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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-Four
Sep 6, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4hESzxnhpgHcPoh5tTqeposted on PENANA

I SENSED SOMEONE BEHIND ME. I froze at once, waiting for them to reveal themself. When no one came forward, I decided to directly ask them.copyright protection94PENANAFYADxhXPuh

"For the love of Luna, I don't care who you are or what you want; but following me like a stalker isn't going to do you any good. So, I suggest you come out, now."copyright protection94PENANAAzyer7LOpb

"As aware as you were back then, aren't you?" a familiar voice snickered. I spun around to glare at Maryanne, her metallic gray eyes meeting mine.copyright protection94PENANA56nUuF0Xzr

I had only seen her yesterday, but her eyes still made a chill run down my spine.copyright protection94PENANAcepNSX5PMA

"Back then?"copyright protection94PENANA7m9FBANmpd

"As a child," she explained, . "Before you lost your memories, you were exactly like this... Your extreme awareness was like a seventh sense to you."copyright protection94PENANAxukVpOBqMa

"I don't remember you from before," I stated flatly.copyright protection94PENANARZpgMhdR70

"But, you sense me, don't you? How do you feel when you see me, Wes?"copyright protection94PENANArenBUYcHkB

"I'm not Wes," I muttered under my breath.copyright protection94PENANAUS6eNw3pWQ

It was uncomfortable, the feeling I got when I saw her. I could feel strong familiarity with everything about her. It wasn't exactly a warm or relaxed familiarity that I felt with Liam, but I nevertheless felt that we knew one another. And although I felt the connection, there was something strained between us.copyright protection94PENANAzNQY4Cgiun

"How do I make you feel, Wes?" she repeated, ignoring me completely. "What do you sense when I come near you?"copyright protection94PENANAiWBFxvDJdY

I had no idea when she moved, but she was standing nerve-rackingly close to me, her body practically touching mine. For almost an entire minute, I couldn't reply.copyright protection94PENANAl7QrmEYq3U

"I don't know."copyright protection94PENANAgDI6CNJS5d

"By Luna, you don't know?" she demanded incredulously. "I see... Maybe I read you wrong and you've actually changed-"copyright protection94PENANAgn9R3HnHqA

"I don't know what it is," I interrupted. "But I don't like it. I despise the feeling I get when I see you, Maryanne."copyright protection94PENANAFLIwd5bbve

For a split second she was silent, before her lips twisted into a scornful smile.copyright protection94PENANA6MSPTvCCoH

"Just as I had hoped."copyright protection94PENANAQE50w9HUQ7

"Huh?"copyright protection94PENANAuvSd26idhO

"You wouldn't understand if you tried. You're nothing like me... You would never understand how I feel, Wes."copyright protection94PENANAsnAldtQP6e

"My name is not Wes," I repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time.copyright protection94PENANAxXTDXpMEjC

"You know, my habits tend not to leave me," she stated. "I have called you 'Wes,' since forever. I don't think I'll ever be able to change that." I clenched my teeth, suppressing the growl that threatened to surface. "You're just going to have to deal with it."copyright protection94PENANAMO8F1bLko3

Why did I hate that name so much?copyright protection94PENANA9RrKcEe2uk

Maybe... Maybe she was the reason. Maybe she was the reason why I loathed the nickname; why I was so against West calling me that...copyright protection94PENANAh1iaFfzrUT

"Listen, Maryanne Grant," I began quietly. "I may not like you, or how you talk to me, but that doesn't matter... I am the Alpha and-"copyright protection94PENANA4GHdmJp84N

"I don't get it," she snapped. "I don't get how you gained support from the pack. what did you do, even? Threaten them or something?"copyright protection94PENANAbdECYRhcTL

"I'm not like your father, Mary... Or even like you. I have people who care for me."copyright protection94PENANAxbNPls4UUZ

"And so do I."copyright protection94PENANAOZGvd2eCai

"Who?" I laughed coldly. "Your brother no longer trusts you, Liam doesn't know what to think and I... I almost hate you."copyright protection94PENANAqmw5ZuWgHQ

"The world doesn't revolve around you, Wes," she snickered. "I don't care who dislikes me because I have a father who loves me." Mary paused. "Besides... I have West, don't I?"copyright protection94PENANA1e1P3mh8hc

What? It took me too long to remember who she really was to me. She was West's mate and he... He loved her.copyright protection94PENANA75bOAoQP11

"No matter how much he loves his little sister, he can't deny his bond to me. The Soulmate Bond is-"copyright protection94PENANA8roFwnatDR

"I know that," I snapped. It pained me to admit that she was right.copyright protection94PENANAjF5ku9HMhY

"Don't get me wrong... Your relationship is truly admirable," she drawled. "But if it's between the two of us; he'll never fail to choose me."copyright protection94PENANAYp4adEz4uA

"You stay the hell away from him..." I muttered under my breath. "Don't you dare come anywhere near my brother."copyright protection94PENANA6D2uizRs2v

"Like I said before... I don't lose my habits that easily, Wes," her quicksilver eyes glinted in the darkness. "I've gotten used to being with your brother; I'm not going to give him up that easily. You'll just have to deal with it."copyright protection94PENANAjlbpGFynsQ

"If you touch him..."copyright protection94PENANAlqfpAt49xz

"There's nothing you can do to stop me, Wes."copyright protection94PENANAKDcM8ulZXo

"You underestimate me, Mary..." I whispered. "It'll all be over if I tell him the truth."copyright protection94PENANAvhKGGqmfNO

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