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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Fourty-Five
Oct 3, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6VEk72jUJYrQxUZv6G3eposted on PENANA

"IT WAS MARY, WASN'T IT?" I asked, confirming it with him. He nodded. "Do you know how she did it."copyright protection56PENANAwGj7h08WX8

"We need to do a Blood Exchange."copyright protection56PENANAK44ppcrI7a

"Wait..." I stared at Blayze. Was it really that simple? "What do you mean by that?"copyright protection56PENANAGz1et0JAHN

"I know what you think," he said. "But it's not that simple... Michael was the one who turned Lucian into a Werewolf."copyright protection56PENANAOdu8kM9tJ7

"Really?" I stood up from beside him, but kept my eyes fixed on him.copyright protection56PENANABtbGSBTkj0

"Lucian told me about it a long time ago," he responded. "I think the Gray Wolf must have the same blood as the one who originally turned the Brown Wolf. Once the blood is exchanged, they're cured and they'll be at full strength... Or maybe even more."copyright protection56PENANAv0zwe3xYDf

"This is war."copyright protection56PENANAMsshAN4KgN

We both remained silent for several minutes.copyright protection56PENANARSg3y9EsuX

"It gets worse, Weslyn," he paused. "We're not like you; we can only shift on full moons and that's when we're at full power. The next full moon is tomorrow night and it's probably when they'll attack us."copyright protection56PENANAs0Y2xc64aJ

This was a disaster; an absolute disaster. Everything seemed to make sense, which only made it worse.copyright protection56PENANAjXcMeNzixP

However one thing didn't fit.copyright protection56PENANA5pHmsgw6I1

"But, I thought that Brown Wolves couldn't control their Wolf form because of how unnatural it was."copyright protection56PENANA4b12eyfkCq

"We can't," he agreed. "But control isn't necessary when it comes to war. All you need, is to be able to follow intructions. And we can do that at any moment."copyright protection56PENANA4WngJB4iUB

"This is serious," I realised. "We need to tell the pack and prepare to fight. And I have to... I have to talk to him."copyright protection56PENANA8Z0Pmt6SzP

"To William?" Blayze asked, looking up at me.copyright protection56PENANATE0UGftWz6

"Yeah."copyright protection56PENANAmD2JULlY4f

I didn't know who else I could talk to. Ever since I arrived in Gray Valley, Liam was there for me; the only one I could talk to without trying. Even after all the things he had said and after he hurt me, he was the only one I wanted to talk to.copyright protection56PENANAAcfB2C49vE

"Liam?"copyright protection56PENANAYoiZjZeNVN

There was no response. Of course there wasn't.copyright protection56PENANAThrV1lHnkM

We weren't just Werewolves. We were Gray Wolves. Ever since we were born, all of our emotions, including  anger and pain would forever empower us.copyright protection56PENANADUYSv1vAa0

Liam wasn't any different.copyright protection56PENANAe9pw8Jwmws

"Liam, please, it's important. I need to talk to you." Although he stayed silent, I could sense his presence perfectly. He could hear me; he was just hesitant.copyright protection56PENANA9pKBkLX29h

"I really need to talk to you, Liam," I repeated. "It's something that-"copyright protection56PENANAOMcNFIOaiZ

"How about after the Brown Wolf has left?"copyright protection56PENANAaw8z3giACO

"I'm really sorry, but Blayze has to stay."copyright protection56PENANA2MdMoyylBH

"Then our talk can wait."copyright protection56PENANACptOd9w1jP

I gritted my teeth in frustration, as I felt my mark burn. What had I done wrong? Maybe having two mates was wrong, but was that really my fault. Didn't he understand, that it wasn't my choice to make.copyright protection56PENANA1ul93pqmZ2

"It's not about us," I told him. "It's about the Pack."copyright protection56PENANAb2PpOdYmyz

"And I should care... Why?"  Hearing him call me that, was like being repeatedly cut in the exact same place.  I took a deep breath to compose myself.copyright protection56PENANA4bZy0cHxe0

"You're the Beta, Liam," I replied. "It's your job to support the Alpha, no matter what you're going through."copyright protection56PENANAmfuIpy8PV7

He fell silent, again. He didn't answer for so long; if I didn't know him better, I would have thought that he was ignoring me.copyright protection56PENANAS79IwYWvlv

"I'm not at the Pack House, right now." I was just about to ask him where he was, when I realised how it would sound if I did.copyright protection56PENANA5pG4YHhFfw

"That's fine. I need to get the others together, anyway."copyright protection56PENANAFBMakcJs1F

"Whereabouts do I come?"copyright protection56PENANAAUMKCjIyP4

"The hall." I sighed, shifting my attention back to Blayze. He gave me a confused look in return.copyright protection56PENANA3UuKZssg7H

"What's wrong?"copyright protection56PENANANNjzYDMI6N

I could only say one word in reply.copyright protection56PENANAnGIarku9Tj

"Everything."copyright protection56PENANAeXdIIcaath

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