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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
Writer Scofield2550
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)
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Chapter 11 (The Prison Grounds)
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!9Rr1Zhun5ROfrhVIf47Jposted on PENANA
They finally arived at the ruined treehouses. "What happened here?" Raven inquired as he dismounted the horse. "We will tie the horses here, just let Toothless be free he won't bother the horses, he'll just patrol the area and alert us if someone comes." Sam instructed instead of answering Raven's question. 
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"The day my brother was taken is what happened." Miles mumbled a stray tear escaped is eye. "That was the first time we were made aware of the Night Walkers, the village was evacuated and moved to where we live now, but in the chaos some people got left behind Miles and Blake were one of the forgotten." Jonah explained. As he took Toothless' gear off. 
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"Looks like someone is still home..." Jerry said as he walked up to Raven and pointed out the lit room. Jonah and those who were raised there got infront of those who were new, they were prepared to fight off who ever was there. "I knew this was a bad idea." Sky grumbled in a hushed voice as he pulled Raven and Jerry further away from the possible battle.
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"It doesn't make sense, Night Walkers don't stay in their raveged places, once they take all they want they move on..." Jack said as he cautiously approached the area. "Yes but don't forget they did come back to take our prisoners?" Simon reminded him. This made Jack stop to consider that. "You don't think its an ambush?" Raven inquired. No sooner he said that, they were surrounded and shoved up to the lit building.
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"I don't believe it, one of Aussie's best scouts and runts. I thought you were on lock down." Their hooded captor inquired as he sat in the antique chair toying with his crood dagger. "Judas?!" Sky was both surprised and frightened. "Yes, Sky. I bet you been dreading this day. Throw them in the wagon we'll continue this back at the base. In fact put Sky, Miles, Jonas and those two in the other wagon, I want them with me. I knew your cousin Jake and brother Justin... Ah Jerry, Newt, I thought that was you, chain him next to me on the wagon and throw Newt in with them." Judas sneered. 
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"Who is he?" Raven asked while they waited in the wagon. "A trader, he was the reason for the attack on our village." Jonah explained. "Why would you be dreading this day?" Mas asked Sky. "Because he was my mentor aka bully, before the attack I was the one who ratted him out, we were scouting and stumbled upon the Night Walker village, turned out not a stumble but a meeting, Jude threatened if I told anyone what happened he'd make me wish I was never born. But I heard information that could destroy us all I had to tell Aussie and Gabe before Jude could try and do I don't even know what to everyone." Sky explained he was shaking the whole time he spoke. 
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The journey felt like hours if not days but do to the thick over growth and black tarp the boys and girls in the wagon had no clue on how to count the hours. "Newt what's the deal with you and Jerry with this guy?" Raven asked. "One day at the camps Jerry and I had to do some scouting with a group of others, we were ambushed taken just like this, we were told we were to spy on the city give them information on how to enter and leave without detection, Jerry and I let them think we would comply but as soon as the guards found us near lifeless at the edge of dead man woods we warned them what happened but I think a few boys complied." Newt explained.
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They sat there in silence for the rest of the journey, Jared was also put in with them at the last minute when Jude realized he was Gabe's son and Jake's kid brother. 
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Oh and as for James, Jake's apprentice, he happened to see the kids sneak out and followed them just in case, he is yet to be noticed by the captors, he happened to get himself into their group as a Night Walker or whatever these guys are.
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