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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Eight
Jul 16, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PGeaXrGXLE7tSnNT9ZIHposted on PENANA I woke up to a throbbing pain. The walls of the room around me was the dullest gray and smelt strongly of wet moss. In front of me, I could just make out a familiar guy in the darkness.72Please respect copyright.PENANAiLuozJJKKb

"Liam," the name fell from my lips before I even realised it.copyright protection68PENANALE5tzlKrOv72Please respect copyright.PENANAMDTtXgzC0R

"No, I'm not Liam," he responded. My vision was hazy and it took a minute to become accustomed to the darkness. copyright protection68PENANA8EcmO9Ov6z72Please respect copyright.PENANAtNo2mEa19d

When I adjusted to my surroundings, I found that the guy, like he said, was not Liam. The guy had the exact same eye colour as Liam, but that was where the similarities ended. The guys skin was a deep coffee brown and his black hair was cut close to his head. He also appeared to be built heavier than Liam and also slightly shorter. I knew who this was, yet my mind struggled to find his name.copyright protection68PENANA9e21BQUKPD72Please respect copyright.PENANAPsYjQy3ziN

"Yes, you're not," I muttered indignantly. "Do you know where he is?"copyright protection68PENANAsBhx5RTPjH72Please respect copyright.PENANAL5rEyoV81W

"William's not allowed here," the guy answered. "Alpha's order."copyright protection68PENANAlrmxNbGBGN72Please respect copyright.PENANAZuJnx61I7b

"Where am I?"copyright protection68PENANAbP1eQC4LnU72Please respect copyright.PENANAVWDTgtrj3K

"I can't tell you that," he replied. "Al-"copyright protection68PENANAoPvGnAxgqQ72Please respect copyright.PENANA7PPyuoWqwY

"Alpha's order, for the love of Luna, I know." I could feel anger burn in my chest, threatening to make my rage explode. Sensing my irritation, the guy spoke up.copyright protection68PENANAYLhki5vZHb72Please respect copyright.PENANAmvs6T0cUIj

"I'm sorry, I would tell you if I could."copyright protection68PENANAMS0N7RpbDM72Please respect copyright.PENANA5DgJxwdYQh

"Can you at least tell me how long I've been unconscious?"copyright protection68PENANA51BBIYcffC72Please respect copyright.PENANAJX6zvBXs1u

"Four days?"copyright protection68PENANA5donxHs3G972Please respect copyright.PENANAqo0TuTTGOC

"What?" Four days? By Luna...copyright protection68PENANAes2fg96FkJ72Please respect copyright.PENANA0UfgDMNQLD

"Martyn," a familiar growl filled the room, snapping my attention away from the guy. That was it. That was his name: Martyn. "You moron." West Grayson emerged from the shadows. "Why didn't you tell me that she'd woken up?"copyright protection68PENANAsqL42t3eJi72Please respect copyright.PENANA7vAe46Q2zR

I could feel the fear in Martyn, as he shakily stood up and avoided West's demanding gaze.copyright protection68PENANARPvfc3WE6D72Please respect copyright.PENANAwZfwTKqNqe

"You never told me to do so, Alpha."copyright protection68PENANAOl5QAlZH1k72Please respect copyright.PENANApr8EHMruDd

"Of course," he hissed. "Just get out, Grant." Martyn did not argue. Nodding solemnly, he left the room, only to be followed by a knock, seconds later.copyright protection68PENANAruKcyMGC1p72Please respect copyright.PENANA8KIIZMPPOo

"It's Bryan," a voice called.copyright protection68PENANAUSfq8rt56A72Please respect copyright.PENANAHknXRhHh48

"Come in," he snarled. The brunette boy I had met on the bus on my first day of school appeared before me and looked at me as if I was some type of specimen. "Tie her up, Bryan." He untangled a knotted rope and fastened my arms and legs together.copyright protection68PENANAIUVOKwaJdc72Please respect copyright.PENANAwuzF8grAL4

"Do you want me to gag her, Alpha?"copyright protection68PENANA3EGORfBxRD72Please respect copyright.PENANANTPvCOhrE6

"No," his lips curved upwards into a smirk. "I want to talk to her." He slowly made his way in my direction.copyright protection68PENANAXMvccEEGKK72Please respect copyright.PENANAPlrdijvZAz

"Listen," I gritted out, my voice unusually strong. Pressure was building at my temples and I knew the agony was going to overcome me any minute. "I don't know what you're playing at, but I know nothing about this whole Werewolf business."copyright protection68PENANAgsEcgoIr8V72Please respect copyright.PENANA773HMcXeNJ

"Of course, you don't, baby." He was right before me, his hand hovering over my cheek. copyright protection68PENANADcAj0rzCZr72Please respect copyright.PENANAiAC86fXoHB

"I'm not you're baby," I managed. "Nor will I ever be."copyright protection68PENANAfXdLaqpO6a72Please respect copyright.PENANAuxWVKfeffP

"Well you are my baby sister. You are surprisingly timid for a Gray Wolf," he pondered. Timid? Words could not describe how much I wanted to rip his throat out. "Most Werewolves don't have that sort of patience, isn't that right Bryan?"copyright protection68PENANAynCdATCikK72Please respect copyright.PENANAPmXT3J51XT

"You're forever correct, Alpha." West looked thoughtful, as his fingers inched towards my face and I flinched back, pain stabbing the sides of my head. copyright protection68PENANAeXXOhYfQAf72Please respect copyright.PENANALgtoozDlXk

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!" I roared, pain blinding my senses.copyright protection68PENANAhQcvBmV1a272Please respect copyright.PENANAXsRUoC9DSo

He snatched his hand back, looking as though I had burnt him.copyright protection68PENANAbJqOW0Hzj272Please respect copyright.PENANAsILqBP9HQ7

"Ah, now there's my little sister." I clenched my hands into fists, determined not to respond to him. "My little sister, part of the Luna Pack."copyright protection68PENANAkxZhlhfB8Q72Please respect copyright.PENANAACo40MDD8B

"Alpha, did you see that?" Bryan's panicked voice rang out clearly.copyright protection68PENANARqG3VhpRjA72Please respect copyright.PENANAY54Q0ss95l

"See, what?"copyright protection68PENANAUujkjgl0QE72Please respect copyright.PENANAxy3jYE88mZ

"Her eyes..." he trailed off.copyright protection68PENANA2ab2sxjH9s72Please respect copyright.PENANAfWBD1BqEfz

"What do you mean, her eyes?" West demanded.copyright protection68PENANAy0Se3OwtGQ72Please respect copyright.PENANAgdFk3FNvOS

"When she got angry, just then, Alpha," he explained. "Her eyes turned... it was red."copyright protection68PENANA3AlnVEEgEu72Please respect copyright.PENANAQmqUFpzNxV

"Liar," he hissed. "You bloody moron. That's one of the Alpha Marks. She is a girl." copyright protection68PENANAUHF6J7D3PN72Please respect copyright.PENANAMMSoqTZRye

A growl escaped him and he advanced towards Bryan, his eyes black.copyright protection68PENANAvnNoCQc9kS72Please respect copyright.PENANAqPr59vLX1A

"No, please Alpha," he whimpered. "When I swore allegiance to you... I won't lie to you... I won't betray you. I swear to Luna, her eyes turned red."copyright protection68PENANA0otlLoZqEE72Please respect copyright.PENANAPSWgMCFlqc

"Then you must've seen wrong," he screamed. "Don't you dare ever tell anyone that she bears an Alpha Mark, okay Bryan Mitchell? Otherwise those would be your last words."copyright protection68PENANAVzlAF5Ij9x72Please respect copyright.PENANAgdY9Bp2AgB

"N-never, Alpha," he assures him. "Your s-secret... It's safe with me."copyright protection68PENANA6EVT3yKfI572Please respect copyright.PENANAPGqhMAMyxN

"Of course, Bryan. You are the one I can trust the most," West answered. "Can you do me a favour and get Liam for me?" My heart leapt at his name and I felt something buzz through my veins.copyright protection68PENANA8ItC4e04FF72Please respect copyright.PENANA8mF5CsIiN8

"Liam?!" Bryan exclaimed, his face full of horror.copyright protection68PENANAIAf4bUaTej72Please respect copyright.PENANAu4lteXSgx9

"Is there an issue?" he lifted an eyebrow in question.copyright protection68PENANArkYne1VZhE72Please respect copyright.PENANASnQiEDSqbp

"Alpha, it was you who told me to keep him away from her."copyright protection68PENANA4qnx2rM3vr72Please respect copyright.PENANAekMUqpn8Ha

That was all it took. The anger had began to surface again and violent thoughts flooded my mind.copyright protection68PENANAIe2XjdSt6672Please respect copyright.PENANAgbfCFuzyL7

"And now it is me telling you to bring him back," he smiled but there was no life or joy behind it. There was something far more dark and twisted meant by his expression. "This is going to be very entertaining." copyright protection68PENANANxrLUGMQF372Please respect copyright.PENANAHDuxV9aNAm

Bryan bowed his head in submission and left the room, soundless. West's gaze shifted back to me and he tilted his head, studying me carefully. copyright protection68PENANAvKtSivj4yP72Please respect copyright.PENANAdPHZJ7o6f6

"Is there something you wish to say, Wes?"copyright protection68PENANAwh4yfnL7RS72Please respect copyright.PENANAhwhx9W1JvM

"What do you want with me?" I didn't even try to correct him. I felt elated, as if all my energy had left me.copyright protection68PENANAeEqGplmbc272Please respect copyright.PENANAQcplJlvU95

"What do you think?" I remained silent, unsure of how to answer.copyright protection68PENANAfHMIz5eT9N72Please respect copyright.PENANAhmUYmE5KLl

"You are my little sister," he went on after several moments. "I just want my family."copyright protection68PENANAJG5Nekb0s272Please respect copyright.PENANAQ2R8A05CKA

"A psychopath like you will never get a real family... No one could ever love you."copyright protection68PENANATHGjn5FKhR72Please respect copyright.PENANAoANOWwarrj

"I don't need a family, Wes. And I don't need love either."copyright protection68PENANAMxyzg8Ev2O

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