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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Seventeen
Aug 10, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4Y7VZ13CDNf5gLPFc3wEposted on PENANA


"How do you plan on doing that?" Liam managed. "No human or Wolf can do that. Only Luna has the power to create and break bonds between soulmates."copyright protection96PENANAYaJ65I79kK

If only Luna could do it, did that mean... No, it couldn't be. West Grayson wouldn't summon a goddess.copyright protection96PENANAWAQcmFSyJo

"By summoning Luna," he answered, my worst fear becoming reality.copyright protection96PENANAcg8o5Trpqx

"That's impossible," Liam didn't sound sure; not anymore. "You can't do that."copyright protection96PENANAaoIUuOCBXX

"I beg to differ," he smiled. "To summon Luna, you need blood from a Grayson Wolf... I have more than enough of that, don't I?"copyright protection96PENANAmUyc7USZsB

"How do you summon Luna?" I asked Liam. "Why does he need blood?"copyright protection96PENANAnFSw3XpvnP

"It's not easy. He needs to have enough will-power. And in order for her to arrive... He needs to make a worthy promise to her."copyright protection96PENANA3yeLsIA5kx

"But what will he promise?"copyright protection96PENANA3GrBTzvLyY

"I have no idea, Lyn," he answered. "I honestly have no idea."copyright protection96PENANAnWDgsHeRcB

I tried to think of it. West seemed confident that he could summon her, which meant he had a promise that Luna would accept. What could West promise to Luna?copyright protection96PENANAHfaV1CEBIY

He quickly grasped the knife and slit his wrist, letting blood flow from his wound, seeping onto the stone floor. Another cut was made on his forearm, blood glistening on his arm.copyright protection96PENANA8LFAmy9RkI

"Angel Luna, come forth," he chanted. With those words, he made the third cut on his body, close to his shoulder. "Angel Luna, come forth." copyright protection96PENANAQHEtY7bcZn

The moment the blood from his third cut fell to the floor, his blood began to morph into shapes, forming words. I stared at them, the text distorting in my mind.copyright protection96PENANAOGDYCFBggk

"Angel Luna, come forth," West's face contorted with agony, as he gritted out his words, once more. Even seeing someone I hated so much in pain, was too difficult.copyright protection96PENANAep5T0rsajM

"What's et promissione tua?" I asked Liam, finally making sense of the words formed by his blood.copyright protection96PENANAS9uxDsEOFE

"It's in Latin," he explained out loud. "Make thy promise... He will be making his promise."copyright protection96PENANAcukQsXv4dM

"Luna, I give you my word," West started, grimacing in pain. "I promise to eradicate the world of the unnatural Brown Wolves." He cried out, grasping at his blood-soaked arm. "Please appear before me and grant me with my wish!"copyright protection96PENANAosbumcVOmf

A gasp fell from my lips before I could stop it. West was prepared to kill all Brown Wolves? Bryan had become a Werewolf, having faith that West would protect him like a sibling. If he was prepared to break that trust for summoning Luna, who knew what he would destruct in order to gain power.copyright protection96PENANAAfp5N2ysRd

"I will eradicate the world of the monstrous Brown Wolves!" he repeated.copyright protection96PENANA63HrTaopfB

That wasn't what made his promise so upsetting, though. It was the fact that Bryanna loved such a sadistic psychopath who was prepared to murder her for his gain. My chest tightened painfully for her.copyright protection96PENANAbE4n8qA4eX

"Luna, I promise I will-"copyright protection96PENANAjPcIV0LttC

"I'm afraid, I cannot allow you to do that, West Grayson."copyright protection96PENANAHzGp0AzpZP

I didn't know where the voice came from. I couldn't see anything, for mist had spread throughout the room, limiting my eyesight. All I could sense was familiarity... The voice was familiar to me.copyright protection96PENANA1bt5yBv9GJ

"Luna, you have answered my call," West breathed, glancing in different directions, unsure where to look. "I am eternally grateful. Luna, grant me with my wish."copyright protection96PENANA6ZzjIujuXM

"Do you truly believe that I responded to your summoning; your disgraceful promise to me?" the voice demanded. "I arrived to ensure that you break your promise."copyright protection96PENANA6FmM4nmDMm

The mist cleared and a woman stood before me, her back facing me. Her body was straight and her pure white dress dragged on the floor, as she walked towards West. Midnight black hair flowed in waves, past her waist.copyright protection96PENANAtNxWT6yofe

"But Brown Wolves are monsters who threaten human existence," West muttered. "Why wouldn't you want them to die out?"copyright protection96PENANA8meHFXcZra

"Most Brown Wolves do not choose to become monsters," Angel Luna stated. "But you, West Grayson; you chose to become the monster you are. You chose to become a monster and destruct the beauty of the Grayson name."copyright protection96PENANALyP8lTwHxi

West started to tremble as he sunk to his knees, his body soaked in a pool of his own blood.copyright protection96PENANA406BXZIwoY

Luna turned around to face me, making me take a sharp intake of breath. Seeing her properly, I realised why she sounded so familiar.copyright protection96PENANALwkZeZXrYp

There were a few differences here and there: the length of her hair; the paler complexion of her skin; the metallic shimmer in her silver irises... Other than that, there was no doubt about it.copyright protection96PENANABKXqTikp0R

Luna looked exactly like me.copyright protection96PENANAI4SOGPOpld

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