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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Fourty-Six
Oct 3, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tmBj7swlEL0SJS5Tbu0Wposted on PENANA

"EVERYTHING. Everything is wrong, Blayze. For one thing, I don't understand what's going on... And then there's me. My emotions are all over the place, my memories still haven't come back to me and I'm so... Weak."copyright protection65PENANAnWQbnN2fHq

He didn't speak, but merely looked into my eyes, as is he was trying to understand mecopyright protection65PENANAXaMztU10fF

"What?" I snapped. From the way my mark was burning, I knew that my eyes had turned red, but Blayze seemed completely unfazed by it.copyright protection65PENANAMfyw8Dqj7q

"I think I got it," he answered. "You fought with Liam, didn't you?" My entire body seemed to freeze at his question and all the anger I felt, vanished without a trace.copyright protection65PENANAfvn5GKTJ0A

"How did you-"copyright protection65PENANA9XLWweQxf5

"Weslyn," he interrupted. "Being an Alpha, isn't easy. Your emotions to go haywire, while you deal with the stress. And part of you're memories won't be restored... None of it is your fault."copyright protection65PENANAd2lLytoYMw

I was suddenly aware of how close he was standing to me. I had been so entranced by his words, that I hadn't even noticed him moving.copyright protection65PENANAp21M8Hx2rx

"I don't know what William or any of the others said to you, but I want you to know... That you're nowhere near weak."copyright protection65PENANACAuow1DmyS

"But I'm not even strong enough to make my own decisions," I almost didn't recognise my voice from how feeble it sounded.copyright protection65PENANAsMUNxtgWr3

"That's where you are wrong," he murmured. "Not being able to decide doesn't make you weak... And making decisions don't make you any stronger. Some decisions are just harder to make than others. They would cause you so much pain; you would do anything to end it."copyright protection65PENANAsR6tDebbgC

"Then what am I supposed to do?" I asked. "If I can't make a decision... I'm not the only one who will get hurt. And even if I do..."copyright protection65PENANAITdchKeU6N

Either way... I would lose someone; I loved.copyright protection65PENANANzzHm6bD2D

"One way or another, someone will end up hurt, right?"copyright protection65PENANAGvuMY81ajh

There was something about the way he spoke. It was almost as if he knew... That somehow, he had found out about the curse.copyright protection65PENANAN1b0esKsnR

"Blayze, there's something..." I trailed off. He was even closer to me; so close that I could barely think. "About the..."copyright protection65PENANAfaqOSNV3qY

"I know."copyright protection65PENANAG7taUrjVCC

He reached out and swept my fringe away from my face, fixating his eyes onto mine. It was entirely frozen; entranced by the reflection of my face in his strange, yet beautiful, eyes.copyright protection65PENANAdpEpqSRble

"I know about the Soulmate Curse," Blayze whispered. "And I know what I am to you."copyright protection65PENANA2BptphhlkH

I couldn't speak; his eyes were the only thing burning inside me mind.copyright protection65PENANAj1PMcJevFQ

Brown, gray, silver, bronze, black... How could someone's eyes have such conflicting colours? How did the such different colours turn to perfection when it came to him?copyright protection65PENANA7SgLhGE9RZ

"And I know how I feel."copyright protection65PENANAoUANo05Flq

The sound of his voice made me break away from his gaze.copyright protection65PENANAmErcrDVF8B

"Blayze, how did you..."copyright protection65PENANAwfuM1MsFVk

"I heard about it from Mary. She was telling Lucian about the curse and besides..." He paused. "There has to be a reason for how I feel about you."copyright protection65PENANAFkeg8DgdiC

"You have feelings for me?" My voice was so quiet, I didn't think he would hear me.copyright protection65PENANADFh5RIINoR

"I've never had feelings for anyone before, Weslyn. And maybe it was better for Brown Wolves to be that way..."copyright protection65PENANAoU7SG8E9OA

He didn't have to say anything else to make me to understand. There wasn't much of a point in falling in love if you weren't destined to live.copyright protection65PENANAttVIK3l0hD

"But, I kept thinking about you, even when I tried not to," he told me. "I thought something was wrong with me but it was exactly the opposite." He sighed. "We're so different in many ways... Almost nothing about us is the same. But still, no one is more perfect for me, than you."copyright protection65PENANADVjU0aDJX2

"You don't know that."copyright protection65PENANAAmWHeDQTME

"I do, Weslyn," he answered. "I do know that you're the one for me... But the thing is, I'm not the one for you."copyright protection65PENANAug8pZSskTJ

I stared up at him.copyright protection65PENANAYwEhrFr5op

"You deserve to be with William."copyright protection65PENANA7YM4F1IwUu

"But, Blayze, what about you?" I asked.copyright protection65PENANAaoLjNKcg55

"I shouldn't matter to you, Weslyn," he told me. "I came between the two of you and I'll be gone before you - just like every other Brown Wolf."copyright protection65PENANA03CFk4kM9I

"So, I'm supposed to leave you to die?" I demanded, grabbing him by the shirt. "I would never do that to anyone; let alone, you."copyright protection65PENANAchGYmmZ4SU

"I know," he admitted. "I know you won't abandon me. Which is why... After this war is over, I'll leave Gray Valley... By myself."copyright protection65PENANAz3jkn74zn9

All at once, I felt it.copyright protection65PENANAEodh3ylnlv

The icy cold pain, that mercilessly stabbed at me chest. It was the overwhelming feling of loss; the sense of being helpless.copyright protection65PENANA6xMNw9awd3

Blayze wanted to leave me.copyright protection65PENANArM6K7uRb3f

At that moment, all I wanted to do, was to fall in his arms and break down; beg him to stay. I wanted him to promise to me that he wouldn't leave; I wanted him to stop the pain.copyright protection65PENANAlIEyZH7l5s

But there was no way any of it would happen.copyright protection65PENANAQcZDZwM930

"B-but the Brown Wolf Pack," I managed. "You're the next Alpha, Blayze. They need you to stay."copyright protection65PENANAcuNjfUN76R

"I'm pretty sure you'll do a better job at it." He was calm; I was anything but. "After we defeat Lucian, take in the other Brown Wolves, like you did for Anna and Bryan." My eyes prickled with tears. "Be their Alpha... For me."copyright protection65PENANAmrz10zJ7UO

"Blayze..."copyright protection65PENANAzL0zo06b99

"After all, you were born for it."copyright protection65PENANAcmEZFTTt0Z

When I forced back my tears and stared up at him, I saw that he was smiling back...copyright protection65PENANAknrUost7Ao

And that was what finally broke me.copyright protection65PENANAWa9XKyXQK7

For the first time in forever... I let the tears flow.copyright protection65PENANA0WtEW9yPCy

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