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Gray Valley
Writer bloodandfullmoon
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Gray Valley
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Chapter Eighteen
Aug 10, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OGCNW1Vi9alpzCp6gmZ0posted on PENANA

SHE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE ME. I didn't even need to think twice to realise it. I was undeniably her doppelganger.copyright protection96PENANAaZHnaL6LPG

"You are a monster," she repeated, her voice cold. "You are a heartless monster, West."copyright protection96PENANAdDmPrjRmC0

"But you wouldn't have come," he choked. "You wouldn't have come if there wasn't someone worthy enough."copyright protection96PENANAxYq7APeRcd

"There is," she stated. "It is not you, but there is someone worthy of being in my presence."copyright protection96PENANASnczKnlQ9b

She stood in front of me, her eyes fixed on mine. When had she moved? Seconds earlier, she was on the opposite side of the room; yet she had appeared before me, almost immediately. I stared at her, dumbstruck.copyright protection96PENANAwmOTcfc3CO

"Id est, filia mea..."copyright protection96PENANA4aMuinkwew

I had no idea what she meant, but I knew it was Latin. Either way, the tone in which she spoke to me was so gentle. It was the complete opposite to the way she spoke to West.copyright protection96PENANAK7TXHEl2uu

"She called you her daughter," Liam explained, as if he'd read my thoughts. I wouldn't be surprised if he had. He knew how I felt at all times. "You are the one, Lyn... The one worthy of the Angel Luna's presence."copyright protection96PENANAd1R2U4i77U

"Lyn, filia mea..." she murmured lightly. "You've grown so much since when I last saw you."copyright protection96PENANAVb5IFn50Uk

"How long ago was it?" I asked, finally able to speak again.copyright protection96PENANAwErqB84Wbz

"It has been eight years, Lyn." I stared at her. Did that mean... "Around the time your wolf was suppressed."copyright protection96PENANArpAjrvnJCu

It was surreal. We were perfectly matched in every aspect. The same height, build, stature-everything. Standing in front of her was almost like looking at my reflection in a mirror.copyright protection96PENANAExGJgl7mm1

"Why do I look like you?" I asked her the obvious question. "Am I actually your..."copyright protection96PENANAHSF9jhinet

"I may not have given birth to you, Lyn; but there is a part of me in you and that is what makes us alike," she ran her fingers through my hair, letting the warmth spread throughout me. "It wasn't there since you were born but I gave a part of myself to you when I came to see you, eight years ago."copyright protection96PENANAXGTxZl2n4E

"Why?" I whispered. "Why did you do it? Why am I like this? Why me?" I couldn't react. No emotions flooded me. I was only full of doubt.copyright protection96PENANASJcyttUAPg

"You're one of a kind, Lyn," she said. "You must've realised by now... You are a girl born with the Alpha Marks; a female destined to lead others. No other Gray Wolf has ever been born in this way-it is only you..." She stepped away from me and glanced down at the blood on the ground. "Your birth intrigued me."copyright protection96PENANABw9hFszXQN

"Isn't it you who decides who is born with the Marks?" I was shocked. It was not what I expected.copyright protection96PENANArNukluFnRK

"Do you know how I was mad the original lycanthrope, Lyn? Did you learn in school?"copyright protection96PENANA2JufiXIcxx

"You were cursed by the wolf guardian," I replied. "You turned into a lycanthrope and formed the bloodline for Werewolves."copyright protection96PENANAt94CrJ50HV

"Exactly," she responded at once. "My fate, as well as that of all Gray Wolves, is a curse. It is the wolf guardian who chose the Graysons to be the Alpha family and it is also he who selects those worthy of bearing the Alpha Marks."copyright protection96PENANAO8Jit4M9sE

That was when I saw it. A Mark on the bottom of her neck, dark against her fair skin. It was small and insignificant looking but even at first glance, I knew it was important. It was in the shape of a crescent.copyright protection96PENANAUunoJGlrST

"Y-you," I began, unsteadily. "You have them, too?"copyright protection96PENANAZm23YtN3uu

"I am the very first, after all," her lips tilted upwards, ever-so-slightly. "I am and forever will be, the original lycanthrope."copyright protection96PENANAZiDJB7Oohg

"Why didn't you come all these years?" I demanded. "Why didn't you come when I needed someone the most?"copyright protection96PENANA2bLqzv6VXZ

"That is another part of the curse. It's not possible for me to enter this world without being summoned by the blood of a Grayson Wolf."copyright protection96PENANAOWlR0kkNoP

"Does that mean... Did someone summoned you the day I was attacked and my wolf was suppressed?"copyright protection96PENANAin8W7J4V8l

"Of course I was, Lyn," she answered. "It was your father who summoned me... Don't you remember what happened?"copyright protection96PENANAbbwXB6sI2p

I stared at her with disbelief, a sickening feeling seeping into me. It was wrong. Something was very wrong was going to happen. It was to haunt me for the rest of my life.copyright protection96PENANAIRl4Imo39M

"Your father summoned me that night; the night he was heartlessly murdered by his own monster of a son, West Grayson."copyright protection96PENANASsa0phKtdS

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