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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-Five
Sep 6, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7YPr1l09LeCt6fhVzkUtposted on PENANA

"THE TRUTH?" she demanded.copyright protection85PENANAZPeLOSnrd6

"Ever heard of the Soulmate Curse?" If it was true that she spent years researching Brown Wolves, she would have heard of the curse.copyright protection85PENANAck41M6mMf8

"Oh, I know, alright," she smirked. "The mighty legend of the War of Hearts..." I couldn't help but smile in response. "It's really just some stupid fairytale."copyright protection85PENANA1SB78T2IeW

She really had no idea what she was getting herself into.copyright protection85PENANAbdMpYBil3v

"You're in a war, now."copyright protection85PENANArgPwhBDEoT

"A war?" I had asked.copyright protection85PENANANpLpxUjACx

"The War of Hearts."copyright protection85PENANAxNKkdIVv4Z

Mary may not have believed it to be true... But it was only a matter of time. It wouldn't be long before she realised the truth.copyright protection85PENANA1wfQ3xsGbR

"You're only one of his soulmates, Maryanne." Instead of sugar-coating the truth, I simply told her of it.copyright protection85PENANAAZgmoOgIoT

"I don't believe you... West would never betray me."copyright protection85PENANAfVHZfUIbqN

"Not on purpose," I answered. "All Grayson Wolves are affected by the Soulmate Curse and for Gray Wolves, Soulmates are forever... Very soon, he will feel the same way about her, as he does for you."copyright protection85PENANAarjpinXK48

"What?" Her mouth eyes darkened, as she took a step closer, her body practically touching mine. "What the hell do you mean?"copyright protection85PENANABE8S1xGhf4

"He may even forget you..."copyright protection85PENANAbu0SugMdrd

And for the first time, I saw Maryanne Grant get angry.copyright protection85PENANA0CEk1WIZHM

She lunged forward, pinning me against the wall by my throat. The bloodlust on her face, made me freeze in place. I watched, astonished, as her fingers morphed into claws and she lifted them to my temple, before slashing the end across my cheek.copyright protection85PENANA7irgbsNRK2

"Weslynare you hurt?" Liam could probably feel how she felt because of their bond.copyright protection85PENANAWVxXN2dAfE

I wanted to call out; to reassure him that I was alright... I couldn't, though .copyright protection85PENANANggsAipih6

The claws were much more painful than I thought it could be. The whole entire left side of my face seemed to sting from the venom in her claws.copyright protection85PENANA5powFAYtrI

But there was something else.copyright protection85PENANAwoE3ls5y2k

Feeling her venom seeping into my veins was like deja vu... Possibly the most painful feeling of all.copyright protection85PENANAcQAtjbMIu3

I had felt it before.copyright protection85PENANAOztd68N4Cf

And maybe that was it, but the agony had shocked me so much; I could no longer move... By Luna, I could barely breathe.copyright protection85PENANAN8DrbZTgxW

"Mary!" a voice growled, shoving her away from me, so that she slammed into the opposite wall. "For the love of Luna! What the hell do you think you doing?"copyright protection85PENANABKNce6o0PT

My brother stood before me, his face filled with concern. He slowly lifted his hand and traced the slash on my cheek. I winced slightly, but lifted my own fingers to check my wound. Only to find that I had already began to heal.copyright protection85PENANA3DtwRzFFDh

"Thank Luna," he murmured softly, pulling me into a tight hug. I grimaced in pain. My back was probably badly bruised from hitting the wall so hard. "I have no idea what I would've done if you didn't heal so quickly. But-" He hesitated.copyright protection85PENANAUqpySBxMS5

"But?" What was so bad; that he couldn't say it? I wasn't that hurt, was I?copyright protection85PENANAItPvG4C54r

"You'll probably have scars," he mumbled. "Werewolf slashes and bites don't heal like normal injuries, so..."copyright protection85PENANAY75rEX0kCE

"That doesn't matter."copyright protection85PENANABx516XCEKu

From the scar that ran along my back and the many others on my body, I had become accustomed to having scars.copyright protection85PENANAJsYzYFDBKH

They had become part of me. Without them, I wouldn't truly be me.copyright protection85PENANA3JP8au6bOJ

"West," Mary breathed. She slowly stood up from the other side of the room and swept away the blood on her temple as if it was nothing. "You h-hurt me."copyright protection85PENANAQpgVrnT31D

The stutter in her voice was only slight but it was enough for me to realise the most important thing of all.copyright protection85PENANAyL6xk5cYGX

She feared West.copyright protection85PENANAFJGvSRZY3N

I wasn't sure why or how, but he was the only way that she could be controlled.copyright protection85PENANAHTdYPElIHm

"You hurt my little sister," he gritted out. "We may be mates but that doesn't give you the right to hurt her."copyright protection85PENANAmg8sNsxZqe

"But you're supposed to choose me!" she shrieked, staring up at him in shock. "Not her... Me."copyright protection85PENANAW6XDCPuCOx

"Do you truly think that I like seeing you in pain?" he ran his fingers along the healing cut on her forehead. "I hate it... I hate myself for it."copyright protection85PENANApvrCtghPZZ

"I don't understand."copyright protection85PENANAcmfkP2Nm2e

"I'm sorry, Mary," he told her. "If you truly do not understand, I don't know if it's possible for me to explain to you. I've missed you and I still..." he took a sharp intake of breath. "I still care for you... But don't hurt her. I won't let you get away with it."copyright protection85PENANABZlyDXo8zc

Without another word, she stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I sank to my knees, my head still pounding from her attack.copyright protection85PENANAGZI7CcoT1n

"Weslyn?" West called.copyright protection85PENANASdJ8yzblVe

But his voice sounded as though it came from far away; too far away. Before I knew it, my head spun and the world around me started to blur.copyright protection85PENANAzxeU5RSuZs

"Lyn!"copyright protection85PENANAHFrpM3BbXD

The moment I realised who it was, I faded into darkness.copyright protection85PENANAyPRiYpR9LN

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