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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Nineteen
Aug 10, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YhGySWiDXsxAbD3e5A74posted on PENANA

I NEVER TRULY ACCEPTED WEST AS MY BROTHER. I knew, deep down, that he was telling the truth, but I was reluctant to accept someone so heartless as my brother.copyright protection96PENANAgEMYavdnI3

But that was before Luna spoke; before I found out the truth.copyright protection96PENANAiGkYfdVxRS

"He killed my father..."copyright protection96PENANA0ptb2wp76x

I had never sounded like that before: all venom and agony. My chest tightened painfully and I squeezed my eyes shut to force back the tears. I refused not cry. I would not show myself as weak.copyright protection96PENANAbnbYlluzJc

"He killed my father," I repeated, quietly.copyright protection96PENANAC2TX18bXG2

"Lyn," Liam whispered. I had forgotten he was in the room. "Calm down, Lyn... It's okay."copyright protection96PENANAPHrjSuPiCW

"It's not!" I snarled, glaring at him. "It's not okay, Liam. It's never going to be okay; so, stop lying to me!" He flinched away from me, hurt at the harshness of my tone.copyright protection96PENANAQOk1MFnhe7

"Weslyn, do not be too quick to release harsh words," Luna advised. "You must forever think of the consequences you may face."copyright protection96PENANAtRanObwZ8d

"I've thought about my life, enough," I answered back. "It's time I did something about this."copyright protection96PENANA2YUuhMY75B

"Lyn..." There was only grief in his words and when I met his gaze, his eyes also had the same overwhelming sadness.copyright protection96PENANA4VppXc4ltj

"I am destined to do this," I thought to him. "No one can stop me from fulfilling what I was born for."copyright protection96PENANAtXaDlZPRZY

I took several steps forwards and stood before him, bracing myself for what was to come.copyright protection96PENANA42XYwfLvmQ

"W-Weslyn," West stuttered.copyright protection96PENANA6rMvQJIV4b

"Did you kill my father?" I demanded, without any hesitance. I was as ready as I ever would be to confront the monster who stole my life from me. "Did you crush the Wolf within me?"copyright protection96PENANAfy9pbup1lp

He didn't reply... Instead he trembled where he was and stared up at me, fear blinding his senses.copyright protection96PENANAZqrWpXbasy

"ANSWER ME!" I roared, leaping forward and grabbing him by his shirt. My muscles flexed, as I dragged him to his feet and threw him onto the wall. "WEST GRAYSON!"copyright protection96PENANA1z0N4RxNMC

"I did," he murmured. My arms fell limply to my sides at his sudden reply. "I don't know why, but I did."copyright protection96PENANAY1a8rmCRnY

I couldn't reply to that. By Luna... How were you supposed to react when someone confesses to their wrong-doings but fail to understand why? Because I, too, had no idea why West had done so many cruel things in his life.copyright protection96PENANAgmoHjNFvY8

"I murdered our father," he went on, his voice flat and emotionless. "I attacked you... I gave you the scar, knowing that it would suppress the wolf inside you."copyright protection96PENANA4ZH4NMVkzI

And that was when I saw him properly for the first time. All this time, I had seen him as nothing but a power-hungry sadist. Beneath the surface, however, he was just a 28-year-old orphan. An all-powerful Gray Wolf Alpha but nevertheless a young adult haunted by isolation.copyright protection96PENANAWyK6Gcsi3P

When he looked up at me after confessing, I took a sharp intake of breath at his expression. He just seemed so... Lost. So alone...copyright protection96PENANAhkcG2wuH1s

West Grayson was just like me.copyright protection96PENANAP5swafi6zR

"I know, though," Luna's voice stated. "I know why you hurt people. I understand why you dislike seeing the love and affection of others." She stood beside me and outstretched her arm towards him. "Your childhood hurt you a lot, didn't it?" He didn't reply, but silently nodded.copyright protection96PENANAPwqAC6M5pQ

"It's like what Bryanna said," I muttered, finally understanding what she had meant. "He has been tainted by a hurtful past. It is why West desires for others to be in pain. He wishes to see them in a situation similar to what he grew up in."copyright protection96PENANAVGa7mcERUF

"But that's not all, is it?" Liam asked. "There's a reason why you hate seeing Lyn and I together."copyright protection96PENANAjJLLfW1y3B

"I'm not sure," West admitted, his voice hoarse. "It makes me angry but I'm not sure why I feel that way."copyright protection96PENANAqS7QsJXfPm

"Well, that's simple," Luna smiled knowingly. "The reason he hates love so much is because he never had someone who he could love, or anyone to love him."copyright protection96PENANA5K3gSptwhn

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