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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Fourty-Four
Oct 3, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DjC2XcSuHRBCnDaGgyMoposted on PENANA

"YOU'RE AWAKE." I didn't know what to expect from him, now that he was awake. If what Anna had said was true and Blayze would be in love with me... Would he be different from before?copyright protection88PENANAgadnk4KOxr

"Weslyn," he murmured, reaching up to wrap his arms around me.copyright protection88PENANA8bLKdIX5dE

"Blayze." He pulled away from me, his eyes fixed on mine.copyright protection88PENANAXOglsr2I0O

I had never looked at his eyes closely... But now that he was so close, it was impossible not to stare.copyright protection88PENANA6gYkEiop7W

I thought his eyes were deep brown but I was wrong. Maybe they looked brown from afar... Up close, I could see that the depth in his eyes weren't from the colour, brown.copyright protection88PENANAQf7B0lkXrx

His eyes were partly gray.copyright protection88PENANABolSKOjMxj

The sudden realisation made me snap out of my trance and return my attention to the present.copyright protection88PENANAAEAyYfRnEY

"What's wrong?" he asked.copyright protection88PENANAjuer6eMqcd

"Were your eyes like that before?"copyright protection88PENANAXNCjGn709E

"What?"copyright protection88PENANAkKiVjhaaEP

"Your eyes," I repeated. "They're gray around the edges, brown from the centre... But also black."copyright protection88PENANA8XjnpqBbQN

"Unusual, isn't it?"copyright protection88PENANApNB26ipdiz

"Unusual doesn't start to describe it."copyright protection88PENANASCjaxCrIN6

It was far more than unusual. Being a Brown Wolf with gray eyes was impossible. After the Brown Wolf transformation, their hair and eyes, almost instantly become brown. But Blayze's eyes were still gray.copyright protection88PENANAxW3RjthUE7

"Yeah..." he trailed off, staring . "I feel like there's something I can't remember."copyright protection88PENANAI4Vj71BxfT

"What?" I wasn't used to hearing that from someone else.copyright protection88PENANA77wqi43KMQ

"As in, I came to this place, the Luna Pack House... And I feel like I came here to say something important, but now I can't seem to remember what it was."copyright protection88PENANAQkMUb5nt02

I had almost forgot the four dreaded words that he had said before collapsingcopyright protection88PENANAAI7w1fxDMN

"W-Weslyn you're in d-danger."copyright protection88PENANAxTV3ke8nYU

He was right. He had come with something important to say... He had come with a warning.copyright protection88PENANAePf0Kq67T6

"You came to warn me, saying I was in danger."copyright protection88PENANAauOi0Qxytj

His eyes widened at my words, as he seemed to recall what had happened before.copyright protection88PENANAm0dh4xvcVu

"You are in danger," he replied grimly. "Lucian Bronze and those around him are trying to gain power over the Luna Pack... And the only way to do that, is by overthrowing you."copyright protection88PENANA7ajma3NhbH

"And how would they do that?"copyright protection88PENANAnmccEd2cMw

"I told you about Lucian, didn't I? I told you about the agreement he made, so he could increase in power and build up an army of Brown Wolves..."copyright protection88PENANAv8xJpBhUOd

"Yeah, you did."copyright protection88PENANAoWnIjyM6PY

"That army was made to defeat you."copyright protection88PENANAOck0pZdrbZ

"But..." I stared at him in disbelief. "Most of the Luna Pack and everyone else thought I was dead. How did he know?"copyright protection88PENANAXH7urx6IrV

"How else?" Blayze asked. "Someone told him, Weslyn."copyright protection88PENANAVQRjzbRlhG

"Who would do something like that?" I believed that my pack was loyal to me; that they would never betray me.copyright protection88PENANAk5TE6iEkKQ

"The Grants," he told me. What? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.copyright protection88PENANAkIxrcYZjHr

"You don't mean Martyn, do you?"copyright protection88PENANAeDh6WRhOcz

"I don't know about him," Blayze answered. "I've never seen him with Lucian before... But I do know, for sure, that his sister, Maryanne and their father can't be trusted."copyright protection88PENANAuxFocLHQ6r

I should've known. Who else would have readily betrayed me? The two of them were the only ones who hadn't entirely accepted me as their Alpha.copyright protection88PENANAGq9eSmcRFU

"But I thought they hated Brown Wolves." I didn't know if it was true, but it definitely seemed like it.copyright protection88PENANAiUxA0uriiE

"Maybe they do; maybe they don't," he said. "What matters is that they hate you the most and they would do anything to get rid of you."copyright protection88PENANARMbxbniSdp

I was silent, as I thought of Martyn's words from before.copyright protection88PENANAjUPs8HOlyu

"Brown Wolves have a shorter life span. Around 40 years of age; maybe even late 30s... They become ill. They physically weaken and also gradually lose there sanity. Often the ill Werewolf would be put down soon afterwards..."copyright protection88PENANAfQoMrpgSHz

"Wait a minute, doesn't Lucian have the Brown Wolf illness?"copyright protection88PENANAxzlI6x6ppk

If Lucian was inflicted with the illness, there was no way he would be able to lead a pack, let alone fight me.copyright protection88PENANAOJeDbml0IT

"He's been cured."copyright protection88PENANAvXKUKbj141

Cured? I almost started to disagree, when I remembered something. It was so important; I couldn't believe it hadn't crossed my mind.copyright protection88PENANAABAWkHtq6S

Mary had left for years on end, just to find a cure for the Brown Wolf illness. And when I had asked her whether she had found it, she had avoided answering me... There was no other explanation for it.copyright protection88PENANAKVBYzNlUO3

She had cured Lucian Bronze.copyright protection88PENANAOk1zeLLxMP

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