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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter One
Jul 15, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TCIm6iKtEnXhNR8maOHKposted on PENANA

First impressions are forever important.91Please respect copyright.PENANA9C6YzG9xqB
copyright protection87PENANAID30rU3BTr

For an intuitive thinker, its the basis for any decision and the utter most vital thing in life. Even if you aren't a fan of first impressions, you cannot help it. You can't really prevent it either. Because its an almost instantaneous, subconscious feeling.copyright protection87PENANA4M3M9a4TDI

And its usually completely right.copyright protection87PENANAhA05s8rCW9

The air was icily cold on my first day of school at Gray Valley. Almost every street had a statue of a wolf. Neither of it made a good first impression.copyright protection87PENANAnEMqFdlIOe

I stepped onto the overcrowded high school bus and quickly slipped into one if the only empty seats, before I had to make awkward conversation with someone.copyright protection87PENANA9S0dFaoK42

"Get out of my seat, little girl," a voice snarled. I found a bronze-skinned girl glaring at me, rage clear on her face. "You're in my seat," she repeated, placing her hands on her hips. I muttered an apology under my breath and moved across the aisle.copyright protection87PENANAsmDsr5BTIy

"You made a good decision," the boy sitting next to me commented. "I doubt anyone gets away with messing with my little sister."copyright protection87PENANA25dPvS2RBR

Panic filled me, as I looked to my left and met a face that scarily resembled the girl's. I jumped up and tried to leave the seat but couldn't. The boy had clasped his hand around my wrist with incredible strength.copyright protection87PENANA5LK6Zpgnak

"Oh, no you don't," he smirked. "You're not going anywhere, brunette." He lowered his voice and leant over to whisper in my ear. "You're not going anywhere until you regret crossing paths with my sister, more than anything you've ever done."copyright protection87PENANApDG2688H1Q

I shook away his hand with all my force and was astonished that his hold actually faltered. Breaking away from his iron grip, I raced to the front of the bus, only to collide into someone else.copyright protection87PENANAg4WtUsmXjX

"Hey, watch where your going!"copyright protection87PENANAOoIzuIZK59

Not good. I hadn't even reached my new school, and I had already clashed with three people. I fought back the tears that formed in my eyes and I locked my gaze with a pair of agonisingly familiar silvery-gray eyes.copyright protection87PENANA5vMMxSUGzW

"B-by Luna, I-I'm so s-sorry," I choked out.copyright protection87PENANAxP1tjVVFSf

Both of us continued to stare at each other, mere milliseconds apart from one another. My breathing became shallow, as he reached forward and caught the tear that fell down my cheek.copyright protection87PENANADHDlg84fT9

The bus lurched wildly, breaking our trance and making us collide a second time. I stumbled forward from loss of balance, but his arms shot out at lightning speed and effortlessly caught me.copyright protection87PENANAoYFbKd3FTD

"You okay?" he breathed. I nodded slightly, muted from the pressure of his hand on my back. He seemed to notice it as well, because he immediately pulled away his arm and swallowed, hard.copyright protection87PENANABqtCUMyQsq

"I'm Liam."copyright protection87PENANA558JroRvDK

"Weslyn," I replied softly. "And I'm okay."copyright protection87PENANAF2Jkeuxh9q

"Weslyn," he murmured, burying his hand in his hair. It was almost surreal; the colour of his hair. It was basically ash-brown but tinted with an identical shade of silver present in his eyes. "Weslyn Grayson."91Please respect copyright.PENANAM1RmOv2um5
copyright protection87PENANAVKRonLbWBE

It took me an entire minute to realise that he had said my last name.copyright protection87PENANAnHJvqbThGx

"It's you. It's actually you."copyright protection87PENANA2lALFOfd5p

"How do you-" I began.copyright protection87PENANAD1avpxgBuS

"You don't know," he said with disbelief. "How could you not know?"copyright protection87PENANAfRzZm0agiQ

"I have no idea what you're talking about."copyright protection87PENANANkco6Scm5i

He momentarily froze, then shook his head.copyright protection87PENANALJjVeJtvkX

"Oh, yeah," he exhaled. "D-don't worry. I must have came across as creepy, eh?" He spotted an empty seat on the left. "You should sit down."copyright protection87PENANAnAOXzbXJrf

"For the love of Luna, who were they?" I shuddered, sinking into the seat. "The boy and girl?"copyright protection87PENANAAfANEGFQ2L

"Two twin siblings who aren't the best company," he registered my confused expression and sighed. "Bryan and Bryanna Mitchell."91Please respect copyright.PENANAfvSKXBu9NI
copyright protection87PENANA8NusIJbbew

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