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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-Eight
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UcB3JzVOwUHLGhxzvApLposted on PENANA

"YOU MUST BE BETA WALKER." In the next room, I could just make out Liam greeting the Beta of the Bronze Pack. "I'm Beta Moonstone for technical purposes, but everyone calls me William."copyright protection66PENANAAKCIhC87hR

"Nice to meet you... William." That voice. I couldn't stop this feeling from fluttering in my chest, as the Beta's deep voice echoed in my ears. By Luna, what the hell was going on? "Is it true that you're the Alpha's soulmate."copyright protection66PENANARb4tfN3aCz

"Yeah, I am."copyright protection66PENANA5jkMASl6tL

"That makes sense... You look fairly young for a Beta."copyright protection66PENANAR3vuMM6UUo

"You don't look too old, yourself," Liam commented and I could almost hear him smile. But my heart wasn't into listening to him. I was too distracted by the other voice; the sound of Beta Walker. "But I guess you're right. I'm almost 18. What about you?"copyright protection66PENANAMMAQgPEj0g

"I'm 19," he answered.copyright protection66PENANAT5AeRb7dhA

"Really, now? You made it sound as if you were years older than that."copyright protection66PENANAY8EuCqhJlb

"You won't understand until you reach my age, but turning 18 is actually a big change," he stated. "You'll suddenly feel much older... Maybe, it's just a Brown Wolf thing, though. For us, it's a time of mid-life crisis."copyright protection66PENANA77YHYfxCzx

The age of 18 was about the half-way mark of a Brown Wolf's lifespan... I hadn't given it much thought before, but it was true. In another 20 years or so... Bryan and Anna would start to suffer. It wasn't at all fair, but it was the balance of nature and no one could stop it.copyright protection66PENANATsCuHuFOHW

"I shouldn't have said that."copyright protection66PENANApG53aIusrP

"You had no idea about it," I pointed out. "So, it's okay, Liam."copyright protection66PENANAEzXChVSOyr

"Can you come join me before things get too awkward?"copyright protection66PENANAlsTYWBsBqa

"Don't worry, I will."copyright protection66PENANAyPRDT1mnuO

I took a deep breath to compose myself and stood up from the chair, making my way into the next room.copyright protection66PENANAd8naLE6DtF

"Good evening," I greeted, stepping into the hall. "I believe you are Beta Walker of the Bronze Pack."copyright protection66PENANA4O7YM4zfGZ

"That's me, alright."copyright protection66PENANApePgSIie6M

His skin was tanned, with dark brown hair that brought out his complexion flawlessly. I felt my skin tingle, as I breathed in his warm scent. Warm. There was no other way I could describe it. His eyes were the deepest brown; I ever saw... And looking into them, I felt a strange sense of deja vu. But when had I felt it, before?copyright protection66PENANA3kVqvG5Bjz

Liam. That was when I felt it. The first time I met him, I felt the same way. The instant captivation of his eyes, the tingles in my body and the warmth I sensed - it was everything I felt from Liam. But that was because Liam was my mate. And that... It wasn't possible.copyright protection66PENANAhonpmatWq9

I pushed back my thoughts and the tried to ignore how fast my heart was pounding, as I looked directly at him.copyright protection66PENANAWPoL6gupvB

"I am Weslyn Grayson, the Alpha of the Luna Pack."copyright protection66PENANAcyV7ZqO528

"You're a Grayson Alpha?" he asked, astonished. He stared at me, his face filled with awe. "I had no idea, Alpha Grayson."copyright protection66PENANAEjw2JTdcQD

"Please, Beta Walker," I smiled slightly. "No one calls me that. Weslyn will do."copyright protection66PENANAmMtKyA12Zw

"And you can call me Blayze." Blayze. Blayze Walker. I stretched out my hand to him and he lifted his palm to meet mine.copyright protection66PENANAEb5zj508b2

It was when our hands touched, that I felt it. It was the same feeling I had when Liam and I first made contact.copyright protection66PENANAgQmNS5H6ix

I knew it. I knew the feeling. It wasn't possible. It wasn't possible to feel that way about someone else. But at the same time... I couldn't deny what I had felt.copyright protection66PENANAKEjdpRNqUN

I felt the spark.copyright protection66PENANAXyZ38j88rj

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