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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-Three
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2353Qiu86oFwhct02r4tposted on PENANA

I EXCHANGED GLANCES WITH MARTYN. His face was full of disbelief, as he watched Mary embrace their father, without any hesitation, whatsoever.copyright protection115PENANACx4oAS6iOL

"If Mary were still here," Martyn had said the day before. "She would be on my side... You know that."copyright protection115PENANAvQPATGSoPZ

Martyn had been so sure that she had left due to her hatred for their father... But, by the familiarity she welcomed him with, it was clear that it wasn't the case. It would appear that Martyn didn't know his sister well enough.copyright protection115PENANAMvv4HY5Jq9

"My lovely daughter," Michael sighed gently into her hair. "I was wondering when you'd come back to me."copyright protection115PENANAd2HirhaxAZ

"I'm sorry for the delay father," she apologised, stepping away from him. "My search took a little longer than we had anticipated."copyright protection115PENANAj5P9FJPy7F

"A search for what?"copyright protection115PENANAxUa3ZS14Cs

"I moved between various Gray Wolf packs, searching for a cure the Brown Wolf illness..." she explained.copyright protection115PENANAeQuV8VcjtN

"You were looking for a cure?" Martyn inquired. "To prolong the life of a Brown Wolf, right?"copyright protection115PENANAiMS8VxRL6Z

The happiness seemed to return to his face. The fact that she was looking for a cure seemed to reassure him that Mary was on his side.copyright protection115PENANArDTCGSuIW7

But I knew better.copyright protection115PENANAaaXF66Bjp4

"And you'd do something like that?" I asked incredulously. "For the Brown Wolves? It sounded to me as though you hated them."copyright protection115PENANA6IQYQMwIyD

Martyn may be quick to believe her, but he hadn't seen the way she treated Anna. He loved his sister too much to see how twisted she was.copyright protection115PENANAHZgABXt6Gq

"I have my reasons," she smirked. I narrowed my eyes at her.copyright protection115PENANAeRBbwHi71I

"You mean the word of your father." A low growl escaped her lips, as she turned to glare at me, the gray in her eyes darkening considerably.copyright protection115PENANAc7q36hPDZn

"What?" Martyn stared at me, shocked.copyright protection115PENANAgGnxhZvK6b

"Lyn, what's going on?" Liam's voice echoed in my mind. "What do you mean by that?"copyright protection115PENANAbk3MwzuOHv

"It would appear that Maryanne is a lot more like Michael than you thought, Martyn," I answered. "You see, like your father, Maryanne despises Brown Wolves."copyright protection115PENANAwUDXXJeMmd

"B-but, Mary, I t-thought you left because o-of him..." His voice shakily trailed off. "Isn't that what you told me?"copyright protection115PENANAaDTyabxFVE

"Not exactly, Martyn. I said that I left for him; not because of him."copyright protection115PENANAR7YUUvuojc

"Growing up, Mary would often argue with Michael... I, too, was convinced that she left because of her hatred for him, but..."copyright protection115PENANAUQ6xO3h2QE

"It seems they had many people fooled," I muttered. "I don't know what reason they had for purposely hiding their relationship, but they did... And they did it well."copyright protection115PENANAg1hazsl77h

"So, you don't care for Brown Wolves?" Martyn was still struggling to accept his sister's deception.copyright protection115PENANALZoKTifnHz

"Why should I?" she snarled. Martyn stared at her, his face full of hurt.copyright protection115PENANAACqGafKriB

"Did you end up finding a cure?" Liam asked her. She didn't reply but turned back to face her father.copyright protection115PENANA5yCnIcP3jX

"I wish to speak with my father, alone."copyright protection115PENANAk5WJQQ16eJ

"Very well," he replied grimly, his face retuning to its usual flat expression. "Alpha Grayson, if none of you have any objections, I will be taking my daughter to somewhere quiet to speak to her alone."copyright protection115PENANAGOl7vvmfXE

Liam stepped forward, looking as though he wanted to disagree, but I blocked him with my arm.copyright protection115PENANAQ3ctqVFgYZ

"Go ahead," I told him.copyright protection115PENANAej4b3V151f

"But, Lyn-" he began.copyright protection115PENANAOH4aOzGaPD

"Just let them go," I gritted out.copyright protection115PENANAPGG197WOnV

The moment they left the room, Martyn sunk to his knees, tears falling down his cheeks. Although I wanted to comfort him, I stayed back.copyright protection115PENANANCfSNiNOnP

Sometimes, it was best to get it out.copyright protection115PENANA4cw8mlH2wx

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