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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-Six
Aug 10, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MZ6c6Ky4IBkM8BbA73JSposted on PENANA

HE DIDN'T ANSWER. Instead he only nodded.copyright protection60PENANAl2COyMRwHt

"My father's worst nightmare."copyright protection60PENANAbttiFA3eEL

"You shouldn't care about what he thinks, Martyn," I answered after I recovered from my shock. I may have urged Martyn to respect his father earlier but this was different. No one had the right to separate soulmates. "You're allowed to love whoever you want; even more because of the mate bond. It doesn't matter who or what they are... But you can't possibly stop yourself from loving. You shouldn't try, either."copyright protection60PENANAQZxYBJzIMi

"Thanks, Weslyn. But-"copyright protection60PENANAA8ldWTZOpG

"I promise you... I will never let anyone hurt him, alright? Now, let's just go outside." I made my way to the kitchen with Martyn behind me, when I heard shouts coming from the room.copyright protection60PENANAiBaLTQlW40

"We should kill the miserable creature; put it out of it's misery," it was undoubtedly Michael's voice. "The Brown Wolf must die." He was talking about Bryan. I turned to look at Martyn but he had already ran ahead to confront his father.copyright protection60PENANAIUZgTAZsjM

"No! You will not hurt him, father!"copyright protection60PENANALUU67R07Fq

"What do you know about Brown Wolves, Martyn? You're just a boy!" Michael roared. "A naive, little boy."copyright protection60PENANAOX1YIVO4SS

"And you are just a conceited old man who is too prejudiced to treat others equally."copyright protection60PENANA4AN4RHFRaY

"Don't you understand, Martyn? I just want what is best for you," he murmured. "I want to protect you from those beasts."copyright protection60PENANADWTy20p374

"Do you think I'm still a child, father?" Martyn asked, addressing Michael bitterly. "Do you think I need to be protected? I used to wonder why she left, you know? But now I get it. Maryanne left because of you."copyright protection60PENANAtV2vULrIPj

"Oh my Luna... He just brought Mary into their fight." I glanced up, startled that I hadn't noticed Liam standing there before.copyright protection60PENANABUUpYM7EDh

"Is she his mother or something?"copyright protection60PENANADhdwPgxfkF

"Sister," he replied.copyright protection60PENANAkOBmjv7KeX

"Martyn has a sister?" I didn't recall seeing such a person in real life or in my memories.copyright protection60PENANA4QRZfQLnvo

"Her name is Maryanne Grant and she practically raised Martyn after their mother passed away. She should be around 23 now, but she left when West came to power."copyright protection60PENANAE8GSFw8dLs

"If Mary were still here," Martyn gritted out. "She would be on my side... You know that."copyright protection60PENANAS6gttAZAld

"Martyn," I called. He turned to me, his eyes darker than usual. "I'll talk to Michael about this matter. Please go on with your affairs."copyright protection60PENANAyq3qpjgaGM

He bared his teeth at his father and clenched his fingers into fists, before leaving the room loudly.copyright protection60PENANAzlVfdBLmOx

"Remember, Weslyn," he murmured quietly, as he left. "You promised me." I nodded silently in reply.copyright protection60PENANAPGD6a6H9H2

"You, too, Liam," I added, turning to look at him.copyright protection60PENANAngsrGSKX2r

"Are you sure?"copyright protection60PENANAJBNFQ0gCn4

"Yes, Liam," I responded. "I'll be fine. I just need to talk with him."copyright protection60PENANAacLOjVU04C

He looked at me one last time and left the room, leaving me alone with Michael.copyright protection60PENANA3sTvTznExq

"Michael Grant," I greeted.copyright protection60PENANA6h1TWSTdvh

"Alpha."copyright protection60PENANAhFt3tMYoN3

"I'm hearing too many displeasing things from and about you, Michael. I've barely even spent a day in this position. Don't get on my bad side."copyright protection60PENANA1QvUlouJ31

"Is that so? If I may say so, I don't believe I have done anything wrong," he objected.copyright protection60PENANA99jb2f4Wtz

"I'm afraid I can't let you hurt Bryan or Bryanna Mitchell," I explained. "You see, they're bound under the Promise Code and are loyal to the Grayson family." Michael opened his mouth to argue but I hastily continued to speak. "However, tonight I am meeting with the future Alpha of the Bronze Pack and coming to terms about the packs. I believe so that we will also come to an agreement about the Bryan and Anna."copyright protection60PENANAdKeGNItM6g

"The future Alpha," he repeated.copyright protection60PENANAP76l2sKwcN

"Yes, Michael. So, I must ask you... Can I trust you to lay low - at least until the meeting is over?”copyright protection60PENANAymXRyZ7CVA

For a minute, he didn't answer. He only stared at me, his face, thoughtful and eyes, distant.copyright protection60PENANAc8lqP89jVf

"Your wish is my command, Alpha."copyright protection60PENANAALnH6paRWm

"I will get going, then," I said, turning to leave. "And Michael," I went on. "Please accept Martyn for who he is and don't try to change him."copyright protection60PENANAFuJCmhBtUx

"Of course, Alpha." There was a certain strain to his voice, but I chose to ignore it. Michael was a man with a twisted anti-feminist mind... Of course he was reluctant to obey me.copyright protection60PENANA36FoxvxGPt

More importantly, I had to go find West. I had to ask him what the agreement was and how I was to talk to the Brown Wolf Beta. There were more pressing matters at hand.copyright protection60PENANAWqej7lJhcG

For a while, I would have to put Martyn and Michael at the back of my mind.copyright protection60PENANAERbntxF50z

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