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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-One
Aug 10, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!9I2BZLeh3ngVl6WG8HvIposted on PENANA

"YOUR WISH IS WHAT I MUST GRANT..." She took more than a minute to reply to me. "If you're certain that it's what you really want; then..."copyright protection57PENANAyO5X9ZkWEu

"I am certain," I stated, looking into her eyes. "I have never been more certain about anything in my life."copyright protection57PENANATNdWpdHDuK

"West," Luna called out. "Come forth."copyright protection57PENANA0LFmSC20jy

He stepped forward, his entire body trembling. His face was drenched in his own blood, as Luna gently extended her palm towards him.copyright protection57PENANAJRmPPwO9ts

"What is happening?"copyright protection57PENANAEmgSiF5ZjA

"West, my son... There are memories in your mind that torture you, all day and night. Your sister wishes for me to remove these memories."copyright protection57PENANAKklqHe2Jfm

"Weslyn wants me to... Forget?" he asked, blankly staring at her. "How am I supposed to do that?"copyright protection57PENANAiYdFN3cBcF

"I know, West. I know... It's hard," she whispered. "And I don't expect you to do it yourself."copyright protection57PENANA4R1lJk1Okl

"What are you going to do?" he asked, almost sounding like a young child.copyright protection57PENANAp5FLvmZx6e

"I'm going to make you forget."copyright protection57PENANATpd740ahCn

He bowed his head in submission, gazing at the cold ground. Her outstretched arms wrapped around him, holding him in a tight embrace.copyright protection57PENANAWHeY2Yj3MD

"I need you to release your mind, West; remove that block you have on your own emotions. Do you think you could do that for me?"copyright protection57PENANAocI4XdrWLy

He didn't speak. There was no need to. Instead, he shut his eyes lightly, slowly letting a tear trickle down his face.copyright protection57PENANAaFXnN2oYj1

"Vinculum autem contrita."copyright protection57PENANAmfIBeKzxOm

That was when light filled the room, brightening up the darkness within. I watched wide-eyed as the blood on the ground vanished and the stained walls turned white.copyright protection57PENANAacyThv7IrT

A gasp fell from Liam's lips, as he clutched his chest, staring at me with disbelief.copyright protection57PENANAgCze0mgplz

"I can no longer feel the bond," he murmured.copyright protection57PENANAqHP8i4TRBH

"What bond?" I demanded, astonished. By Luna, was he talking about the mate bond?copyright protection57PENANAdMULGchNUJ

"The bond between West and I, that was formed by the Promise Code."copyright protection57PENANAGblfpmCFLX

"Mala praeterita evanescere," Luna chanted.copyright protection57PENANAfcE5lXaeOM

"Tainted past shall disappear," Liam translated.copyright protection57PENANAW2yROf352Y

The tears that fell down West's face stopped and he opened his eyes. At that precise moment in time, the expression on his face... I could not begin to describe it.copyright protection57PENANAOJ9aYyxBej

"Grayson lupus sanguine surget, denuo."copyright protection57PENANAytvdzQaJ5Z

"The blood of the Grayson Wolves will rise again."copyright protection57PENANAv214UQjXWl

This time, it was Luna who explained the phrase to me.copyright protection57PENANAWK55V3DsFS

And that was when a loud laugh echoed throughout the room, escaping West.copyright protection57PENANALelhrV7CEd

"Weslyn?" he called, smiling brightly. I frowned at his sudden shift of emotions. "My little sister!"copyright protection57PENANABafDeatx7p

He broke away from Luna and ran towards me, his body crashing into mine.copyright protection57PENANAT4aY962NyH

"I've missed you all these years," he said, blinking. "I was such a heartless person, hurting you like that."copyright protection57PENANAFkW1BnWJZB

"West?" I asked, astonished.copyright protection57PENANAXBLde0nIyv

"I'm here," he whispered. "The real me is finally here..."copyright protection57PENANA8rziqIptwY

He was here; West Grayson. My real brother.copyright protection57PENANAbci7dUuaEu

The family I'd always wanted.copyright protection57PENANALB6xPkxc35

For once in my life, I sensed warmth. The warmth of family. I felt that I finally fit in.copyright protection57PENANAHbxguYZTrv

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