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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twenty-Five
Aug 10, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PJ1VhKsq0l5fTrw5PCUqposted on PENANA

DISASTER CAME CRASHING DOWN THE VERY NEXT DAY. It came in the form Martyn, who frantically raced into my bedroom and immediately froze, clearly regretting the fact that he had barged in unannounced.copyright protection97PENANA9Uhe2XM5DT

"By Luna, I'm sorry, Alpha," he apologised at once. I wasn't in a bad state or anything, but I was still in my bed, snuggled among the sheets with my short hair looking wildly tangled. Generally speaking, it wasn't the best idea to wake up a tired and sleepy girl, but I was a morning person and had been awake for a whole hour, staring at the sun rise outside my window.copyright protection97PENANArtDtoUdRke

"It's fine, Martyn. I was already awake," I assured him. "And in the future, if it's an emergency, feel free to wake me up, barge in or whatever. I won't hate on you for it. But please don't call me Alpha. You're my friend and Liam's... Just stick with Weslyn."copyright protection97PENANAdqu6R0cHD6

"Of course," he nodded, still looking extremely nervous.copyright protection97PENANA7M0p12mO7Z

"I can see that you're anxious for some reason, Martyn. So don't try and hide it. Tell me what it is."copyright protection97PENANAHzsk2RfgIA

"The Brown Wolf Pack's Alpha wishes to see you," he managed. "He wants to make arrangements for a meeting to discuss and possibly come to an agreement about both packs."copyright protection97PENANAuV0Z2RZezC

"Where's this coming from? The Brown Wolf Alpha couldn't have randomly decided this."copyright protection97PENANAkGpk5qnrev

"He had a... Compromise with West for about five or so years. Even if you have to make a few adjustments, he wants to keep it the same."copyright protection97PENANArW4Th7Kwot

"And what was this agreement about?"copyright protection97PENANA6So6RqYRFx

"You'll have to ask West or Bryan; I don't know the details..." he admitted. "But trust me, Weslyn, it's definitely not what you would want to agree to."copyright protection97PENANAtZeSkkjHLx

"When did he want to meet me?"copyright protection97PENANAdduh6LpRhN

"There's a little problem with that," he told me. "The Alpha, Lucian Bronze, has fallen ill... So he is unable to meet you."copyright protection97PENANAkoGJvyaupP

"Ill?" I demanded, narrowing my eyes. "I thought Werewolves didn't get ill or anything." Over the past years, I had never recalled getting a mere cold or virus.copyright protection97PENANA2SPgL9A4Rm

"Brown Wolves aren't exactly like us... But you're right, they don't exactly fall ill. It's a little different. Because they're unnatural, Brown Wolves have a shorter life span. Around 40 years of age; maybe even late 30s... They become ill. They physically weaken and also gradually lose their sanity. Often the ill Werewolf would be put down... because the most merciful thing to do, in that situation, is to kill them before the illness gets too severe."copyright protection97PENANAC4z6mGRLy9

"That's..."copyright protection97PENANAyTyeC3MMyc

"I know," he agreed. "It's something I would never be able to do, even if someone I love is suffering."copyright protection97PENANACA5rQQArUs

"I'm just... It scares me. Because, I just realised that one day, it's what we'll have to do to Bryan and Anna." Hurt flashed across his face as I mentioned their names. "What's wrong, Martyn?" He swallowed painfully, before replying to me.copyright protection97PENANAOxwoDT5vED

"No, it's nothing," he assured me. "The Bronze Pack Beta, who is the next in line to be Alpha, will be the one to see you... Tonight."copyright protection97PENANAFdwdr9heWP

"I will talk to him," I answered. "Even if it's just forming an alliance... It will be valuable."copyright protection97PENANAqypv0gmBIh

"Weslyn, you don't understand..." he murmured. "If someone comes, they will take them away."copyright protection97PENANA3wOAUstZY8

"Who?" Who was Martyn talking about.copyright protection97PENANADDlaRMj81g

"Bryan... And Anna."copyright protection97PENANAYsPnYPEkqm

"I won't let anyone take them away," I said.copyright protection97PENANACuTq4NTyNR

"No, you don't understand. Anna love West. And Bryan..." His voice trailed off and I gave him a confused glance. Martyn took a deep breath to compose himself. "Haven't you wondered why I don't have a mate?"copyright protection97PENANAGrv1CnOVvQ

"I just thought you hadn't met her yet," I replied truthfully. Gray Wolves could sense their mates from birth, but not if they were somewhere else. I thought that was the case for Martyn. He chuckled darkly at my answer.copyright protection97PENANAcui1SgQwBh

"That's actually what I told William," he admitted, a sad smile on his face.copyright protection97PENANATdLMEQAxoo

"For the love of Luna, it’s not the truth, is it?" I asked, detecting the tone of his voice. "You already have a mate, don’t you?"copyright protection97PENANAp4PV6riUnO

"I didn't think anyone would understand; not even William. But that was until I met you, Weslyn. I believe in you. I believe that you will understand me."copyright protection97PENANAKAi3BajsHV

"I will, Martyn," I replied. "I will do everything I can to try and understand you."copyright protection97PENANAJA9vmNlXlJ

"I think you will try," he told me. "But even you may not understand why I must love my mate no matter who they are."copyright protection97PENANAlLObGUDYO0

"I get it. Liam-"copyright protection97PENANAMzB4CceWFW

"Will is different. There's nothing keeping you apart... Not everyone is as lucky," he sighed. "Because, it's like I'm cursed, Weslyn. No one would understand my soulmate bond. I'm not even sure how you, of all people, would react if I told you that my mate is a Brown Wolf."copyright protection97PENANARow0TTOfQa

"Anna?" I asked, shocked.copyright protection97PENANAYbVNnBH0Av

"Bryanna?" He smiled sadly in response. "If it was her, it wouldn't be anywhere near as complicated."copyright protection97PENANA1m5CrHOGDt

For a minute, I was blank... Before everything came crashing back down, forcing me into reality.copyright protection97PENANACvS8vM1k1S

"Bryan..."copyright protection97PENANAu04pNr1vrB

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