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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-Three
Aug 10, 2017
5 Mins Read
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"I CAN'T DO IT," I stated, as he came into the room.copyright protection58PENANAQoFElcklE5

"We have to make you Alpha today, Lyn..." Liam responded. "We have no other choice. Without an Alpha, the pack will fall apart."copyright protection58PENANA5KxAXCqjcy

A scream echoed in the room and I flinched at the familiarity of the voice. Oh, my Luna...copyright protection58PENANAqh0Jsnio5a

"It's already falling apart," I muttered under my breath.copyright protection58PENANAOVytAUGVfl

I followed the scream out to the yard, where part of the pack gathered around the corner, huddling together. Sensing my presence, several moved aside for me and I walked forward, only to see Bryan in the center, his entire body shivering out of control.copyright protection58PENANA1l6yV3bmmn

I stared at them with confusion, before seeing that Michael held Bryan's arm tightly with his fingers, his claws digging into his flesh. That was slow death for a Brown Wolf, as it was a gradual release of Gray Wolf venom. It was the kind of death that would drive anyone insane.copyright protection58PENANAUMFUv7iOwn

"Let him go," I commanded. "Let Bryan Mitchell go."copyright protection58PENANAYkjxOUruPH

Michael's grip momentarily faltered, as he was torn between hurting Bryan and obeying my order. In that second, Bryan flinched away from him, trembling and stepped behind me.copyright protection58PENANAPQ2WpXZBjl

"What repulsive behavior is this? Don't you realise that contaminating his blood can give him a fate worse than death?"copyright protection58PENANAYd7D8DLqsh

"And that was precisely my point," he answered snidely. "I am completing the noble act of putting a Beast in his place. He is a Brown Wolf. He does not deserve mercy, pity... Or affection. The only thing he should have is the most painful death possible."copyright protection58PENANAOqC7Xq2pUR

"For the love of Luna," I gritted out between my teeth. "Just look around you, Michael Grant. Look at yourself and at him. Who is the real monster, here? Because, to me, it looks as though you are the heartless one."copyright protection58PENANA6KI8G86GJp

"That's unacceptable and you know it," Michael snapped, his gray eyes darkening. "Brown Wolves are our eternal enemies. You make it sound as if they are our equals."copyright protection58PENANA1ID9lLN7cf

"Bryan lives a cruel fate. Yet, he still has humanity inside him. More humanity than our own. He has a pure heart. He loves his sister and deceased parents... They are all he ever thinks about. How many of us can be proud of such selflessness? None. We're all too selfish."copyright protection58PENANAp1G18Era3m

"That doesn't change the fact that he is from a race of Beasts."copyright protection58PENANA297LhOTnuD

"I never said he wasn't... But it's not about what you are. It's about who you are... And Bryan doesn't deserve to be defined as being a Brown Wolf. He deserves to be known as himself."copyright protection58PENANANwlrGHctOp

"This is why I said it was foolish to let her lead us," Michael announced to the pack. I began to lose my temper, as I felt the mark on my neck heat up. "Whether or not she is Alpha Wesley's child should be secondary because she is just a girl."copyright protection58PENANAIeqogz2IK6

"You know what Michael? I'm done with you," I growled. "I am a girl; I am just a girl, but I will be your Alpha, so you must respect me! And if you do not wish to obey me or if you want my position, you must fight me for it!"copyright protection58PENANA5Nfcyx1sVw

"I c-cannot fight you," he stammered, taking a careful step backwards. His eyes were wide as they were fixed on my own. Alpha Mark. My Alpha Mark was most likely surfacing. It was the only thing that explained his sudden agreement and terrorised expression. "I'm sorry I d-disobeyed you."copyright protection58PENANA5I3qaJ7ncW

"You said it," a voice stated quietly. Liam. I turned around to see him walk through the parted crowd. "You just said that you will become Alpha."copyright protection58PENANAMVadjqMm8x

It took me a minute to understand what he was implying.copyright protection58PENANAsdkIqTfsla

"I'm not promising anything."copyright protection58PENANAYqT2R3LYqX

"It sounded to me as if you were." For several moments, we only stared at each other.copyright protection58PENANAVdS6qcwdzF

It was unnerving, actually. He could read me so well; I didn't think it was possible. Because although I didn't want to be the Alpha or get involved in the politics of Werewolves, a part of me - a part I couldn't control - was drawn towards the title. It was probably because of my Alpha Marks.copyright protection58PENANAL2T5KkZ0Mk

I was born to be the Alpha; It was my fate. That part of me craved to fulfil its fate. I couldn't suppress it from surfacing.copyright protection58PENANAbLL5NC8yBz

"How?" I asked.copyright protection58PENANAwxNpDeCarb

"How, what?"copyright protection58PENANAPdeJjZ3iZQ

"How do you do it? How do you read me so well, Liam?"copyright protection58PENANACbCogq1pZD

"In the mate bond, the longer you love, the stronger the bond. And the stronger the bond the more you understand your mate. You've spent almost half your life with missing memories, Weslyn. In those years, you couldn't remember me... And so, you only unconsciously loved me. But that wasn't the case for me... I've loved you with my whole heart for years on end, even when you could no longer remember me. I know you, Lyn. I know you better than myself," he explained. "You don't want to be powerful; you don't exactly want to be a leader, either. But something inside you wants to be the Alpha... And I can sense it flawlessly."copyright protection58PENANAZvaMVN0xXs

"I..." There was nothing I could say. He had just said everything I was thinking. "I don't know what to say."copyright protection58PENANAJNFXxYXBgX

"Well, I do. I know exactly what to say," he turned to face the pack. "If we have no Alpha, this disarray will only get worse. Think about it, isn't she precisely what we need? Don't we need someone, who is not self-centered and has no intention of personal gain, yet strong enough to lead us. She not only carries the Grayson name, but also bears both Alpha Marks. I can't think of anyone more legible to become the Luna Pack's Alpha."copyright protection58PENANAsT84ipujOu

"For the love of Luna, Liam-" I began.copyright protection58PENANAXN07zVVztT

"Tonight, is full moon... It is the strongest day to ascend her as Alpha. What do you all think?"copyright protection58PENANA2cHHaeF7PW

"You're right, William. There is no one more suited to the title." We were all surprised to see that it was Michael who spoke. "We will make the preparations for Weslyn Grayson to ascend as Alpha."copyright protection58PENANA4hQcm8BRsq

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