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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Twelve
Jul 16, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OjC8BzrKmxJcbEsrOHyLposted on PENANA I was alone. Although I was not tied up, I was locked in the room with no one to keep me company.84Please respect copyright.PENANAJBjo9qpPNx

The pain in my skull had stopped, but the memories were somehow more agonising. What I saw, proved that I was a Werewolf and also that I was an orphan. Neither my father, nor my mother had any siblings and so my only family remaining was West. Nice brother, he was. Kidnapping his sister and locking her up.copyright protection80PENANA83W2Kgatz584Please respect copyright.PENANAgmJoCQVkro

But then more agony came. It wasn't in my head, though. My knees began to burn and forearms stung. I froze, more shocked then affected by the pain. A large crack echoed throughout the room and pain exploded in my joints, weakening my stance. I sunk down to my knees, screaming in agony. My heart raced and my blood burnt like fire in my veins.copyright protection80PENANAkopXw0wXKT84Please respect copyright.PENANAI3upvovHbZ

"LUNA!" I yelled. "LUNA, SAVE ME!" The door swung open and several people bombarded in at once. One grabbed my hand and checked my pulse.copyright protection80PENANAvt6G8y8WfG84Please respect copyright.PENANAXVAgjKHJzv

"It's happening," he stated. I glanced down at my wrist and found a dark-skinned hand gripping it tightly. Some far away part of me recognised him. He was his friend, Martyn.copyright protection80PENANAHnJDqtTBXt84Please respect copyright.PENANAgPR0euR9Oi

"Where's Liam?" I winced. I didn't know why, but I needed him to be with me. "I need... my Liam."copyright protection80PENANAGhR5eo5LmP84Please respect copyright.PENANAyxm2XRqszC

"What's happening?" another voice, vaguely familiar, asked. Bryan Mitchell, the back of my mind told me.copyright protection80PENANAFRjLyrjGnz84Please respect copyright.PENANAswx2NRMvAm

"She's shifting," Martyn answered, releasing my arm from his grip.copyright protection80PENANAm5W6InACZx84Please respect copyright.PENANA1RcTRqnIzc

"But, how?"copyright protection80PENANA6FPYK4mQPJ84Please respect copyright.PENANA17JoaGfB9O

"Liam," I groaned, my spine cracking. "Where's my Liam?"copyright protection80PENANAGvAZg9rAPO84Please respect copyright.PENANAdBlLE9CrEd

"That's how," he muttered. "Will must've strengthened her bond or something."copyright protection80PENANA9cT6jCuTft84Please respect copyright.PENANAOG40zWqWE0

"Alpha is going to kill him when he finds out."copyright protection80PENANArl8hkTlHKb84Please respect copyright.PENANA9G8S4izjTJ

"Who am I going to kill?" a new voice demanded. I didn't even need to try to recognise who it belonged to. West Grayson. "What did you morons do to her?"copyright protection80PENANAqqG1qXaRy084Please respect copyright.PENANA87luSZDvri

"She's shifting," Martyn explained. "Her bones have just started to-"copyright protection80PENANAGHdANwdiqs84Please respect copyright.PENANAIfYNfxJGun

"How did this happen?" His voice was increasing in pitch, as he gradually lost his temper with them.copyright protection80PENANALSOU98OvQy84Please respect copyright.PENANAGE4Ox866s0

"It wasn't us!" Bryan exclaimed, a little too quickly.copyright protection80PENANAGgYnhplshT84Please respect copyright.PENANAQB7b5ZbJvC

"THEN WHO WAS IT?"copyright protection80PENANAtYAGyocMGD84Please respect copyright.PENANA1dS007yJN3

"Me." copyright protection80PENANAfsv3mEca9284Please respect copyright.PENANA7uHciekplN

The voice was calm and composed, contrasting West's outraged tone. He only said one word, but it was enough for the pain to evaporate, many times faster than it had arrived and I felt my heart return to its normal pace.copyright protection80PENANAJQjHeB7z3o84Please respect copyright.PENANApbowmtwyd1

"Liam," I breathed.copyright protection80PENANAswm3dVrpH884Please respect copyright.PENANAaee3ffaNZY

He ignored West entirely and kneeled beside me, slipping his hand into mine. My eyes locked with his and I could almost talk to him without words. copyright protection80PENANA3WAy0Xdd8n84Please respect copyright.PENANAQ7sxjLMDa7

"You'll be alright, Lyn."copyright protection80PENANAfRezzsaG1e84Please respect copyright.PENANArziP6FjCdw

The pain practically vanished, as I began to lose myself in the endless storm in his eyes.copyright protection80PENANA5tLswYnYo584Please respect copyright.PENANADoLSr07CN6

"Do you know what's happening?" he whispered.copyright protection80PENANA6r1H02FdfN84Please respect copyright.PENANAAEe3cxOYbZ

"I'm shifting?" My reply came out as a question rather than a statement. It was what Martyn had said repeatedly, but I wasn't sure of what it meant.copyright protection80PENANABvFP4fhfVj84Please respect copyright.PENANA5CynsE3Lhg

"Yes, Lyn. You're shifting... Shifting into a wolf, for the first time. Usually for a Gray Wolf, it first happens around 12 or so but since your wolf has been suppressed... It's resurfacing soon after the bond was recreated."copyright protection80PENANAt1MetjdQhB84Please respect copyright.PENANAiUF3M73UJR

"But it's not full moon..."copyright protection80PENANAVo2X620Lgg84Please respect copyright.PENANA1kvfnIMcGX

"Full moon has nothing to do with it," Martyn explained. "At least not for Gray Wolves. However, Brown Wolves are a different story. They-"copyright protection80PENANAzRLeHQtZ6p84Please respect copyright.PENANAbLAK92pdNG

A sharp crack of pain attacked my joints and I screamed.copyright protection80PENANAizq5OUo1LG84Please respect copyright.PENANAu6A99ngdh0

"It's only the first time that hurts," Liam assured me. "If you pass this... There's nothing better than being a Gray Wolf. You get insane speed, enhanced hearing, a strong sense of smell and tracking qualities along with it."copyright protection80PENANADH4FFbIFWY84Please respect copyright.PENANA5ikBxIjkUZ

I opened my mouth to reply but found that I couldn't speak. A quiet whine fell from my lips and I felt a tear slide down my cheek.copyright protection80PENANAVvQHKyyexE84Please respect copyright.PENANAh6LSQVUf8I

"You've already started changing internally," he told me. "You won't be able to talk until you shift back." He ran his other hand through my hair and smiled sadly. "Look at me," he murmured. "You're going to get through this, Lyn... No matter what."copyright protection80PENANADPe4U2Zj4K84Please respect copyright.PENANAWDOxMYU3bc

I focused on him; only him.copyright protection80PENANAZHr4n6f5Lb84Please respect copyright.PENANA3huoS26bm0

Soon enough, the rest of the world seemed to fade away and all I could feel was his presence. Every cell and vein in my body ached for him... For his presence to be forever.copyright protection80PENANA4HHVortWF084Please respect copyright.PENANAbE7XwXTqd1

"I love you, Weslyn."copyright protection80PENANABjQPoKSn3W84Please respect copyright.PENANA89EXGrVBv7

"I love you, too, Liam."copyright protection80PENANA73Ey71Fm7q84Please respect copyright.PENANANyoiXgk3sH

My voice was no longer a sound but rather, an echo in my head. I didn't even need to see my silvery-gray fur to realise that I had already shifted.copyright protection80PENANAyc8g7wHAtn84Please respect copyright.PENANA4DlbBS8uim

I had shifted into a Gray Wolf.copyright protection80PENANAB5HrU5cMtg

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