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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Thirty-Two
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E8ACe3ArqJYRKJmUdDFgposted on PENANA

"I AM MARYANNE," the dark-skinned girl introduced herself to us, barely a minute afterwards. I was still dumbstruck from finding out who she was and found I couldn't respond. "Who are you all?"copyright protection81PENANARKJEcE9BeJ

Maryanne Grant was beautiful. She was beautiful in a gentle, yet fragile way. Seeing her properly, I knew that for sure. She was small; even smaller than me... Which was definitely saying something. My small size often made people mistake me for someone much younger. Even her voice was strangely soft and light.copyright protection81PENANARTRrv5v5wV

Her dark skin was smooth and flawless, with no single mark tainting it. She long hair that could only be described as midnight. It seemed to flow forever; perhaps looking longer on her than it would on an average person.copyright protection81PENANAPvNAfautN9

But it was her eyes... Her eyes, that held me frozen in place.copyright protection81PENANAJFTsk67tIl

Like all Gray Wolves, her eyes were... Gray. But I seriously doubted that it could be described in that way. Calling her eyes gray would been insult to her.copyright protection81PENANAczf40K9wQG

Her eyes were like quicksilver.copyright protection81PENANArFcffrpKVd

At first sight, they were metallic... They shone with peace and tranquillity. But the longer I stared; the darker it became.copyright protection81PENANATETN7dTfGB

There was something sinister lurking beneath her beauty. In fact, it was more than just sinister... It was deadly.copyright protection81PENANAATbPYbA8Hr

I didn't quite know what it was, but there was something about her that was strange. It was as if her slightness and beauty was only a facade... A facade that I couldn't see through.copyright protection81PENANAO961pmtP6o

Liam was the first to break the silence. And when he did, it made my attention return to the present.copyright protection81PENANA302WOa9HpQ

"Mary... It's me, William," Liam answered, a smile filling his face. "Can't you tell, anymore?"copyright protection81PENANAj0KuQIGrQo

"Will?" she inquired, her face full of shock. "Is that really you? You've grown at least half a metre taller."copyright protection81PENANASFyYHYlaNs

"Well, that's what happens when you leave a Gray Wolf during their adolescent years," he teased. "You haven't seen me since before I was 10, Mary. Of course, I've grown." She, too, smiled and for a moment the dark glint in her eyes vanished. "This is Bryanna but she prefers-"copyright protection81PENANAyRsBNgLXYb

"A Brown Wolf," she stated, the malice returning to her face. The happiness on her face had disappeared without a trace. "This girl is a Brown Wolf - no, a monster."copyright protection81PENANANicyN2hut7

Anna blinked away her tears and glanced down at Mary, her lips set in a straight line.copyright protection81PENANATlNrkuqGEd

"Mary-" West warned her.copyright protection81PENANA8d5BOSRAPQ

"No, West," she snapped, interrupting my brother. "I want to know about this. Since when did the Grayson home accomodate mindless beasts?"copyright protection81PENANALD9XbW0sru

"You," I growled, stepping forward. How dare she? How dare she insult my friend? Just thinking how upset Anna was, already, angered me beyond reason. "Don't you dare insult my friend!" Mary recoiled slightly, as I felt the mark on my neck burn and my eyes, presumably turned red. But then her face cleared up and she giggled.copyright protection81PENANAAkPoMaTcQy

"Oh my Luna," she managed. "You're still exactly the same... Aren't you, Wes?"copyright protection81PENANAqZLvAzosad

Wes. She called me by the nickname I hated the most. Deep down, I suspected that she was doing it on purpose.copyright protection81PENANAjVRsT3pTvR

"My name isn't Wes," I dead-panned, keeping my eyes fixed on her. "I'd rather you not call me that."copyright protection81PENANAo6bdvYoobf

"Still as fiesty as ever, I see." I glared down at her, annoyed at her voice.copyright protection81PENANAWBeH7Phvir

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I replied flatly.copyright protection81PENANAJBnB4gEta9

"Will," she turned to face Liam. "From the way her mark burnt, I thought you fixed the bond, already." He nodded. "Then why can't she remember me?"copyright protection81PENANAkygwMLubaF

"It only happened several days ago," he reasoned. "Her memories will gradually return over the next few days."copyright protection81PENANAq6hFOpv5VN

"Well, I can hardly wait," she smirked. "I can't wait for you to remember me, Wes."copyright protection81PENANAxFoUgtbUWm

"But I-"copyright protection81PENANA4hVkOI6iTh

"Mary?" a voice asked incredulously. I turned and found Martyn at the doorway, staring at her with disbelief. "Is that really you?"copyright protection81PENANAYkng0cFviB

"It's been a while, Martyn," she greeted. As they continued to stare at one another, Michael stepped into the room.copyright protection81PENANAiPgHKwaWr7

And for the first time I had ever seen him, he was smiling.copyright protection81PENANAjvpfQdXXvR

"Maryanne," he said quietly. With no further words, they instinctively moved towards each other, with Michael wrapping his arms around her.copyright protection81PENANAeucCLcOrI6

"Father," she whispered.copyright protection81PENANA20WjIHQTDh

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