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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty
Aug 10, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Jy8AxF5M0Lr5hPmrF1sQposted on PENANA

"THAT'S NOT TRUE." It wasn't. There was someone who loved West Grayson. There was one girl who loved him more than her own life. "Anna is in love with him."copyright protection61PENANAEnJnBjzNLd

"What?" Liam stared at me, shocked. "Bryanna is..."copyright protection61PENANAUvL25iIb4I

"Bryanna," West muttered, his face blank. It was evident that he felt nothing for her. If Bryanna were to see him now, she would be heart-broken.copyright protection61PENANAXvNelaG1c8

"She's in love with him," Luna replied to him. "She is completely in love, West; yet you fail to see it."copyright protection61PENANARQwAe7TOVF

"That's why she supported him earlier," Liam struggled to comprehend what he was hearing. "It's why she was talking about unrequited love and everything... How does he not see it?"copyright protection61PENANA1PaNSg5Ara

"His hatred for love has turned him into a monster. And that monster can't register the affection of others."copyright protection61PENANAjpG7E1hk2u

"Weslyn," Luna reached out and pressed her palm against mine. "Time is running out. I have to leave soon."copyright protection61PENANAtTlZuz7nn2

"Can't you stay?" I asked weakly, intertwining my fingers with her's.copyright protection61PENANA2pSdcKtilV

"Just because I'm leaving, doesn't mean I'm not staying," she smiled. "I promise that I'll be with you forever, Weslyn. There's no need to worry about being alone."copyright protection61PENANAsEk8LYa3jc

"But I am alone," I couldn't help but think.copyright protection61PENANAyN6TMAsUXQ

"No, you're not." A voice responded, catching me off guard.copyright protection61PENANAX0gPdsAHKV

The only voice I was somewhat used to hearing in my head was Liam's. But the new voice was not his. It was a calmer, steadier version of my own; it was the voice of Luna.copyright protection61PENANADdAYlmWvqg

"Luna?"copyright protection61PENANAIY3ORQokLm

"I won't break my promise to you," she told me. "You need not to doubt it."copyright protection61PENANAaInrxBT7iE

"Et promissione tua, Weslyn," she said out loud. "You can wish for almost anything in the world and it will be my duty to grant it. There are exceptions of course. You cannot bring back your parents, because death is irreversible. I cannot manipulate the feelings of others, for emotions cannot be created. It is also impossible for me to control time."copyright protection61PENANA3WSEUe0RKq

It never crossed my mind to bring back my parents. There deaths were injust and too early... But they were at peace. Resurrecting them was probably the wish people would expect me to make. However, it wasn't what I wanted. There was no need for me to change the emotions of others and I didn't have a reason to control time.copyright protection61PENANA7spbhg1GAN

"Can you change someone?" I immediately doubled back, struggling to believe what I had said. It was almost unreal what I wanted, when you compared it with what I should have wanted. "I mean... Can you change their personality; or maybe, the memories that make them the way they are?"copyright protection61PENANA2Lvpc216aj

Luna stared at me for several moments, unsure why I was asking her such a strange question and then, nodded.copyright protection61PENANALdgDSaSS1C

"What are you doing, Lyn?" Liam asked. "Who are you going to change?"copyright protection61PENANAj95IkmYm2z

"This will solve all our problems," I stated. "It'll change all of us; help us all to survive. It is the only way..."copyright protection61PENANA95lEvyHwFR

I looked in front of me at West, tears falling down his face. My chest squeezed tightly at the sight of his broken expression. My brother. He was my brother. My brother, broken during his childhood and haunted by it for the rest of his life.copyright protection61PENANAQq564XgXQh

I was supposed to love him... Yet, I was so quick to hate him-just as my parents had done.copyright protection61PENANAzaqESL1R73

It was because of me that he grew bitter; developed a craving towards the pain of others. I was the reason that he became a psychopath.copyright protection61PENANArg9MVEkCa0

"I want you to change West," I told her, my voice louder than I was used to. I didn't care. I had to solve it. It was time to solve it...copyright protection61PENANAu1qz7vxnso

"I want you to make him forget his childhood."copyright protection61PENANAF2y6HrRIiZ

It was time to solve it, for once and for all.copyright protection61PENANAMKfVwazRNK

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