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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-Two
Aug 10, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XX1chWVaeFV5pOCo9HuEposted on PENANA

"WEST GRAYSON HAS BEEN DEFEATED." Liam's voice was loud and clear as it echoed throughout the yard. "Surely, you all felt the shift in powers... I'm assuming that is why you arrived today."copyright protection65PENANAv4SOPIfJIv

The pack was huge. There were about two hundred people at the least, crowded in a clearing in th forest behind my house.copyright protection65PENANAXGsZSKWNUa

"That's impossible," a woman yelled. "He is a Grayson Alpha. He cannot be defeated!"copyright protection65PENANAsQfSFShOzL

"Except for Luna herself," he responded.copyright protection65PENANAt5QlTF38pM

"What are you talking about? It sounds as if you are saying that the Angel Luna, herself, came to this world and defeated him."copyright protection65PENANAEms7llSh9N

"Will you believe it if you can refuse his command?" I demanded. A hush went through the crowd, as they all stared at me with awe. "West, come outside."copyright protection65PENANArCDHviAM79

He stepped outside, his black hair, slicked back and his gray eyes, unusually light. When he saw me, his face cracked into a smile; a beautiful, genuine smile.copyright protection65PENANAyAfpW940ht

"Weslyn..."copyright protection65PENANAMWQf4cBWtK

"The pack doesn't believe it," I explained to him. "They don't believe that Luna changed you."copyright protection65PENANAJVmnDRFeEN

"I get it... I was such a monster before. It's almost impossible to think that has changed so quickly."copyright protection65PENANAocoDBkMGk4

The members of the pack stared at him with awe as he came into view, his face livelier than ever before. The smile; the brightness of his eyes - everything had changed. I never believed that he could look so... Beautiful.copyright protection65PENANAa710m5cX1G

"West is going to command you all and since none of you will feel the need to obey, you will have to believe that he is no longer the Alpha," Liam explained. "West, come forward."copyright protection65PENANAHLC48gVOuz

"Kneel," West commanded, his voice strong with authority. "Everyone must kneel!"copyright protection65PENANACTM0wnlj3F

"I don't feel the need to oblige," a voice stated from the crowd.copyright protection65PENANAodNpe9ur7w

"So it is true. West Grayson has been defeated..."copyright protection65PENANA8PiLTr1Pfw

"I've never been happier in my life."copyright protection65PENANApSpbSWyegC

"That vile monster deserves to be defeated! He should die for all he has done."copyright protection65PENANAUEQH35QywY

"By Luna, I will not allow it!" I stepped in front of West, crossing my arms across my chest. "No one is to hurt him."copyright protection65PENANA5ENnpHOrw4

"Who are you, little girl? You seem to be powerful, but know this... You mean nothing to our pack."copyright protection65PENANAYWXo7PlG4B

"Why, you-" I grabbed Liam's arm to stop him from lashing out at the man who had spoken.copyright protection65PENANAjYf9FjewSL

"We don't take commands from a teenager... Especially from a girl like you."copyright protection65PENANAuXqilP0ahx

"I advise you not to speak to her that way, father," Martyn emerged, from behind me, his lips set in a firm line. Father? Martyn's father was still alive?copyright protection65PENANAfftcEA2Zh6

"Michael Grant," Liam told me. "Probably the biggest jerk ever... Martyn hates him."copyright protection65PENANAAA4QJJ9Yg1

"Martyn," Michael greeted, looking shocked. "I see your... Somewhat alright."copyright protection65PENANAKKYa3kZ3uh

"I can't tell whether you happy that I was away for two years or if you're disappointed that I'm not dead."copyright protection65PENANABJx4VbFXaW

"Martyn," I warned.copyright protection65PENANA3Kw8AgRKf7

"Sorry," he apologised.copyright protection65PENANAMZSK9W590z

"His father may be a douche, but at least he has a parent left," I replied to Liam. "It's better than some of us will ever have. Martyn has no idea how lucky he is in comparison and should treat his father with respect."copyright protection65PENANAqBiYFd9kbj

"But who will be the Alpha, now?"copyright protection65PENANAhe4NmF4eqj

"Usually, the one who defeated the Alpha would be the next in line. But if it was Luna who defeated West, then who is next?"copyright protection65PENANAmcifXrc2Bc

"There are no Grayson heirs remaining."copyright protection65PENANAB1OTZu79Oi

"It should be me," Michael announced. Murmurs of disapproval ran through the pack. "I was Alpha Wesley's Third-in-Command and the oldest high-ranked Gray Wolf alive-"copyright protection65PENANAt6xxTUdY9D

"I disagree," Liam interrupted. "I am Graham Moonstone's son... He was Alpha Wesley's Beta and best friend. And I believe she should be Alpha."copyright protection65PENANAhvPzLM1XPD

"Me? Liam, there's no way... I can't be the Alpha."copyright protection65PENANAaqEYjEsrOh

"Please, Lyn. Just let me speak with him," he answered.copyright protection65PENANAJhogPhb2fk

"She? That little girl; the Alpha? Have you gone insane?" Michael looked at him incredulously. "She is nothing."copyright protection65PENANAGxPv7Bi9z7

"She is my soulmate," Liam gritted out. "She is Weslyn Grayson."copyright protection65PENANAMJxrIR6bjU

"Weslyn Grayson is dead. He killed her!"copyright protection65PENANAt2bRj09v3p

"I am not dead," I hissed. I didn't know why, but it annoyed me. "I am Weslyn Grayson!"copyright protection65PENANAPJWFf3gydP

The entire pack seemed to recoil at my voice, staring at me with horrified expression on their faces. My eyes... They were probably red.copyright protection65PENANAFZzdqh5wto

"She has the Alpha Marks!"copyright protection65PENANAqWrCNLDWgG

"Weslyn Grayson was the only girl, who was ever born with the Alpha Marks."copyright protection65PENANAl5qiLFm1dz

"So, it's true..." Michael stated. "You are Weslyn Grayson."copyright protection65PENANARTyq7ZIcvb

Liam spoke before I could respond to him.copyright protection65PENANABW73zVOcS5

"She is Weslyn Grayson... And she will be the Alpha of the Luna Pack."copyright protection65PENANATdbjwWZSXd

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