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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-One
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LxNb4tyf2CxXifi19m26posted on PENANA

I WAS CURSED. When I woke up the next morning, realisation hit me for the second time.copyright protection77PENANAvyz2CxZs1Z

"I created the mate bond so none of my creations would ever have the pain of unrequited love..." she had told me. "Through the Soulmate Curse, the Wolf Guardian believed he could affect me by hurting the Graysons with unrequited love."copyright protection77PENANA8MxWYBpxRs

But that didn't help in any way. There were still Gray Wolves that were agonised by loving the oblivious ones around them.copyright protection77PENANA9opsDItN5w

Anna. It hurt me to think how much she suffered by the Soulmate Curse. Until Luna had told me, I misunderstood her entirely. I thought she was simply in love with West for saving her... It all made sense after I found out about the curse. West was too twisted by pain and jealousy to feel the bond but Anna did. Secondary or not, Anna was my brother's mate. Regardless of whether or not it hurt her, she would love him until her last breath. Anna would love West forever.copyright protection77PENANATA5sCHZCa0

And soon, that would be how Blayze feels for me. He would love me, even if he was killed for doing so. I didn't think I was ready to be on the recieving end of love like that.copyright protection77PENANABjN9fLKFiC

I wouldn't ever be.copyright protection77PENANA7s0xVEgorm

And I... The cold pain in my chest when I thought of him... It scared me. The way I felt for Blayze Walker really scared me.copyright protection77PENANAVkW1NzINbT

"Weslyn?" Liam's voice caught me off-guard, making my thoughts fall away.copyright protection77PENANANNcBWsmH8F

"What is it?"copyright protection77PENANAjg7kO2Z4rq

"There's a problem..." I froze, waiting for him to continue. "I think you're the only one who can control it. Come to the hall, okay?"copyright protection77PENANAqnLnozX6m8

Blayze. He was the first thing that came to my mind. But if it was him who caused the problem, I should have sensed his presence.copyright protection77PENANA0aWdLSF8AO

I made my way to the hall, quickly stopping at the doorway, as I saw the scene unfold before me.copyright protection77PENANANU4VfSYeXp

West stood in the middle of the room, his eyes flooded with tears and his arms wrapped around a girl.copyright protection77PENANAFoMqMaZJhm

A girl who wasn't Anna.copyright protection77PENANASiwOvhHbpi

The girl in his arms was small and delicately built with dark hair that fell past her waist. Her skin was a deep, rich brown and her legs were slender. And although I couldn't see her face, I could tell she was incredibly beautiful.copyright protection77PENANAZdc48rW6FU

I heard a sniffle from beside me and I turned to see Anna, with tears streaming down her face. Liam stood beside her, with his arm comfortingly draped around her shoulder.copyright protection77PENANAwljiM5tMPL

"I know it hurts, Anna," he whispered to her. "But you have to keep it together, okay? Be your strong self."copyright protection77PENANA8H3EwyVdJl

"He knows, now," I frowned. "He knows that Anna loves him, so why is West with someone else in front if her? It's alright if he doesn't feel that way, but doesn't he realise how much this would hurt her?"copyright protection77PENANAvJyING9KNP

"He can't help it, Weslyn. He may have forgotten about Anna..." Liam defended. "Because the girl means everything to him."copyright protection77PENANAEjaYBW35IT

It took me a minute to realise what he was implying. And when I found what he meant, I could hardly believe it.copyright protection77PENANARRAUv6trkd

"She is his soulmate, Weslyn," he went on. "And what's more, they were like us. They knew each other from a young age... She moved away a few years ago and broke his heart. Their reunion is more than just a meeting. It is the mending of broken hearts."copyright protection77PENANAMPWlyJ1HtO

"Like when we met."copyright protection77PENANAx87I6JE9Pn

I thought West hadn't yet found a mate... Just like I had for Martyn. It didn't occur to me that he already had a soulmate.copyright protection77PENANA2GfDBKK4b4

"So, who is the girl?" I asked out loud.copyright protection77PENANAhYUdjsXlaq

Since Liam had told me that West knew his mate from a young age... It was possible that I, too, would know who she was.copyright protection77PENANAaHyipE14OR

"The thing is, West's soulmate is..." Liam hesitated. "She is Maryanne Grant."copyright protection77PENANAsRxHv9sfdE

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