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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Fourteen
Jul 16, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XBz5bdzn7UcWu7iahg1aposted on PENANA Promises were the most important thing to Gray Wolves.

It was impossible to break a promise you made to someone who was more powerful than you. And even if you somehow manage to break it, the person you originally made a promise to, has the power to claim you; no other Gray Wolf is allowed to interfere. copyright protection74PENANAjCkrxrtqJj

Bryanna Mitchell passed me a sack of clothes when I returned to the cellar. Liam and the others had gone to the main house to go to sleep. I quickly recalled what Liam had told me.copyright protection74PENANAKHVjM6xluE

"Picture yourself as a Human."copyright protection74PENANAgGBKOUV6bW

Images of me, standing in front of a mirror, flashed through my memory. Short and dark, almost black hair, that fell just above my shoulders. My deep, stormy gray eyes and thick lashes. The pale, pearl-like shade of my skin and my small, delicate frame. The light blush coloured lips and a narrow nose on my face.copyright protection74PENANAguzAW62pwL

Liam was right, it didn't hurt. But I felt it. I felt the pressure of my bones morphing and my organs transforming into new. There was something comforting about the familiar pressure in my body.copyright protection74PENANAIgtEAfK7Be

Before I knew it, I saw my two slim, arms stretched out in front of me. I had shifted back.copyright protection74PENANAMRVoCJixPt

I hurriedly pulled on some underwear, jeans and a shirt.copyright protection74PENANAu5Y3GUaIjH

"Are you done?" a voice asked.copyright protection74PENANAu2XYGyerGP

"Yeah." Bryanna turned around and gave me once over. copyright protection74PENANAFsHBRkk9Ra

"I hate to admit it, but you don't clean up too badly."copyright protection74PENANADmgCpWwAFQ

"Umm... Thanks?" I wasn't sure if she was insulting or complementing me.copyright protection74PENANAhaSe8zNm0t

"Look," she began. "I don't know you, at all... And when I first met you, I had no idea what you were. Along with everything else, I'm the only girl who lives here. I don't want to spend the rest of however long you're here, ignoring you. So why don't we start over? I'm Bryanna Mitchell, but my brother calls me Anna. You can, too, I guess."copyright protection74PENANAcGWUhNeCX6

It took me a whole minute to process what she was saying.copyright protection74PENANAMAs2cSZJsF

"Weslyn Grayson," I murmured. "Although, you already know that, don't you?"copyright protection74PENANAzJQsYY2Ll2

"Yeah," she admitted. "I do know your name. What I don't know, is why you're here."copyright protection74PENANAfyJbs1YGEV

"Something to do with breaking a promise," I told her.copyright protection74PENANANrwftI8trA

"You broke The Promise Code? How the hell did you manage to do that?"copyright protection74PENANA91jZuiXw4j

"For the love of Luna, The Promise... what?"copyright protection74PENANAzjRiujkt0Y

"The Promise Code," she answered. "The law that means Gray Wolves a can't breaks promises to one another. If you managed to break a promise... That means you're either equal or superior to Alpha West." copyright protection74PENANApNpV3TEbn6

"I am his sister," I pointed out. "I'm equal to him by birth."copyright protection74PENANAMw76vBos8s

"But even for an equal, it's almost impossible to break a promise..." she trailed off. "For you to be able to disoblige... You'll have to be his superior."copyright protection74PENANAMHLDZgXkJY

"Isn't he the Alpha of the Luna Pack, which is the most powerful Gray Wolf pack in the world? I couldn't possibly be more powerful than that."copyright protection74PENANAi8LI4PBI1Z

"That's true," Bryanna agreed. "You couldn't unless.... No, it couldn't be."copyright protection74PENANAONvVT0xhtF

"By Luna, what the hell is it?" I demanded.copyright protection74PENANAKfnvTnMQHw

"The Alpha Marks," she responded. "When someone is born with these Marks, they are destined to be the ultimate Alpha of a Gray Wolf Pack. It's extremely rare but... If they exist, they are the most powerful Werewolves in the world, even more than the actual Alpha."copyright protection74PENANAP0FAIJqkrr

"Bryan, your brother, was telling West that I had an Alpha Mark. Something about red eyes... He sounded terrified."copyright protection74PENANAjfeOb7OJpi

"Of course he did," she muttered. "An all-powerful Gray Wolf could destroy the very existence of Brown Wolves..." She sighed. "Wait, you have an Alpha Mark?"copyright protection74PENANAp9xMFr9siR

"That's what your brother said... He said my eyes turned red."copyright protection74PENANAY7RDIzm8UO

"When Gray Wolves are losing control, their eyes generally turn from gray to black," she explained. "You would have undoubtedly seen that by now. But of the two Alpha Marks, one is that the eyes turn red rather than black."copyright protection74PENANAzd3N2fVRZl

"In the name of Luna," I whispered, with disbelief. I had an Alpha Mark. "I am an Alpha?"copyright protection74PENANA9puHba8lCq

"Well, not necessarily..." she said. "I've never heard of a girl born with an Alpha Mark and for you to be the ultimate Werewolf, you need both marks."copyright protection74PENANAcAy3dgDAox

I felt almost relieved. To think that I could've had that much power was terrifying.copyright protection74PENANAoYLsMNIHEH

But Bryanna didn't look satisfied. She looked slightly doubtful as she continued to stare at my face.copyright protection74PENANA2O6xviHDDk

"What's the second mark, Anna?"copyright protection74PENANA4QUDU8TyJi

"It's actually a birthmark, Weslyn," she stated. "It's shaped like a crescent moon and only the ultimate Alpha is born with it." She took several steps towards me. "It's usually on the neck..." She pulled aside my shirt to show me.copyright protection74PENANA68gRA2FjKk

She didn't finish her sentence. Instead she stood there, frozen at the sight of my bare neck. When she spoke again, she was so quiet, I barely heard it.copyright protection74PENANA0N87kDq2h4

"The second Alpha Mark is the birthmark on your neck."copyright protection74PENANAmmUhZPqTn9

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