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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 8 (The Creatures)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!46kjKRfpTLNftHOUwudMposted on PENANA
Once they were settled in the guest tree house which is big enough to house the cheaper by the dozen family time three, at least that's how Jake thought of it, he remembered watching the show on the old tablet his uncle had back at the camp when he was still just a boy before they moved to the city where his life was drastically changed. As I was saying before I rambled... Once the boys were each settled in there rooms Raven, Jared and Mason sat on their balcony looking down at the now empty grounds it was eirie not a soul was down there at least they thought.
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As they stood there taking in the night sights, when they here a hoot followed by another, soon that was all the heard all over the trees surrounding them with every hoot lights were turned out. Aussie came to Raven and Mas' room because they were the only two that didn't gather into the wreck room. Andrew, Jake, James, and Justin joined them. 
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"What's going on?" Jared asked. "Remember those creatures I mentioned, well they must have been sighted heading our way. We should get inside."Aussie said trying to remove Raven who just got a glimpse of light. "Trust me Raven you're not ready to see them." Aussie tried to convince them but neither of the boys listened. 
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Raven along with the others were so transfixed it was as if Aussie Thomas and Gabe were not even there. Than the worse, the light emerged with a being in a hooded black trench coat and many more followed as he took off the hood. He looked like any other human. Raven looked to Aussie for an explanation. He said nothing but point his chin to look back at the beings. That's when the lead being looked up showing his eyes that glowed like fire. Raven was terrified even though Aussie assured them that they can not be seen. The being seemed to lock eyes with Raven who could not look away. A smirk graced his face. "I smell fear, what a lovely scent." The being hissed but to Raven's surprise only Mason, Justin, Jared and James heard it, it was as if the being was standing right there next to them and not on the ground below.
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Once the creatures were gone the boys talked about it after Jake and the older ones left. "That was the creepiest thing I've ever seen, trust me I seen some freakish stuff that the city was experimenting on." Justin cringed at the thought.
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"You guys know not all of them are like that, there are normal kids like us that were kinda enslaved and brainwashed to be their followers." Simon said he happened to be walking pass the room when he heard them talking about the creatures.
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"How did they get them, the kids? Why are they even with them?" Mas asked. "Runaways, kidnapped, the trains taking them to the factory, those things are the real bandits, we were just intervening before they attacked your train, what Mack told Jake about well those thing did it and a few kids were killed in the process." "We happened to have found Ishmael and three kids he protected." Simon explained
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"Guys lights out training is at first light, Simon you should know better." Gabe knocked on the door frame and drug Simon out of the room and waited to make sure the rest of the boys split up to their rooms.
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