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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-Six
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!r9eyxLfDThVZZ7LrfUSuposted on PENANA

"YOU'VE BEEN KNOCKED OUT ALL DAY."copyright protection99PENANAp28W8TrctV

At first, I couldn't see anything. I merely saw a dark-haired guy sitting beside me. However, I recognised him through his voice.copyright protection99PENANAHU4WtCIIfC

"Liam?"copyright protection99PENANAZbBZinryij

"The one and only," he murmured, running his hand through my hair. "How're you feeling?"copyright protection99PENANA2HmaDu45Hx

For almost a minute, I didn't reply as I tried to make sense of what happened the previous day. Mary had attacked me and West intervened. Then...copyright protection99PENANA0os5lVH3EX

My eyes widened with disbelief, as I recalled it. He had shoved her; he had hurt his soulmate. He tried to protect me.copyright protection99PENANAFD8hDrE5ZX

"Is Maryanne hurt?"copyright protection99PENANAo2ELdighnX

"You were just knocked out for 18 hours and that's the first thing that came to your mind?" he asked incredulously. "Lyn, I say I know you but I don't think I'll ever understand how your brain works."copyright protection99PENANAPolhtHcbKQ

"She's just too nice," Anna remarked. "I mean, she's concerned about the girl who tried to kill her." As she came into view, my vision began to sharpen and the room seemed unrealistically clear. "Maryanne is completely fine; she woke up yesterday."copyright protection99PENANA8qugH8HmdH

"And West?" Hitting her would have been hard for him, as well. "Where is he?"copyright protection99PENANAjCKYoXgEeE

"He's with her," she told me; her voice sounding bitter. "Either way, she'll live."copyright protection99PENANAB32XlwExHo

"That aside, how are you feeling?" Liam asked gently. His eyes were fixed on my cheek, where Mary's claws had undoubtedly left scars.copyright protection99PENANAoPPS6x1NTe

"I definitely feel better than what I look like." Liam's lips twitched slightly at my reply. But he didn't smile. Maybe he felt inclined to be serious when he thought I was in pain... "I'm okay, you know?"copyright protection99PENANAvdRfcfctTr

"Only just," his voice was a mere whisper. "If West hadn't pulled her away in time, you could have..."copyright protection99PENANA7uvasQG6oo

"What is it?"copyright protection99PENANAvMekFkRG8L

"The Gray Wolf venom in Mary's claws would have poisoned your blood and suppressed your Wolf," Anna finished for him. "You would have returned to the state you were in, 8 years ago."copyright protection99PENANAVDZNTb26EW

"Can that even happen-" I had no idea...copyright protection99PENANAxLr3WTUCZi

"Yes, it can... It can happen many times; the pain will get worse each time and it will become harder to strengthen the bonds," Liam interrupted. "Only, it can't happen with the same venom."copyright protection99PENANA0u4ePKzHrH

"The same venom?"copyright protection99PENANAsmlr9eDckh

"Venom from the same Gray Wolf," she explained to me. "In your case, that's West. His venom was in your system for 8 entire years... Your body has built resistance to his venom."copyright protection99PENANA9S3AWZtQCt

"If, by any chance, he were to attack you again, you would be unfazed by his venom," he told me.copyright protection99PENANA9CYeROYqvp

For about a minute, I didn't answer. Instead, I tried to remember the night I was attacked. Parts of it was the clearest thing in my memory.copyright protection99PENANA8XMtpWI283

I could almost feel the claws shred the skin on my back; the pain that chilled the blood in my veins. I remembered my mother's screams, as the blood flowed from my wounds soaking my clothes. I still recalled the sense of laying in a pool of my own blood, watching my life fade away.copyright protection99PENANAjiWnSSmmJY

But I also didn't remember...copyright protection99PENANAQSBO6tD5U8

"Liam?"copyright protection99PENANAv25hwvdexm

"Yeah?" he responded at once.copyright protection99PENANAhREdex6ATQ

"Are you sure West was the one who attacked me?"copyright protection99PENANAzJIbyPEbVy

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