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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Fourty-Two
Sep 6, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TVxkkR200lYGPIkU7Dteposted on PENANA

"I HAD NO IDEA." Anna stared at me. "I'm so sorry, Weslyn. I just assumed that you fought about something that didn't matter."copyright protection98PENANAbhf9yQDsRN

For almost a minute, everyone wss silent, still contemplating what I had told them about the Soulmate Curse.copyright protection98PENANA4LJB53s74s

"But, it doesn't really matter, does it?" Bryan asked. "It's not as if Weslyn has feelings for him or anything. The curse is just that she has two potential soulmates. Ultimately, she has to make a decision. She will love one of you more... And Liam, there's no way it wouldn't be you."copyright protection98PENANAt29iLudS7G

"Bryan's right, Liam," Martyn agreed. "She's known... No, loved you, since before she could remember. But she didn't even know that Blayze existed until less than two weeks ago."copyright protection98PENANA6iXmrwd5Y4

"That's just it, isn't it?" Liam gritted out. "Since before she could remember... For the past 8 years, she was practically a memory loss patient. 17 years is a miscalculation... In reality, it's been one month; just one month."copyright protection98PENANAT2QCEVF63J

"You're being too hard on her, Liam," West told him. "It wasn't her fault that she couldn't remember... That was all on me."copyright protection98PENANAzxMIPxc3pk

"Maybe, it wasn't her fault, West. But it is her fault that this guy is here," he glared at Blayze's unconscious body. "It's her fault for having feelings for more than one person at once."copyright protection98PENANAJwCHS4d5ac

"It's not that easy for her," my brother told him. "The Soulmate Curse... It's like having your heart torn in half. "copyright protection98PENANAa3f0FTVl0Z

"Do you think it's easy for me?" Liam demanded. "I'm not movie character... How long does the guy usually love a girl with amnesia? Two years? Five? I've loved her for 17 entire years... And for eight of those years, she couldn't even remember my existence. How do you think it feels, West? How do you think it feels to finally get her back, only to be immediately taken im by another guy?" He grabbed my brother by the shirt. "Do you have any idea how hard this is for me?"copyright protection98PENANA4zwRimovpO

"I get it, but-"copyright protection98PENANAP9ksQdw4jH

"STOP IT!" I yelled. "For the love of Luna... Both of you just stop!" Liam recoiled at my icy stare, releasing West from his grip. "I've had enough. I hate being spoken about as if I'm not here."copyright protection98PENANAgtKvtqopMo

"Weslyn, it's not like that..." West trailed off. "It's just-"copyright protection98PENANAoQYVIhh6NG

"I am your Alpha." I could feel a sharp burn at my neck, as my mark scorched. "You will obey me." At once, they all kneeled down before me, bowing their heads in submission.copyright protection98PENANAVCQg5GtCKM

"Of c-course, Alpha." Anna stuttered, her face pale with fear. The look on her face was enough for my anger to disappear.copyright protection98PENANAj1g4wJvV9h

"It's Weslyn to you," I answered gently. A smile appeared on her face. "I don't know what got into me. I just got so..."copyright protection98PENANAjy8itQALWn

"Being an Alpha is a lot more pressure than you realise," West explained to me. "When you add in the anger management issues that all Werewolves have, you get angry really quickly." He sighed. "I had trouble keeping down my anger when I was Alpha, so did Lucian Bronze... Even our father had a short temper."copyright protection98PENANAsSZi85ZCHJ

"It's an Alpha thing..." I took a deep breath to compose myself, then turned to Liam. "You... Tell me what you want."copyright protection98PENANAo0LE5hoAcy

He stared up at me defiantly, his teeth clenched tightly. I felt my rage resurface, but suppressed it. There was no way I was going to lose to my own emotions.copyright protection98PENANARw6ZPzPpkM

"Stand up," I ordered. He followed my command, but continued to stay obstinately silent. "I was talking to you... Answer me at once!"copyright protection98PENANAMMEM5NR4py

He failed to speak. Instead, I could sense the hatred within him that he tried so hard to conceal. Hatred... Hatred towards me.copyright protection98PENANAOOzztFQRf3

"Liam..." I murmured.copyright protection98PENANAp7Aw7p6XOr

I didn't know if I could control my emotions. Ever since I became a Gray Wolf, everything was enhanced. It was as if I never I had a neutral. My emotions went from anger to grief, within seconds. I felt my eyes well up, as my chest clenched up in pain.copyright protection98PENANAKBdonjcenB

"You want to know to know what I want?" he asked, his voice dangerously low.copyright protection98PENANANbpnKS2BKi

I nodded, not daring to speak.copyright protection98PENANAEaqeGxEMus

"I want you to choose, Weslyn. If you truly love me, then break his bond."copyright protection98PENANAde3rDrLQG8

"How do I do that?" Was it what West had tried on us before he changed? Did I have to summon Luna?copyright protection98PENANArujRR4JUFu

"It's simple," he answered coldly. "Humans and Werewolves can't be Soulmates. So all you have to do... Is turn him back."copyright protection98PENANAdkFDzlbd8G

"But turning him back into a human..." I was heartless.copyright protection98PENANAGmVKOybzpS

It was Liam, himself, who had told me that changing a Brown Wolf back had painful side effects. If I turned Blayze back, he would be driven insane and stripped of his memories... There was no way I could selfishly hurt him in that way.copyright protection98PENANAHQm1He6r8L

"I can't."copyright protection98PENANAWm6BZGXaU5

"I knew it," he muttered. "I knew you wouldn't do it." He laughed cruelly. "Don't worry, I asked you, knowing that you wouldn't agree."copyright protection98PENANAQBsLlgkxQJ

It wasn't him. It wasn't Liam. The Liam I knew, would never be so cruel.copyright protection98PENANApxALziZFK8

"You don't have to break your bond with him," he repeated. "You just have to break mine."copyright protection98PENANArGuxhueeE8

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