check. Please get into the back of the humvi, the toddler and mother with infant can join me up front where its safer."
118Please respect copyright.PENANAQPgemHxHJR
Med check took days til they got to them. "You have no proof that this infant is actually yours?" A woman doctor asked as she checked the baby. "No, we barely made it out alive. They attacked the day after I gave birth. As we were leaving it was blown up." Claire explained as she stroked the infants head to keep him calm. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANARkTKN16PV1
"Okay. Usually we take infants without certificates but that tent is over crowded as it is. It so happened I was working the night you had this little guy. I was the uncalled doctor and I have his certificate. You need to keep this safe along with your infant, never leave your child alone with anyone you don't know. I heard some have been selling babies and their certificates. Personally I'm not sure how with all the soldiers but trust me if it dose happen you will never see him again and there is no laws if you find him and if they have a new proof that says he's theirs you'll be the one charged and trust me the charges lead to death. Times have changed and not for the good but for the worse." The doctor solemnly said as she led Claire out of the med tent into the dusty tent filled, crowd filled camp. The noise alone was unnerving, screaming parents who's babies were taken or worse, wives crying for husbands killed for trying to go beyond the fences and people just out and out fighting for who knows what and getting killed or beatened by the soldiers who tried to break it up. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANACXv6nw3ERy
"Claire!... Claire be careful if you need anything come to me, those other doctors will not treat you with respect, in fact your whole family should come see me. Now speaking of them do you know your tent number?" The Doctor asked "202020. But what dose that mean?" Claire asked. "Well your in luck I'm in 202019. Block 20 row 20 tent 19, so that makes you tent 20 you must have a big family. Or a nice soldier who brought you in. That area is reserved for the wealthy. Your tent will be like a normal house, with upper level rooms, kitchen, dinning, bath, even a living room. Not to mention, that area is gated off from all these people, with 24hr guards for our protection. By the way name's Shannon Dixon." Shannon introduced as she flagged down a jeep. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAGIoXWLEuso
"Mam." The soldier soluted. "Please escort Mrs. Dawson to her tent, she's on block 20 row 20 tent 20. Claire I'll see you latter. Don't worry the rest of your family will be told to go get settled, also it's best not to wait around here for others...." 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAlkIf4vgblc
"Claire!" Elexis ran up to her with Jake on her hip. "Is something wrong?!" Claire asked. "No I was just... I got lost." Elexis sobbed. "Go with her. I'll find your husbands. I saw them with you so  I know who they are. Don't worry Ladies the worse is over." Shannon assured. 
118Please respect copyright.PENANAcY9I4we8b6

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